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Short film review: Sisyphus Unbound

WHOOP WHOOP, we're back with another review of a short film. This time we watched the movie Sisyphus Unbound. It is written and directed by Ryan Fleming and produced by MAFIA Productions. It stars Frederick J. Todd, Timothy J. Cox and Emerson Adams. Sisyphus Unbound was an official submission for the Winterfilm X Festival (2023) 10th anniversary, using a Prop (mechanical pencil) and Theme (percentage) given by those running the Festival. 

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Short film review: After

As you all know, we have been reviewing and watchign some short films again lately. We really love that. So today I decided it was time to watch another one. This time I watched the short film AFTER. AFTER is a drama, directed by Thomas Angletti and written by Timothy J. Cox. The short film is starring Timothy J. Cox and Beth Metcalf. 

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Short film review: Hard Truths

Whoop whoop! During our our Christmas holiday, a few short films were sent to us, to review. We always love to watch. So we also watched the short film Hard Truths. Hard Truths was written by Thomas Angeletti, Paige Hoover and Timothy J. Cox and directed by Maya Ahmed. 

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Short film review: Invisible

Recently we watched the short filmed named "Invisible", from independent filmmaker Ryan Nunes. The story  focuses on a girl named Riley , who struggles with fibromyalgia (chronic pain disease). Conditions like fibromyalgia and a number of mental illnesses are called invisible diseases, because on the outside the person seems perfectly healthy. The role of Riley is played by actress Madison Schmalo, who also serves as an associate producer of the short film. We also see how Riley has a conversation with her co-worker Jack (played by Paul Kandarian).

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Product review: Popcornmachine (Dutch)

Al sinds het begin van het tijdperk van de film, is er één vraag die ons allemaal bezighoudt ... De vraag is: "Wat is de lekkerste movie snack?" en het antwoord is simpel: popcorn! Er zijn vele manieren om deze lekkernij klaar te maken: van een simpel pannetje tot de professionele popcornmachines, die je in de bioscoop kunt vinden. Wij mochten de popcorn machine van Gadgy uittesten en in dit artikel vertellen wij jullie, wat we ervan vonden!

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