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Conmose goes Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Whoooooop! As you might have read on our Instagram or Facebook pages, we went to HOLLYWOOD! Yeah, seriously! We went to Hollywood.  During our time in Hollywood, we couldn't miss the chance of course to visit Madame Tussauds! In 2017, Liv and I already visited Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam. We had so much fun there! (And in 2016, I visited the Polonia Wax Museum). So you can understand: We couldn't miss the chance to and have fun at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. And I can tell you: We did have fun! Lots of fun! Let me show you. 

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VERA - Short movie review

It's been a while since we reviewed a short film, so it's about time! This week, we watched the short film VERA. In the movie VERA, Jack visits his sister after traveling. During his traveling he has his girlfriend: Vera. Vera is a young Russian woman. He brings her with him to his sister for dinner. His sister is suspicious though, and wants to find out more about Vera's intentions. 

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Movies we watched in September

Months go by so quickly! I remember writing the article for August very well. And's already October. Winter is coming!! That also gives some more time at home. Watching movies like a true couch potato, lol. Well, let's see what we managed to watch in September. 

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Movies we watched in August

Oh wow, I can't even believe this. It's already September! Time is flying by so quickly! And September means one thing: We're looking back on the movies we watched in August. And oooooh, what a month! We watched some great movies. Let's start! 

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Brickboys interview!

Yes! It's interview time. This time, we spoke with the Brickboys. We had already seen them a few times at Dutch Comic Con and they really have some amazing Lego creations. We really love all the creations! It's so impressive. Every time we see the Brickboys at Comic Con we're so impressed. At Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019, we decided we would love to do an interview so we asked them. Well, the result is this article! Today you'll get to read all you need to know about The Brickboys! And hopefully, you will see them next time you're at a comic con! 

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