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Movie review: Ibiza (2018)

I saw the trailer of this new movie 'Ibiza' and decided to watch it and write a movie review!  I rarely watch romantic comedies. But it was time to do it again and I figured Ibiza would be the one since I bumped into the trailer. I watched the trailer and thought it was interesting. Even the though it's the kind of trailer that makes you feel like you've seen 80% movie by just watching the trailer. Let's find out if I did!  

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Review: Solo - A Star Wars Story

We went to see the new STAR Wars stand-alone: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Since the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, I have been trying to keep my expectations low, when it comes to a new Star Wars movie. And when Disney took over the franchise, I did not know what to think of it at all. Well, Disney delivered and I loved all three of the Star Wars movie that have been brought out by Disney. But I still haven’t forgotten the disappointment of Episode I, so I went into Solo with no expectations at all. I try not to read movie reviews before I go to watch a movie, because a review is the opinion of one man or woman and I like to go in blank. But since Star Wars is hot again these days, it was not easy to avoid all the different opinions of people that already watched it. What did stand out was that the feelings about this movie seemed to be very mixed! And I can tell you one thing, so were ours….

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Birthday update

Yes! It was my birthday on May 11th. I got some awesome movie/ series presents. So it's definitely time to write an update for you! 

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Movie review: Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue is one of the unique movies I've watched lately. Somehow I'm watching a lot of strange of different movies. And I love it. Red White and Blue is one of those movies that sticks with you. At least with me. Sometimes when someone asks what I watched last week, I can barely remember it. Well, I've watched Red, White and Blue 2 weeks ago and I still remember it very well! It's one of the movies I got from Sig for Christmas. You can see the unboxing of these Zeno Pictures DVDs in my unboxing on Youtube

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Movie review: Total Performance

A while ago we received a few requests for reviewing short films. I've already reviewed Here Lies Joe. And today I watched Total Performance! 

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