Kingsday Special: "Royal" Movie Tips

Today is "Kingsday" in The Netherlands; it's the day we celebrate the birthday of our King: Willem Alexander. Throughout The Netherlands there are music festivals, jumble/garage sales and parties. To celebrate this day with you we want to give you some "royal" tips. We will talk about some movies with the word King in it (of course we will only talk about movies/series we watched ourselves). So without further are our Kingsday Tips!

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The Originals special: Our favorite quotes

Liv and I will be going to Bloody Night Con in May. For people who aren't familiar with BNC: It's a series convention, organized by KLZ Events. Bloody Night Con is specifically about The Originals and The Vampire diaries. Today we want to talk about the Originals! 

There will be three Originals guests at BNC: Nate Buzolic (Kol), Daniel Gillies (Elijah) and Claire Holt (Rebekah).  I've said to Liv a few times: The Originals is a real quote machine. Especially the things that Klaus says: You can put every sentence on the wall. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite quotes with you. Looking in general at the TV Series. But also looking at Kol, Elijah and Rebekah. Are you ready? Here we go! 

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Sons of Anarchy challenge!

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FACTS-week Series Tip: Castle

Today we’ve got yet another Series Tip for you. Yesterday we wrote about Gotham as part of our FACTS week, today we’ve got another FACTS-related Series Tip: Castle. Nathan Fillion will be a guest at FACTS this weekend and one of his most popular roles is the role of writer/investigator: “the ruggedly handsome” Rick Castle.


Like I already said Castle revolves around Richard Castle. He’s a best-selling writer of crime novels, but he suffers from a writer’s block. He kills off the main character. He’s brought in by the NYPD, because of a striking similarity between his novels and recent murders. During this visit he gets intrigued by Detective Kate Beckett, the detective assigned to the case. He decides to use her as a muse for a new novel, starring Nikki Heat. He uses his friendship with the mayor to get permission to help with the investigation of the murders and to shadow Detective Beckett in her work as part of the research for his book. Beckett is anything but happy with this, but she reluctantly agrees. Castle is very enthusiastic and basically a child in a grown up’s body, while Beckett is very serious and a true professional and of course this results in a lot of funny moments. 

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Series tip: Gotham

Series Tip Luther

It's time for another series tip! We've already gathered quite a few. But it will never be enough haha. There are so many series nowadays. It's hard to pick one to watch. And we're always here to help! Just check out the overview of our series tips and you'll definitely find something you'll like! Today we are discussing: Gotham. 


Why Gotham? Because it's FACTS week this week on Conmose. We're going to FACTS next weekend and we will meet Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin. Both known for Gotham! 


Gotham is about the years before Batman's arrival. You get to see a younger version of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. 


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