Series Tip: Cosmos - A Space Time Odyssey

Today we've got a new Series Tip for you. The article is written by a guest-writer and we are very excited about it. As you may know, the team of consists of three active members: Sigmund, Carola and I (Liv). But if you take a look at some of the pictures on our website and social media, you can see that there are four of us. This week our guest writer is no one less than Tristan! (Sigmund's brother, Carola's brother in law and my partner). He wanted to write about one of his favorite series, being: Cosmos: a Space Time Odyssey. So without further ado: Heeeerrrrrreeeee's Tristan!

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Series tip: Luther

Series Tip Luther

It's time for another series tip! We've already gathered quite a few. But it will never be enough haha. There are so many series nowadays. It's hard to pick one to watch. And we're always here to help! Just check out the overview of our series tips and you'll definitely find something you'll like! Today we are discussing: Luther. 


It was actually Sig's idea to start watching Luther. He had heard some good things about the series. At first I was hesitant; I don't always like police series. It's hard to find the right one. I do like police series. But I usually watch series like CSI once in a while, instead of actually following each episode. But there are some police series I really love. Earlier on, I already discussed Southland with you. Love that one! And if you want to classify the Wire as a police series, I loved that series as well.  


Luther is a crime/ drama series about detective chief inspector John Luther. For John, his job is always number one. He's very dedicated. He's brilliant and always has genius ways to find criminals. But he also finds himself in difficult situations. He isn't exactly the paragon of a decent detective. He means well, but he often crosses the line. He's obsessive and violent sometimes. Of course this gets him into trouble more often than he would like.  

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Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando

In 2014, Sig and I went on holiday to Florida. It was a great trip! We traveled around and visited multiple cities. We started in Miami Beach and traveled to Titusville (Because the Kennedy Space Centre is located near), followed by Orlando, Fort Myers and Key West. It was a trip to never forget! 


A while ago, I already wrote about our experience at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. That was great, but mainly focused on the Halloween Haunted Houses. So we decided to go to Universal Studios two days later, to check out the theme park in daylight! We chose to visit Universal Studios Florida (there are different Universal Studios theme parks). 


When we entered the park, I wanted to get an express pass at first. Because at Halloween Horror Nights, we experienced very long waiting times (Because of that we weren't able to do all haunted houses). But we decided to walk around for a bit first to check out if was just as busy. And we were lucky it wasn't! We didn't need an express pass and we were able to almost all the attractions! And, as you can see, we also had time enough to go on a picture with Marge and Homer. How cool i that? 

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Series quotes part 4

Here's part 4 of our favorite series quotes! Have you already read our part 1, 2 and 3? This time we have some amazing quotes from Once Upon A Time, Dexter, the Vampire Diaries and more! 

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Series tip: How to Get Away With Murder

Series Tip How to get away with Murder

I have a new series tip for you today! Are in doubt which series to watch next? Are you experiencing the after series dip, after finishing a series? No worries! We're here for you with a lot of series tips


Today, I want to talk about How to Get Away With Murder. I had heard about this series before. And one day I decided to watch. I watched two episodes, but didn't really feel like watching any more. So I stopped. 


But after I watched Once Upon A Time I experienced the well known after series dip. I didn't know what to watch. Or even which genre I wanted to watch. Believe me: My series 'to watch'- list is long! But you can't just start watching a series. It has to be the right moment. 


I watched a new episode of The 100 of Netflix. But that only kept me busy for about an hour. I needed something new. And since I had tried How to Get Away With Murder already, I decided to give it another go until I had figured out what else to watch.


Little did I know, it was going to get me hooked this time! I watched an episode. And other one. And another one. And now I can say I'm really watching How to Get Away With Murder.


Main protagonist is AnnaLise Keating, a brilliant defense professor. The series follows her and her group of law students. They become twisted in a murder plot. And the only question becomes: How to get away with murder?  

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