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WolfCon Week: Movie review - Prayers for Bobby

Whenever we are going to a convention we try to do our homework. This means we try to watch as many movies or series as possible, starring one of the actors that will attend the convention. Last year at WolfCon we already met Ryan Kelley at WolfCon 3.0 and he talked about one of his earlier movies, called: "Prayers for Bobby". In this movie he starred alongside Sigourney Weaver, so that sounded interesting. When I looked it up on ImDB, I saw the movie had a high rating and I decided I wanted to watch it. But the movie was nowhere to be found here in The Netherlands. After a very long search I gave up and hoped I would stumble upon it some time in the future. But now that we are going to WolfCon again and Ryan is a guest again, I rebooted my search for the movie....again. When I was browsing Amazon, I finally found it and ordered it. I just watched it and it lived up to its expectations, so let's talk about: "Prayers for Bobby" ... But first of all we are going to tell you some more about Ryan Kelley (if you would like to read more, check out our article about meeting Ryan).

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Collective Journeys by Candice King

Last weekend Carola and I went to Bloody Night Con Europe 2018, which is a convention about "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals". One of the guests at the convention was Candice King (née Accola), who plays the role of Caroline Forbes in both series. During the weekend Candice talked about her new project, called "Collective Journeys". In this short article we will tell you more about this project and hopefully it will inspire you to contribute to this great cause.

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Review: Partitioned Heart

We're back with another short movie review! Timothy J. Cox sent in the short film "partitioned heart" for a review. The synopsis is: "Rob, a grieving father, is revisited by his deceased son Daniel through a mysterious program. When Daniel makes a devastating request, Rob must push himself to do the unthinkable."


It's now Saturday evening and today I'll watch it and write my review for you. So let's get it started, I'm going start this movie. 

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Movie review: Ibiza (2018)

I saw the trailer of this new movie 'Ibiza' and decided to watch it and write a movie review!  I rarely watch romantic comedies. But it was time to do it again and I figured Ibiza would be the one since I bumped into the trailer. I watched the trailer and thought it was interesting. Even the though it's the kind of trailer that makes you feel like you've seen 80% movie by just watching the trailer. Let's find out if I did!  

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Review: Solo - A Star Wars Story

We went to see the new STAR Wars stand-alone: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Since the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, I have been trying to keep my expectations low, when it comes to a new Star Wars movie. And when Disney took over the franchise, I did not know what to think of it at all. Well, Disney delivered and I loved all three of the Star Wars movie that have been brought out by Disney. But I still haven’t forgotten the disappointment of Episode I, so I went into Solo with no expectations at all. I try not to read movie reviews before I go to watch a movie, because a review is the opinion of one man or woman and I like to go in blank. But since Star Wars is hot again these days, it was not easy to avoid all the different opinions of people that already watched it. What did stand out was that the feelings about this movie seemed to be very mixed! And I can tell you one thing, so were ours….

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