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Conmose goes Hollywood Museum

During our holiday to Los Angeles, we of course also visited the Hollywood Museum!! At the Hollywood Museum, you can see an extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia. It has four floors with exhibits, more than 10.000 authentic show biz treasures. From costumes to props, scripts and posters to photographs and personal artifacts: there's so much to see at the Hollywood Museum. 

In this article, we will show a little bit of we saw and did in the museum. To see it all, you'll have to visit the museum yourself ;). 

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Incognita - Short film

Ben Park has a new job as a teacher. He's excited to start with his first day. When he arrives, a colleague shows him around. He's ready to start. So things seem to be going pretty great! On top of that, he hears from his wife that they're having a baby! Ben needs to get used to the idea a little. A lot of things are going on in his mind. So many changes, new things. But that's not all. If these things seem life changing, then wait or what one of the students has to say to him after class...

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Meeting actors/ actresses at comic con: Our most read articles

It's 2020! Hopefully a year full of comic cons and meetings! When we're at comic con, we love meeting the actors/ actresses there. And of course we always (try to) write about these meetings. We love sharing our experiences with all of you. Today we're looking at the articles about our meetings at comic cons that were most read in 2019! Let's start! 

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Movies we watched in December

It's January! It's 2020. A whole new year. Hopefully an amazing year, full of movies! Anyway, today we're still talking about 2019. We're looking back on the movies we watched in December 2019. 

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The Comic Cons we visited in 2019

*NEWSFLASH*. We LOVE visiting comic cons! Oh yeah! And we visit as many as we can, as often as we can. Every year, we enjoy visiting comic cons we already know and comic cons that are new to us. We just love it. Since 2020 is almost here, we're looking back on all the comic cons we visited in 2019. Did we visit many comic cons? And can we beat this amount next year? Hopefully, we can visit even more in 2020! But first, let's have a look at how much fun we had this year. 

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