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Movie Locations Florence: Inferno - Part 1

Last week Tristan and I had the week off from work (because of "Carnaval") and we went on a little trip. Ever since I was young, I always wanted to go to Tuscany in Italy and especially to Florence. And now I had the chance to follow that dream, when we saw a very affordable 4-day trip to Pisa. Of course, this gave us the chance to see the world famous "Leaning Tower of Pisa", but it is also just a 1-hour train journey from Pisa to Florence. We had three full days to spend and two of them were for the visit to Florence. Now you might think: "Nice story Liv, but what does this have to do with movies or series?". Well there are a lot of movies that have been filmed in Tuscany and one of them is "Inferno". Although we did not have a lot of time and there is a lot to see in Florence, I did manage to visit some of the locations featured in Dan Brown's novel and the 2016 movie based on it, starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon...

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What to watch? Movie tips 3!

Having a lot of DVDs is like having a lot of clothes. You can look at your closet and think: I have nothing to wear. I can look at all my DVDs and think: I've got nothing to watch. Making choices is hard! I get that. I sometimes feel like it's hard to choose. So I'll help you a bit! I'll give you 3 tips of movies to watch next week! I'll do this more often and try to give a mix of genres, pick old & new ones and vary in well know/ well hidden gems. Here's Movie tips part 2! (Also check out part 1!)

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Movie review: Todeloo

A few weeks before Christmas I was clicking around for some movie inspiration. I checked out the website of Zeno Pictures  to see if there were any movies I liked. (Who am I kidding?? There are always movies I like!). That way, i stumbled upon a movie called Todeloo. Just the title already made make me laugh. That's a good beginning. For the non dutch speakers here: Toedeloe can mean something like goodbye. And of course Todeloo also sounds like 'To the loo'. Which exactly what it's meant to sound like. You'll discover that when I tell you more about the movie. Anyway, I also saw that the movie is directed by Johan Vandewoestijne. He was also involved in Rabid Grannies, which we loved. So, check! The movie went on my Christmas wishlist! As you can see in my Zeno Pictures unboxing, I got this movie for Christmas from Sigmund. 

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Sigmund's DVD & game update 14

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Movie Review: End of Watch

Some time ago I was browsing Netflix; I had one of those days. I did not know what to watch. I mean there is a whole lot to choose from (on Netflix and in my DVD/Blu-ray collection), but I just couldn't find something I was in the mood for. In hindsight these are the best moments for a movie buff, because this is when you find those hidden gems. One of these hidden treasures is the 2012 action/drama movie "End of Watch". It's written and directed by David Ayer. I hope that this name rings a bell, because the guy has been involved in the creation some great movies so far. What to think of: "Training Day” (writer, 2001), "Fury" (writer/director, 2014), "Suicide Squad" (writer/director, 2016), "The Fast and The Furious" (writer, 2001), "Bright" (writer/director, 2017), Ü571 and many more. When Ayer was a teenager he left his parents' house and moved in with his cousin in Los Angeles, California (USA).  His experiences on the streets of South Central Los Angeles later became an inspiration for a lot of his movies. This is also the case with his experiences in the U.S. Navy, where he was a Submarine Sonar Technician. Now let's get back to "End of Watch". 

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