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Short film spotlight: Assistance (2020)

It's time for another short film spotlight! This time we watched Assistance (2020). In Assistance, two brothers struggle to come to terms with their father's illness. It's very hard for them. They struggle knowing what to do and how to react. Watch the trailer of the film below! 

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Movie review: Wastelands

Alice is lonely and self-isolated. She has a lot of worries and she tries to keep her demons out, whatever it takes. She's having a hard time. Even at work, they notice. Then one day, her fathers ex wife contacts her. Her father, Wilhelm, is suffering from a terminal illness. His ex wife will not take care of him and the full responsibility lies on Alice.  

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Movies we watched in April

Just like in March... We've been spending a lot of time at home! For me, that means more movie marathons! So I watched quite a lot of movies again. Let's take a look! 

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What to watch? Movie tips!

I'm watching a lot of movies lately and I thought I'd elect a few for you guys as a movie tip. 

I love discovering new movies and I was happy to be surprised by some recently. And it's often hard to pick a new movie to watch. Even though I have a lot of DVDs. Having a lot of DVDs is like having a lot of clothes. You can look at your closet and think: I have nothing to wear. I can look at all my DVDs and think: I've got nothing to watch. Making choices is hard! I get that. I sometimes feel like it's hard to choose. So I'll help you a bit! Lets take a look at my movie tips for you! 

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Warner Bros Studio Tour

Last year, we already told you a lot about our trip to Los Angeles. We visited Los Angeles Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday. We waited for hours and hours to catch a glimpse of the cast of Zombieland: Double Tap at the movie premiere. And we visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Museum, and Universal Studios Hollywood. On our Instagram account, you might have seen already that we also did the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Something we had been looking forward to ever since we booked our trip to Los Angeles. And today we will show you how much fun we had during the tour! 

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