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Movie review: The Dark Tapes

A few weeks ago we were asked by Michael McQuown if we wanted to review the movie The Dark Tapes. He is the writer and co-director of the movie. The movie was a big success on the festival circuit.It was nominated for 61 awards from 30 festivals. The movie has also been nominated for a Rondo Hatton Award for Best Independent Feature. 


We checked out the trailer of the movie and discussed it within our team. We liked the trailer and were interested. We love watching horror movies and this one looked promising. So Sigmund and Carola watched the movie. 


It's a bit hard to describe the movie without giving away too much. But here we go! The Dark tapes is a horror anthology and consists of 1 main story and 3 smaller stories. It's a found footage movie where handheld camera's and webcams are being used. 


Let's start with the second story (The Hunters and the Hunted), since the first one is the main story. This story is about a couple who just bought a new house. They're very happy with their new home. But soon they realize that not everything is as great as it seemed to be.. Strange noises. Strange voices. Strange things happen. They get scared and decide it's time to find some help! 

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DCC, FACTS and Weekend of Hell DVD & Game update

So I thought it would be fun to do a video on some of the stuff that I got at the recent conventions (Dutch Comic Con, FACTS and Weekend of Hell) we've been to. Of course, it's just a small example of what is available to buy at a convention. This is just some of stuff that I am interested in. There is a lot more like shirts, comics, figurines and a lot of stuff for cosplayers for example. But without further ado here is my video.

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Movie review: The Sex Addict

A while ago, a request landed in our mailbox! We were asked to review the movie The Sex Addict! We all took a look at the trailer and Liv and I decided we would watch the movie and write a review. We'll start by telling you a bit more about this movie! It's an Indie feature film and mostly improvised. The movie is already available for pre order and will be released on DVD, blu-ray, VOD and Itunes on April 28th. The Sex Addict is written and directed by Amir Mo. 


Amir also plays main protagonist Rex. Rex is a sex addict. In the movie, he's followed by Suzanna Murphy (Valerie Tosi) for a documentary about sex addicts. Suzanna is a phd student and wants to be a sex therapist. That's why she's doing a documentary on sex addicts. 


The movie starts with Suzanna. She's going to meet Rex for the first time. The only thing she knows is that he's a sex addict. She's excited to start with her documentary. However, she's also a bit suspicious. She was going to meet a sex addict.. Armed with a rape whistle, unshaven armpits and a camera she heads out to meet Rex. 

 What she gets is a boy.. I was surprised and thought, 'Is that Rex'? Luckily, Suzanna is not that naive and send him away with the words 'Goodbye Disney'. At that point, we get to meet Rex. Besides a sex addict, he's also a bit strange, hotheaded and arrogant. Suzanna and Rex start the documentary adventure and they're in for a lot of surprises. 

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Countdown to Bloody Night Con Part 2

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20 guests we'd like to meet at Weekend of Hell

Most of you already know that we visited Weekend of Hell in April 2017. We're looking forward to going to Weekend of Hell in November again. Today we share with you the 20 guests we would like to see at Weekend of Hell! 

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Weekend of Hell April 2017

We went to Weekend of Hell again! Yeah! As some of you might now, Weekend of Hell was the first convention we ever attended. Because of that, it will always be special to us! Oh yes it will. It feels like it was yesterday... I remember we walked into the Turbinenhalle not knowing what to expect and a little bit shy, but by the end of the day we had thrown away all our shame. We really had a blast.  Usually, Weekend of Hell takes place in November. This year however, the organization decided to also organize a spring edition!Hell yeah! All I can say is: the more, the merrier. 


Of course were very happy and we knew instantly we wanted to go. What I love most about Weekend of Hell is that you can get close to the actors and really have a chat. You can make pictures while they're signing. And there's a specific crowd at the con: horror fans. And I love that! Everyone seems to be in relax mode at Weekend of Hell and we need that to keep the balance, because when at a convention our adrenaline levels peak. It's a great atmosphere and everyone is there for one thing: to have a lot of fun! So... Let's talk about this edition of Weekend of Hell! 

