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Welcome to our Series Main Page. There are a lot of ways to watch series nowadays : you can watch them on Television, DVD, Blu ray , Netflix and a lot of other streaming services like Netflix. All these possibilities can leave you overwhelmed. Luckily we are here to help! Just browse through our Series Tips/Series Talks by clicking the button below. Our Series Tips are meant to give you a general overview of the show and what it's about.  By clicking the Series Reviews button you can find out what we have to say about particular series or seasons of series we watch. Just check it out! Below the buttons you can find our last articles in this category.

Series Talk: The Good Place


The Good Place is all about the afterlife. When you die, there's a Good Place and Bad Place. Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) arrives at the Good Place. Michael, a man who designed the Good Place, show and other new people around. He introduces the Good Place by explaining to people how they decided they deserve to end up in the Good Place: "During your time on Earth, every one of your actions had a positive or a negative value depending on how much good or bad that action put into the universe. Every sandwich you ate, every time you bought a magazine, every single thing you did had an effect that rippled  out over time. And ultimately created some amount of good or bad."

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Once Upon a Time Season 7

When I came back from holiday, I was happy to discover that season 7 of Once Upon A Time was now available on Netfix! I have been looking forward to it for a long time already. Last year at New York Comic Con,  I saw the Once Upon a Time panel (with Lana Parilla!) and there, they also showed episode 1 of season 7. After that, I had to wait for Netflix to see all the other episode. And now, it was finally time! 

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Series talk: The Innocents

"The Innocents" is a new British supernatural series, which premiered on Netflix on 24 August 2018. I decided to watch it immediately since I've just finished watching "Reign". "The Innocents" has been created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric. 

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Series talk: Gypsy

"Gypsy" is an American psychological thriller series, created by Lisa Rubin. It's a Netflix Original and the leading role is for Naomi Watts, who plays Jean. Jean is a therapist. She 's married and has a daughter, but she's not very happy. She feels pressure from other moms and is constantly afraid that her husband will start an affair with his assistant. 

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Favorite quotes: "Atypical" Edition

Some time ago we talked about a show, that quickly made its way into my top favorite series of the decade. I am of course taking about "Atypical". The series revolves around Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy, who decides he wants a girlfriend. Sounds pretty normal right? Well that is not exactly the case. Sam is on the spectrum, which means he has autism spectrum disorder. This means Sam doesn't have the same look on life as a standard 18-year-old boy. Although he is pretty high functioning, it is difficult for Sam to understand the world around him. His honesty is disarming and can be very harsh. Just read our Series Tip about "Atypical" for more information. So I've already established, I love "Atypical" and you might also know we love Quotes. Over the last couple of years, we have written quite some articles with our favorite movie and series quotes. So why not combine these two things? Get ready for some of the best "Atypical" quotes. Mind you I said some, because the show is a goldmine for quote lovers.

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