HDCC Week - Series Tip: Black Sails

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Series tip: Ash vs Evil Dead

When you're a fan of Evil Dead, don't miss the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. Ash vs Evil Dead is a sequel to the original trilogy. I really like the Evil Dead movies. And because I will be visiting Weekend of Hell in a few weeks, I decided to start watching Ash vs. Evil Dead.  At Weekend of Hell, Bruce Campbell & Ray Santagio will be guests. Amazing, right? 

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Series talk: the Affair

Noah Solloway is a writer, struggling to write his second book.  He's married and has four children. With his family, he goes to the resort town of Montauk. He's focusing on his second book which is complicated by his wealthy parents in law. They don't actually approve him and keep pushing for him to make more money. In Montauk, he meets Alison. She's a waitress in Montauk, struggling with her marriage after losing her child. Noah meets Alison at the restaurant where she works. Not very long after that, they start an affair. 


The Affair focuses on both of them and tells the story specifically from their perspectives. This means that there's sometimes an overlap and you'll see the same moment through both their eyes. It shows you how 2 people can remember the same events differently. In season 2, 2 more perspectives are added. 


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The Walking Dead - Midseason Premiere Season 8

It's the end of February and that means "The Walking Dead" is back on our screens. Last December the makers of "The Walking Dead" shocked a lot of viewers in the final moments of the midseason finale for season 8. If you know what I am talking about, you can read on. If you don't know what I am talking about.... SPOILERALERT, which means stop reading now!!!


Here are my thoughts about "Honor" (S08E09).

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt is 29 years old. She gets rescued from a doomsday cult in Durnsville. She was helt captive for 15 years by reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne with 3 other women. When she gets rescued, she starts a new life in New York. She finds a job very quickly and befriends her roommate and landlady. 

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