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Getting to know Linnea Quigley

As you might have seen already, we visited Weekend of Hell last weekend! As usual, we had a great time. One of the guests at Weekend of Hell was Linnea Quigley. Linnea is an American Film producer, actress, model, singer and author! She's also well known as 'scream queen' in many many horror movies. One of her best known roles is the one as Trash in The Return of the Living Dead. I've also seen her as Heather in Savage Streets (together with Linda Blair).  But there's so much more! Just to name a few: Don't Go Near the Park, Creepozoids, Night of the Demons, Nightmare on Elm Street 4: the Dream Master, Corpses are Forever, Zombiegeddon, Where the Dead Go to Die, Nightmare Sisters and lots and lots more! Of course we attended her panel at Weekend of Hell and I have to say it was great! She's a lovely person. She told very enthusiastically about her roles. And even showed us some typical screams... 


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Guess the Movie - Quote

We already did quite some articles about quotes since we started. We wrote about some of our favorite Series and Movie Quotes and we even did a quote challenge. As you may know we also love to do Guess the Movie Quizes. Well in today's article mix it up and made a Guess the Movie Quote! Carola and I put on our best acting faces and we made you a video. Yes, these are our acting faces, so now you know why we write about movies instead of playing in them. 

It's very simple: in the video we do some quotes and all you have to do is to guess the movie and write your answers in comment section. We only did a few this time, so it shouldn't be too hard. Let's do this!

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Sons of Anarchy challenge!

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Hugging Robin Hood!

I rushed through the entrance of Dutch Comic Con. Wondering: Where are the toilets? I ran in and out. Check. Where's the place for photo ops? I had ten more minutes before Sean's photo op would start. Liv and I walked around quickly to scan where I should be queuing. Ok, we found it! The queue was quite long. Liv was going to look around while I was queuing. I was standing there. Not feeling like I was actually there. It was warm. Hot even. I looked around and tried to realize that I'm actually queuing for a photo op with Sean. But I still felt rushed. And nauseous. We had a bumpy ride going to Dutch Comic Con. We left early because we wanted to arrive in Utrecht before 10 o'clock. Little did we know. We were driving for about 45 minutes when a light on the dashboard in our car started to blink. OH. NO. 2 years ago we already had car trouble going to Dutch Comic Con ( a flat tire). And this time. A blinking light is never good. I checked the meaning of the light. It meant there possibly was an issue with the brakes or the brake fluid. Ok, you can not take any risk with that. We stopped immediately. We called roadside assistance. They arrived within 30 minutes and fixed the problem. Yeah!! When we arrived in Utrecht, there was a long traffic jam. Then again problems started to rise. The car was getting warmer and warmer. And warmer. And like WARM. We had to enter a parking garage. And had to stand still on the hill there. I was freaking out. But: Finally, we parked and arrived at Dutch Comic Con. 

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Dvd review: Savage Streets

In preparation for a convention, Carola and I always like to watch some movies and series of guests that are attending. This weekend we are going to Weekend of Hell in Germany. In preparation for this decided to buy the DVD of Savage Streets, since it features Linda Blair. Unfortunately shortly after we watched the movie she canceled her appearance at Weekend of Hell. But after that Weekend of Hell did announce Linnea Quigley (who you also might know from Return of the Living Dead) as one of the guests, and she also plays a role in this film.


The plot of the movie is pretty simple. The movie starts with a group of girls being harassed by some punks. They almost run over one of the girls with their car. The girls decide to take revenge on these guys and literally trash their car.  But these guys don't like to be messed around with and want to get back at these girls. Heather (played by Linnea Quigley) is also part of the group of girls. She is the sister of Brenda (played by Linda Blair). Heather is deaf, and also quite shy. One day at school she is all alone in the gym. The punks also show up and violently gang rape Heather. Later on, the punks also kill one of the other girls who happens to be pregnant. Brenda is furious and goes out to kill these guys one by one.

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Conversations about Weekend of Hell

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Warm up for Weekend of Hell - Spring 2017

Tomorrow morning we are off to Oberhausen again, for Weekend of Hell. This year there will be two editions of this great horror convention. Although the organization has had a lot of bad luck, with a lot of cancellations, we are looking forward to meeting some great guests and people. As a warm up for this weekend, we have got a little video for you., with some of our personal documented highlights from last year(s). It's just a small selection and we are looking forward to making some new great memories this weekend!


See you in Hell !!!

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The guests of Weekend of Hell part 2!

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Movies we watched in March

Time goes so fast! It's April and time to look back on the movies we watched in March! Prepare for a month with quite some horror movies for me (Carola) because I'm preparing for Weekend of Hell! 

