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Movie review: Fist Fight

Sig and I decided it was time to go the Sneak Preview again. It's been a while since we had seen a sneak preview. We went to Pathe in Maastricht (The Netherlands). In teh Sneak Preview, you don't know which movie you'll see. The only thing yoou know is that it will be a movie which will be in teh cinemas soon. I always like it. Just have a surprise and not know what you're going to watch. It can go either way. I've seen movies I thought were great and terrible in the sneak.  


I hoped this time it would be Fences. I really want to see that movie, but it wasn't in the cinemas yet. But.. No Fences! The movie we got to see was Fist Fight! Yep. A comedy. Usually I'm not too fond of comedies. I just don't quickly find something funny.  But we were given this movie, so we watched it! Let's talk about Fist Fight. 


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Conmose goes Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Last Month Carola and I visited Amsterdam together. I had won tickets to be the audience during the recording of two episodes of a Dutch Quiz show (The Quickest Quiz). We will write about this another time. The recordings would be in the late afternoon, so we had some time to spare and we decided to bring a visit to Madame Tussauds. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Madame Tussauds; let us enlighten you.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum, that displays the wax sculptures of famous people. The museum is named after a real "Madame". She was born as Marie Grosholtz in Strasbourg  (France) in 1761.Her father was killed in war just two months before Marie was born. Her mother (Anne-Marie Walder) took her to Bern (in Switzerland), when she was six years old. Anne-Marie (and Marie) moved into the house of Dr. Phillipe Curtius , where she went to work as the housekeeper. Curtius was specialized in making wax models (initially he used them as an illustration for anatomy. He started teaching Marie the art of wax modelling and when Curtius moved to Paris to establish a cabinet of wax portraits, he took Marie with him. In 1777 Marie created her first wax sculpture of Voltaire. Later she also created sculptures of other influential persons like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Curtius died in 1794 and left his collection to Marie. She decided to start travelling through Europe and when she married  Francois Tussaud in 1795, the show was renamed: Madame Tussauds. Eventually she moved to Great Britain and settled in London...the rest is history. 

As I already mentioned the mainlocation of the museum is in London, but there are a lot of smaller museums all over the world. You can find them in cities like: New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin and like I said Amsterdam.  Of course we are gonna focus on the movie related part of the museum, but we wouldn't want to deprive you of some of the other celebrities we "met"...

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Movie trips: The Godfather!

Liv, Tristan, Sigmund and I went on holiday together in 2015. Destination: Sicily (Italy). We had a great time and did some pretty awesome things (like paragliding). But of course we didn't forget about movies. 


The most important movie during our trip was the Godfather. Well, who hasn't seen these movies? I'm a big fan of mafia movies and The Godfather is the mother of all mafia movies. The Godfather - Part I is legendary and then there is Part II, which I think (if possible) is even better. Part II is ok, but cannot live up to the standard set by the first two movies. Our first location however is famous, because of the final scenes of this movie.


The building you see here on the picture is Teatro Massimo. It's situated in Palermo, Sicily. Wondering why this is so special? Beside that it looks awesome (It's a beautiful building!), it's related to the Godfather. I'll tell you why. Like Liv already mentioned the final scenes of The Godfather III have been filmed here on these stairs! We were happy to see these stairs, enjoy the building and take some photos! (What do you think of my Mary Corleone impersonation? Just like the real thing, right?)

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Review: Gilmore Girls, a Year in the Life

"Ding Ding Ding. No debating until I've had coffee." It's a quote from Gilmore Girls that describes the series very well! When I think of Gilmore Girls, I don't only think of Rory and Lorelei, but also of the importance of coffee in their lives. Rory and Lorelei have their own style. Their way of thinking and interacting with each other. That's what always stood out for me when I was watching Gilmore Girls. This series has a uniqueness. It's just fun to watch Lorelei and Rory. And of course also Luke! And all the others. I was psyched to hear that there were going to be new episodes op Gilmore Girls. So awesome! I watched it as soon as it was available on Netflix: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. There are 4 episodes of 90 minutes: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  


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Meeting James Remar at Weekend of Hell 2016

One of our favorite conventions is Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen, Germany. Several years ago Weekend of Hell was the first convention we attended several years ago. You can read all about this in our article about  “How it all started”.  Weekend of Hell mainly focuses on the horror genre, but they also have guests from popular TV shows. Last year they had a pretty amazing guest list and one of the guests was James Remar. James Remar is mostly known for his role as Harry Morgan (Dexter’s father) in Dexter, but you may also know him from roles in The Warriors (Ajax), The Cotton Club (Dutch Schultz), Sex and the City (Richard Wright), The Shannara Chronicles (Cephalo), 48 Hours (Albert Ganz), Guiseppe Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and many more. I was pretty excited about his announcement (because I love him in Dexter) and I knew I wanted to meet him. But we will talk about that later, first we will talk a little bit about the man behind Harry Morgan.

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