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Welcome to our Series Main Page. There are a lot of ways to watch series nowadays : you can watch them on Television, DVD, Blu ray , Netflix and a lot of other streaming services like Netflix. All these possibilities can leave you overwhelmed. Luckily we are here to help! Just browse through our Series Tips/Series Talks by clicking the button below. Our Series Tips are meant to give you a general overview of the show and what it's about.  By clicking the Series Reviews button you can find out what we have to say about particular series or seasons of series we watch. Just check it out! Below the buttons you can find our last articles in this category.

Series Talk: Black Mirror Bandersnatch

You probably haven't missed it: All the talk about Black Mirror's new episode: Bandersnatch. I have written a series talk about Black Mirror before, I really like the series! Bandersnatch is a very unique episode though and definitely worth to talk about in a separate article. Bandersnatch is about Stefan Butler, a young guy who's making a game of a fantasy novel. Working on the game has a big influence on him. Can he still tell the difference between the game and reality?  What makes this episode so special, is that you, as a viewer, can influence this episode. During the episode you get some choices.  While watching, you'll the choices pop up at the bottom of the screen. You just click on the option you choose. The choices you make, influence the plot and ending of this episode. 

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Series talk: You

There's a new Netflix Originals series! It's called You and it's from the executive producers of Riverdale. You is about bookstore manager Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who meets a girl at the bookstore he's working at. Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) buys a book and Joe falls for her instantly. That's not all: he's obsessed. The question is: How far will Joe go for Guinevere? 

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Hail to the King! Meeting Alan van Sprang

This summer, I started watching the series Reign. Adelaide Kane had been announced a guest for Wolfcon. That triggered both Liv and me to start watching Reign. I loved it from the very first second! I couldn't stop watching. After Wolfcon, Liv & I were discussing who else we would want to see from the series at a con. We were speculating a lot. And our top choices were definitely Alan van Sprang (King Henry) and Craig Parker (Stéphane Narcisse). Later that day, we checked the guest list of Weekend of Hell so far. They already had announced quite some guests, but I didn't remember them all anymore. While scrolling, I noticed a guy who looked like King Henry. I googled him, an it was him! Liv and I screamed and shouted 'King Henry is coming!!'. We were so happy! But because he was announced before we watched Reign, we hadn't noticed it before. So needless to say, we looked forward to meeting Alan a lót! Oh yes I remember that day very well. It was in the midst of the summer and we were doing about Wolfcon. We ended up talking about "Reign" and how much we loved King Henry. I remember saying something like: "How cool would it be if we could meet him at a convention?" At that point that seemed like something impossible...We got in the car and then Carola noticed Alan on the guest list of Weekend of Hell. We were screaming the entire way home.

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Series Talk: The Good Place


The Good Place is all about the afterlife. When you die, there's a Good Place and Bad Place. Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) arrives at the Good Place. Michael, a man who designed the Good Place, show and other new people around. He introduces the Good Place by explaining to people how they decided they deserve to end up in the Good Place: "During your time on Earth, every one of your actions had a positive or a negative value depending on how much good or bad that action put into the universe. Every sandwich you ate, every time you bought a magazine, every single thing you did had an effect that rippled  out over time. And ultimately created some amount of good or bad."

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Once Upon a Time Season 7

When I came back from holiday, I was happy to discover that season 7 of Once Upon A Time was now available on Netfix! I have been looking forward to it for a long time already. Last year at New York Comic Con,  I saw the Once Upon a Time panel (with Lana Parilla!) and there, they also showed episode 1 of season 7. After that, I had to wait for Netflix to see all the other episode. And now, it was finally time! 

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