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Unboxing Lootcrate - Theme: Primal

It is time for another unboxing article. Today we are unboxing the March edition of the Lootcrate. This month's thema was "Primal" and we already knew there would be a Jurassic Park item and a Predator item. But there were some other great items in the Lootcrate! Want to know what was in the box? Check out the video below. Now we are are aware that we all have busy lives and that you are not always in the position to watch a video and some people rather read about things like this. We at Conmose are here to serve everyone's needs, so below the article you can find some written information about the Primal Lootcrate!

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FACTS Convention Spring Edition 2017

Liv, Sigmund, Tristan and and I went to the FACTS Convention again! We were very excited, because FACTS had an amazing guest list. Besides that: We always love attending FACTS. It's definitely one of my favorite comic cons. There's always so much to do and to see.  I couldn't agree more. I was looking forward to FACTS since a they announced Nathan Fillion as a guest and that feeling grew even more when Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin to the list. And of curse they already announced Hodor (Kristian Nairn), you gotta love Hodor! So sit back and relax, because in this article we will tell you everything about our general experiences at FACTS - The Spring Edition 2017...


We visited FACTS on Saturday April 1st (and that is not a joke). We left from the Netherlands at around 7.30 and arrived at Flanders Expo around 10. Liv and I had a press accreditation, so we went in via the press entrance. That went easy and fast. We entered in the merchandise hall and it became busy quite fast. It was a nice kind of busy however. Many people were there already, but the atmosphere was great. People were happy to be at FACTS and were having a great time. And so were we! Tristan and Sigmund came in through the normal entrance and I guess that went pretty smoothly too, because we met up with them not long after. We talked a little and then our ways parted; Tristan and Sigmund started their quest in the merchandise section, while we decided to take a look around in the Guest Hall.

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The week before ...conversations (FACTS)

Liv: Yeah...after a very tumultuous Dutch Comic Con last Saturday (You'll read all about that one soon), it's FACTS-week on Conmose. I'm very excited! We already bought our Nathan Fillion photo op last week and yesterday we bought the Ben McKenzie/Morena Baccarin photo...right Carola? We were afraid of overlap in the Q&A and the Photo op schedule and our worst dream has come true, Nathan and Ben are at the same time. We need to find a solution for that problem!

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FACTS-Week - In the Spotlight: Morena Baccarin

I guess by now you all know we are going to FACTS – Spring Edition (in Ghent, Belgium) this weekend and as always they have an amazing guest list. One of those amazing guests is Morena Baccarin. You might know her from her role as Lee Thompkins in Gotham, but she is also known for some other great roles. She plays Vanessa (Wade Wilson’s girlfriend) in the immensely popular 2016 Marvel movie Deadpool. Baccarin also plays the roles of Jessica Brody in Homeland (she was nominated for an Emmy for this role), Anna in V, Maya Griffin in The O.C and Inara Serra in Firefly/Serenity. Morena has some ties to some of the other guests at FACTS. She played alongside Nathan Fillion in Firefly and Serenity, but she also played alongside Ben McKenzie in The O.C. and in Gotham. But there are some personal ties too; because she is engaged to Ben McKenzie and they have a daughter (Frances) together (Morena also has a son (Julius) from an earlier marriage to Austin Chick). Like I said Morena plays Lee Thompkins in Gotham, but these aren’t her only steps in the DC Universe. Did you know that Morena is the voice of Gideon in 8 episodes of The Flash? She also voiced Talia al Guhl in some Batman animation movies and she did some voice work in the Batman TV series. Other than that she also voiced the Black Canary in Justice League. For me there are a lot of unknown sides to her, so today we point our spotlight on the beautiful Morena Baccarin.

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In the spotlight: Ben McKenzie

As you all might know, it's FACTS convention week on Conmose! 

And there's a special reason why we're writing an 'In the Spotlight' about Ben McKenzie.. He will be at FACTS convention!!! So Liv and I will definitely meet him. We already bought a photo op for a photo with him and his fiancee Morena Baccarin! We can't wait! And of course we'll tell you all about it in our articles. 


Let's start with Ben! Ben is an American actor. He's best known for his roles in the O.C., Southland and Gotham. I haven't watched the O.C. (If you have seen it, tell us all about his role in the comments please :)). But  I have watched Southland and Gotham. So I can tell you all about that! 


Ben was born in Austin, Texas. He is engaged with his Gotham co-star Morena Baccarin. Together they have a daughter: Frances. She was born in 2016. 

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