Movie Trips/ Events/ museums / places we visited

Movie Trips

At Conmose we love movies, but we also love to travel the world. And when we are on a trip we try to show you some great movie locations with our "Movie Trips"-articles. 

United Kingdom

At the end of February and start of March 2020 (just before the Corona crisis really hit) we went to the UK. One of the main reasons to go was Comic Con Liverpool, which was held in the weekend of March 6-8. But we decided to combine this with the biggest and longest running Video Game fair in the United Kingdom, which was being organised in the Doncaster Dome (in Doncaster). So we decided to split up the week and stay in Sheffield for the first half and in Liverpool for the second half. Below you can click the tiles and see what we have been up to. 

NVM Sheffield

The National Videogame Museum was located at just a few minutes walking distance from our hotel in Sheffield. Of course we decided to have a look!

Comic Con Liverpool

Yes! We went to Comic Con Liverpool and we had a great time! Comic Con Liverpool was held at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool on March 6-8 2020.

Los Angeles

In 2019, Conmose went Hollywood and we had an amazing time. Of course we visited a lot of movie and TV related places. events and even museums. Oh en we also visited a little event calees Comic Con Los Angeles. Check out everything about our Movie Trip to Los Angeles by clicking the pictures or links below.

Universal Studios Hollywood

A few years ago Carola (and Sigmund) already visited Universal Studios Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando. This year we went to Los Angeles and of course we went to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Zombieland: Double Tap Premiere Part 1

Oh yeah...we went through hell, but we were at the official premiere event of "Zombieland: Double Tap". Check out the first part of our story and prepare for a lot of excitement and also a lot of drama...

Comic Con Los Angeles - Saturday

We planned our trip around Comic Con Los Angeles (our name is CONmose for a reason). We had a 3-day ticket, but we only went for two days (so much to do, so little time). Check out the coverage of our first day at Comic Con Los Angeles!

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Wax museums are fun! A few years ago, Carola visited the Polonia Wax Museum. We also visited Madame Tussauds Amsterdam together. You can imagine that Madame Tussauds Hollywood was a must for us. Prepare for a lot of fun, excitement and madness!

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Conmose went Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!

Hollywood Museum

We went to the Hollywood Museum, which is located in the historic Max Factor Building in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Florence ("Inferno")

Follow Liv in Robert Langdon's footsteps throughout Florence. 

Part One

Follow Liv in Robert Langdon's footsteps throughout Florence.

Part Two

Sicily ("The Godfather")

In 2015 we went on a holiday to Sicily together and of course we had to visit some of the locations from "The Godfather"-trilogy. Read the full article by clicking the picture of Teatro Massimo. 

Krakow ("Schindler's List")

In 2016 Carola and Sigmund went on a holiday to Krakow in Poland. They visited Auschwitz and they also visited Schindler's Factory. Click on the picture to go to the article.


You might think what do museums have to do with movies and series? Sometimes everything! Check out the "Museum articles by clicking the tiles below...

Bonnefantenmuseum: Someone is in my house

Carola visited the David Lynch Exhibition: "Someone is in my House", in Maastricht .




Madame Tussauds-Amsterdam

Carola and Liv went to Amsterdam and visited Madame Tussauds. Here they stood face-to-face with some f the biggest names in the Entertainment Industry. Want to see more? Just click the picture of the Hulk, to go to the article!

Polonia Wax Museum - Krakow

Sigmund and Carola went to Krakow on their summer holiday a  few years ago and they went to the "Polonia Wax Museum". As you can see Carola challenged Kong, but there was a lot more to see. Click the picture to read all about it...


In this section you can read about the movie-related events we visit.

"The Sound of Music"

Carola and Liv are both big fans of "The Sound of Music". A few years ago they visited the musical. Click on the picture to read more...

Halloween Horror Nights

Carola and Sigmund visited "Halloween Horror Nights" at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Click the picture to go to the article...


Sybil Danning - Euro Tour