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Brickboys interview!

Yes! It's interview time. This time, we spoke with the Brickboys. We had already seen them a few times at Dutch Comic Con and they really have some amazing Lego creations. We really love all the creations! It's so impressive. Every time we see the Brickboys at Comic Con we're so impressed. At Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019, we decided we would love to do an interview so we asked them. Well, the result is this article! Today you'll get to read all you need to know about The Brickboys! And hopefully, you will see them next time you're at a comic con! 

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Movies we watched in July

Whoooooop whooop. If you're looking for some movie inspiration, you in the right place. Today we're telling you about ALL the movies we watched in July! 

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In The Spotlight: Millie Bobby Brown (Updated 2019)

Last week, the long awaited third season of "Stranger Things" finally released on Netflix and it shattered all records. In the first four days, the third season was up, more than 40 million US household accounts have been watching the show and more than 18 million already finished the season. At least that's what Netflix says. Makes you wonder how many people have already watched the show worldwide. I (for one) binged it within 24 hours and I absolutely loved it. All of the characters are amazing, but for me there is one that stands out over all three seasons and that is Millie Bobby Brown (she plays Eleven). The girl is just brilliant. Mind you...I think all of the actors and actresses have done an amazing job so far, but in the first season (for example) the character of Eleven does not have a lot of lines, so she has to do a lot with her facial expressions and body language and she does a fantastic job!  At this moment, Millie can also be seen in the new Godzilla movie: "Godzilla II: King of Monsters" (as Madison Russel). So let's talk some more about Hollywood's 'golden girl'.

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Short film review: I Am A Rain Dog

Have you ever been lost? The short movie we are reviewing today is all about being lost. In many ways! The film kicks off in a hotel room. There's a man in the hotel room, He's drinking, and looking at a business card. He seems a bit frustrated. Then there's a knock on the door. The man behind the business card. Valentine (the man in the hotel room) was driving on the highway. At a certain point he noticed he was lost & tired. He decided to rest in a hotel room. There, he saw Vernon's business card. The business card said Vernon specializes in helping people to get back on track. Since Valentine is lost, he decides to give Vernon a call. 

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Movies we watched in June

It's July! And that means one thing! Liv and I are looking back on the movies we watched in June. 

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