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Movie review: The Circle

I've been waiting to see this movie for years. Yes, for years! Well okay, maybe 1,5 year. But that's years! I've read the book a few years ago. And a friend of mine did as well. As soon as we found out there was going to be a movie, we said to each other: 'We'll go together to the cinema'. Well, luckily we didn't wait to see each other until we could see this movie. Because it took 1,5  year. 


The book was written by Dave Eggen. I really, really loved the book. I couldn't stop reading it! It was well-written, unpredictable and it was easy to relate to the characters. So my expectations for the movie were high, really high. Especially when I saw the cast included no one less than Tom Hanks. And Emma Watson.


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Dvd & game update Brussels & Eindhoven Sigmund

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Universal Monster Movies

With the release of the new Mummy movie I thought it would be fun to write something about the old classic monster movies. Now known as the Universal Monster Movies. I have to say that I wasn't too excited when I heard that Universal is breathing new life into these classic films. But then again for most of these movies there are a ton of remakes. And from what I've seen of the trailer, I think you can hardly call the new Mummy movie a remake. But I guess that's not what's Universal is aiming for anyway. But I have no problem with that, times are now very different from when the original films were released. And you probably wouldn't entertain most of the modern audience with it anyway.

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The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta (Movie review)

The Miracle of Life might sound a bit more innocent than this film actually is haha. The Miracle of Life is also known as The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta. I found this interesting movie during Weekend of Hell at the stand of Zeno Pictures. It sounded so strange and funny that I just had to buy it. You guys might remember that I told Tony Moore that I like his 'thingies' hahaha (Meaning his artwork). Ever since me and the word 'thingy' are connected! So when I saw this movie called the Thingy, I just couldn't resist it. When I read it was about a living placenta, my day just got better! I had never seen a movie like this one. And in that case, count me in!

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Movies we watched in May

It's that time of the month again! Time to show you which movies we watched in May.. What did you watch? 

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