What is Conmose?

Conmose stands for Conventions, Movies and Series. We are Liv and Carola, sisters in law. We absolutely love to watch movies and/ or series and play games! And we enjoy writing about it. We write about anything related to this subject. You can find some movie reviews and series tips. But we also put some actors 'in the spotlight': So you get a chance to know them a bit better. And we love to go to fan conventions. We write about the conventions, but also about meeting the actors. And that's always an adventure ;).

How do I get in touch?

Use our contactform, send an e­mail to info@conmose.com, or send us a DM on Instagram

Where are you from?

We're from the Netherlands!

Can Conmose come to my convention?

Yes, we might be able to come! We always love to ;). Ofcourse it's dependent on our planning and the location of the convention. Send us an e-­mail to discuss the possibilites!

Do you have a youtube channel?

Yes we do. It's named Conmose as well.

Which actors have you met?

Check out the list of all the actors we met!

For which movies did Conmose write a review?

Check out our list of reviewed movies!

Can Conmose review my dvd/ writes reviews on request?

Send us an e­mail and we'll check out if it's fits one of our specialties/ interests!

I'm missing a convention is your list!

Are you mising a convention is our list? Let us know! You send us an e-mail, or leave a facebook message or tweet. Our list contains conventions in Europe, but is a not a complete overview! We're focussing on conventions we know/ that have some great guests. But if you'd like to see one added, do tell us! 

Can Conmose review my product/ merchandise?

Send us an e­mail and we'll check out if it's fits one of our specialties/ interests!