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Conmose talks classis: Back to the Future!

Welcome to a new series of Conmose articles! WHOOP WHOOP. On one night, I was writing a 'Movies we watched this month' article when it suddenly hit me. We have quite some classic movies we love. We watch the movies, meet the actors, buy the merchandise, watch the documentaries and so much more! Well,we thought it is time to have a little talk about that and share our love for these movies! And not just that: let's start talking about these movies. Tell us about your love for the classics too. Tell us about the merch we haven't bought yet. The documentaries we can still watch... We want to hear it all hahaha. Today we're kicking off with 3 incredible movies... the Back to the Future movies!! 

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Movies we watched in June

Wow, can you believe it! When we post this article it's already July. 6 months of 2020 have passed already. It's unbelievable. But with a new month, it's time for us to look back and show you the movies we watched in June! And we definitely want to hear about the movies you watched too! Let us know in the comments. 

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Movies we watched in May

It's June already and time to look back on the movies we watched in May! So many!!! 

What did you watch?

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Short film spotlight: Assistance (2020)

It's time for another short film spotlight! This time we watched Assistance (2020). In Assistance, two brothers struggle to come to terms with their father's illness. It's very hard for them. They struggle knowing what to do and how to react. Watch the trailer of the film below! 

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Movie review: Wastelands

Alice is lonely and self-isolated. She has a lot of worries and she tries to keep her demons out, whatever it takes. She's having a hard time. Even at work, they notice. Then one day, her fathers ex wife contacts her. Her father, Wilhelm, is suffering from a terminal illness. His ex wife will not take care of him and the full responsibility lies on Alice.  

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