Incognita - Short film

Ben Park has a new job as a teacher. He's excited to start with his first day. When he arrives, a colleague shows him around. He's ready to start. So things seem to be going pretty great! On top of that, he hears from his wife that they're having a baby! Ben needs to get used to the idea a little. A lot of things are going on in his mind. So many changes, new things. But that's not all. If these things seem life changing, then wait or what one of the students has to say to him after class...

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The Big Bang Theory - Diary of a noob part 4

Oooooh yeah, I am still watching the Big Bang Theory. It's really a lot, so I'm not done very quickly. But I love it. Today. I'll take you with me in part 4 of my 'Big Bang Theory noob diary.' I will share all my thoughts and laughs with you. (Want to read the previous parts first? Check out part 1, part 2 and part 3!) 

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The guests of Comic Con Liverpool 2020 - Part one

This March Liverpool will be taken over by thousand of pop culture fanatics, cosplayers and Conmose! Yes that's right we are going to Liverpool Comic Con 2020., brought to you by Andy Kleek and the Monopoly Events Team. It will be held from March 6th - 8th at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre at King's Dock located in the Port of Liverpool. Last year tens of thousands of fans made their way to the Exhibition Centre to indulge themselves in everything Comic Con Liverpool had to offer. They had an amazing guest list and this year it seems to be even bigger and better. Besides the Movie- and Television guests (which we will be discussing in a series of articles; this being the first), there will also be lots of props, entertainment areas, cosplay, merchandise and much more! But for now let us tell you about the first movie- and TV guest of Comic Con Liverpool! The one guest to rule them all!

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The Mandalorian - Season 1 - Quotes

The first season of Disney+'s flagship series "The Mandalorian" has come to an end and how awesome was that first season? "The Mandalorian" is set in the "Star Wars" universe and it takes place 5 years after "Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" and 25 years prior to "Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens". It tells the story of The Mandalorian/Djin Djarin (Pedro Pascal), a lone bountyhunter in Galaxy. When he takes on a mission to search an important bounty and return it to the client, his life changes in ways he could not have imagined. Today we are going to list some of our favorite quotes of the first season of the show...

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Meeting actors/ actresses at comic con: Our most read articles

It's 2020! Hopefully a year full of comic cons and meetings! When we're at comic con, we love meeting the actors/ actresses there. And of course we always (try to) write about these meetings. We love sharing our experiences with all of you. Today we're looking at the articles about our meetings at comic cons that were most read in 2019! Let's start! 

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Movies we watched in December

It's January! It's 2020. A whole new year. Hopefully an amazing year, full of movies! Anyway, today we're still talking about 2019. We're looking back on the movies we watched in December 2019. 

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The Comic Cons we visited in 2019

*NEWSFLASH*. We LOVE visiting comic cons! Oh yeah! And we visit as many as we can, as often as we can. Every year, we enjoy visiting comic cons we already know and comic cons that are new to us. We just love it. Since 2020 is almost here, we're looking back on all the comic cons we visited in 2019. Did we visit many comic cons? And can we beat this amount next year? Hopefully, we can visit even more in 2020! But first, let's have a look at how much fun we had this year. 

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TV Show Christmas Quotes

It's Christmas time again, so we decided to make a list for you with some great Christmas quotes from TV shows! Enjoy. 

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Christmas Movie Quotes

"Seeing is believing. But sometimes the most real things in the world

arethe things we can't see…"

- The Polar Express (2004)


"It's Christmas Eve! It's the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we smile a little easier and we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be…" 

- Scrooged (1988)

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Comic Con Los Angeles 2019: Sunday

Comic Con Los Angeles Saturday had been epic. Our feet hard hurt like never before. But we did it. It was a day to never forget. I mean: A photo with Elijah Wood and Ron Perlman and watching (after comic con) Zombieland: Double Tap (In the cinema, some of the actors announced the movie!). It was great. Really great. The only thing that was a pity, was that we received the news in the evening that Ryan Hurst wouldn't be attending anymore on Sunday. NOOOOOOO.... We had bought a photo op for Ryan Hurst and we were looking forward to meeting him SO MUCH. Well, we were really feeling sorry for ourselves. Nevertheless, we couldn't wait for day 2. 

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