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Welcome to our Series Main Page. There are a lot of ways to watch series nowadays : you can watch them on Television, DVD, Blu ray , Netflix and a lot of other streaming services like Netflix. All these possibilities can leave you overwhelmed. Luckily we are here to help! Just browse through our Series Tips/Series Talks by clicking the button below. Our Series Tips are meant to give you a general overview of the show and what it's about.  By clicking the Series Reviews button you can find out what we have to say about particular series or seasons of series we watch. Just check it out! Below the buttons you can find our last articles in this category.

Series talk: Marco Polo

As a preparation for Dutch Comic Con, I decided to watch Marco Polo? Why? Well, Benedict Wong is one of the guests of Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019. the series is about Marco Polo's early years. His father leaves him in the court of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). There, we follow Marco Polo's adventures. 

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Series talk: Elite

Yeah! I found a series to make up the void after watching la Casa de Papel/ Money Heist! An it's a series called Elite. 3 working class teenagers start at an exclusive Spanish private school. Their school collapsed due to a faulty construction. Because of that, they received scholarships from the construction company.  But starting at the new school and blending in, just isn't that easy. 

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Series talk: Charmed (2018)

I was happily surprised to see that the first season of the new Charmed series was available on Videoland! I started watching with mixed feelings. I am a huge fan of the old Charmed series.  And I just can't imagine anything coming close that. However, I was also curious. So I started watching Charmed! 

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Series Talk: Dirty John

After watching You, I noticed a new series on Netflix: Dirty John. A series that's also about manipulation. The series Dirty John is based on the podcast that's also called Dirty John, by Christopher Goffard. It's based on a true story. 

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Series Talk: Pose

We're full on with series talks lately! Oh yeah, we love watching a good TV series and even better: We love writing about it for you. After finishing La Casa De Papel, I hád to find something new. I was glad to see Netflix had some new episodes of Suits online and some of Gotham. Then, something very colorful caught my eye: Pose. I watched the trailer and it looked extravagant. Time to start watching! 

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