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Movies we watched in March

February went by soooooo fast. It was March before we knew it! Where January and February are usually a bit boring, March is really the opposite. A busy month! (And we love it!). So let's talk about the movies of march!  

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The Story of 90 Coins - short film review

Recently, we reviewed the short film The Tattooist. The director of this movie, Michael Wong, also directed the short film the Story of 90 Coins! This short film is about love. A boy is head over heels in love with a girl. The girl has her doubts. The boy asks for 90 days. 90 days to prove his intentions. To convince her of his love. For each day, he gives her a coin and a message. If after 90 days she's convinced, they will use the money to marry. If she's not, they will have some last drinks together and part their ways. 

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The Tattooist - Short movie review

We are excited to have another short film review for you again! This time, it's the short film 'The Tattooist.' And I have to admit: The title is already enough for me to be interested so I was excited to find this in our inbox. I'm absolutely a tattoo lover. I have 5 and hope to get many more. If I still dare of course after watching the Tattooist. We will see... I'm going to hit the play button right now!  

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Overview Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019

After way too many months without a comic con, it was finally time again for Dutch Comic Con! The last con we attended, actually was Dutch Comic Con Winter 2018. You can imagine how excited (Excited is an understatement!) we were for Dutch Comic Con! Liv and I hopped on the train on Saturday morning (WAY to early, but hey, comic con is worth it!) and went to Utrecht for Heroes Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2019! 

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Short Movie Review: Meet the Author

A few weeks ago we got a message from Mr. Steve Blackwood about his new short movie called: "Meet the Author". This short movie comedy just made the Boston International Film Festival and he would like us to review it. Of course we love watching movies, so a few days later I sat down and watched it. Now let's talk about: "Meet the Author".

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