Friends Quiz: Who said it? - Part 2

Our Friends-quiz "Who said it?" is one of our most popular articles up-to-date (have you tried it already?) and now we have a part 2! It's all very simple: we give you a tell us who said it. Are you a real "Friends"-buff or is it about time to start re-watching some episodes? Let us know how you did in the comments and tell us your favorite "Friends" quote...

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Lena Headey cancels appearance Dutch Comic Con

Dutch Comic Con and Lena Headey just announced that Lena won't be able to be present at Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition this weekend. Everything was arranged, but unexpectedly she has to be present at the Game of Thrones set. At the Facebook page of Dutch Comic Con you can find a video of Lena explaining her cancellation. 

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Review Stranger Things (1&2)

In the summer of 2016 Netflix came with a new show called "Stranger Things" and this little gem turned out to be one of the best television series of the last decades (in my humbe opinion). The first season consisted of 8 episodes and I absolutely devoured them.  Just about everything about this show was right. The actors (especially the child actors)  and characters were amazing, the story, visual effects and the music were great. The whole thing had a 80's Spielberg vibe and reminded me of some of the coolest movies of the 80s (like "The Goonies", "Stand by Me", "Alien" and "E.T."). For me the absolute star of the first season was Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. Would you like to know more about her, check out our Spotlight article about this amazingly talented actress. "Stranger Things" was created by the Duffer Brothers. at the 2017 Emmy Awards the show received 18 nominations and won 5. Last Friday Netflix released the second season of the show and I can tell you I bingewatched the whole season in one day. In this article I will talk about both seasons. First of all I will do a recap of the first season and  of course I will also share my thoughts on season 2. Now I am going to warn you one time: THE SPOILERS START HERE; IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED SEASON 1 YET, SHAME ON YOU AND OFF YOU GO...

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Some Stuff &Thangs you might not know about(the cast members of)"The Walking Dead" - Part Eight


Well that was one hell of a start of the season, right? We decided we are going to continue with the "Stuff&Thangs" articles and make Sunday "Walking Dead Day". Today we are going to highlight two fan favorites: Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Glenn (Steven Yuen). So sit back relax and let us tell you "Some stuff and thangs you might not know about Chad Coleman and Steven Yuen".

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Some Stuff &Thangs you might not know about(the cast members of)"The Walking Dead" - Part Seven

SPOILER ALERT! There may be spoilers for AMC's "The Walking Dead" in this article.

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