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Interview: Timothy J. Cox

Today we have another awesome interview for you! We are excited (understatement!) to say that we did an interview with actor Timothy J. Cox! We know him for a lot of short films we watched and reviewed like ROOFTOPS, IncognitaDoll It Up, Just Scream and VERA. So we thought it was about time to ask him a few questions and get to know him better. Are you ready? let's go!

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Movies we watched in February 2020

Where it felt like January took about a year, February went by quickly! And February was the month of our first comic con of 2020 (Comic Con Brussels)! Oh yeah. But we're not talking about that today. Right now, we'll show you all the movies we watched in February! 

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Short film spotlight: THE MANNEQUIN

Alexia is spending the evening alone, waiting for her boyfriend. She's texting with him, to know when he will be back home. Meanwhile, strange things happen in the house. Scary things. What's up with the mannequin? 

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Shortfilm spotlight: ROOFTOPS

We all know that comic con feeling right? Meeting your favorite actor or actress... finally! That's a bit how the short film ROOFTOPS starts. A guy is on his way to the Rockefeller, when he sees his favorite musician, Rachel. He walks towards her, to ask for an autograph. He's so excited to see her. A great to a movie right? I was instantly enthusiastic to watch more.

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Just Scream - Short film

Just Scream is a short film, written and directed by Ewuraka Dawson - Amoah. The movie stars Ewuraka Dawson - Amoah (as Emma), Timothy J. Cox (as Carl), Kat Aman (as Sara) and Dmitry Lesnevskiy (as Mark).  


Just Scream is a short film about listening. How good are people actually listening when you tell them something. A couple of years ago, during a course someone said, "Don't listen to respond. Make sure to actually listen. Don't start already with thinking about your response." I always really liked that idea. And this short film made me think of that. And not just that. It goes further. 

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