Series Tip: Fawlty Towers

This week’s Series Tip is an old one, but a good one. It’s a British sitcom from the 70s and it was ranked as the best British Television Program in the 100 Best British Television Programs drawn up by the British Film Institute in the year 2000. It’s one of my favorite (British) sitcoms and it’s written by John Cleese and Connie Booth. Are there ringing any bells yet? Of course I’m talking about Fawlty Towers. Cleese got the idea for the show, when the Monty Python team (I absolutely adore Monty Python) was staying at the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay. Cleese later said that the owner of the hotel was the rudest man he ever met in his life. So the show is based on a true life experience. Unfortunately there are only 12 episodes, but I must have seen them all dozens of times.

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The Flash challenge!

Since we're doing some challenges lately (Like the Movie Tagline Quiz), we made a separate page on Conmose for challenges and quizzes! Today we made a challenge for you about The Flash! Check out your knowledge about the series, about the actors and about the things we wrote about The Flash! Let us know in the comments what you thought of the challenge and if it was easy or not. We'll might make another one soon! If you want a challenge or quiz about another series, let us know! 


And... Do you want to challenge us? Let us know!

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Tip of the week: Freaks and Geeks

This is a series about high school. But not just the typical series.. It's not about the popular kids. Nope, this series focuses on other kids in high school. It's 1980/ 1981 and it's all about Lindsey and her brother Sam. Lindsey is high school mathlete who decides to hang out with other people at school: The "freaks". He brother is a freshman and he and his "geeky" friends try to survive the first year of high school. 

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Our plans for 2017

A new year has begun! Well, Conmose started in 2016. But we will continue to write and grow in 2017! We're looking forward to year of awesome movies, series, comic cons and meeting lots of new people. So let us share our plans, thoughts and goals with you today! 

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Our top articles of 2016!

Happy New Year!!!!!! We are wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. Hopefully with lots of good movies and series ;). To start the new year with, we'll show the most viewed articles of 2016! Later on in the first week of this month, we'll also share the movies we watched in December with you and talk about our plans for 2017.


For now, let's look back at the most popular posts!  

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