Meeting Candice King

When I saw Candice for the first time in the Vampire Diaries as Caroline, I thought Carolina was actually quite annoying. Caroline seemed naive and maybe even a bit shallow.  I guessed she wouldn't be killed soon by one of the vampires. Little did I know, she'd become one of the strongest characters. When Caroline turned into a vampire, everything changed. Every season, I like her more. She's really one of my favorite characters now!  I felt exactly the same! During the first couple of episodes, Caroline really annoyed me. Like Carola said, I thought she was shallow and even a bit dumb. But after Caroline 'turned', she grew on me and turned out to be one of my favorite characters of the show. In my opinion Caroline has the best character arc of the show...

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Series tip: The Sinner

After watching 3%, I was so ready for a new series. But the question is always: What to watch?? After looking around a bit on Netflix, I stumbled upon the Sinner. I started watching it because the plot intrigued me: Cora Tannetti goes to the beach with her husband and child. One moment, she's slicing up a pear for her son. The next moment, she gets up and keeps on stabbing a man who's sitting close to them on the beach with his friends. No one understands why this mom, with no record of violence has done this. She's just saying that she did it and that she doesn't know why. One of the investigators on her case becomes obsessed with the story. He just wants to find out why she did this. 

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Wolfcon announces Adelaide Kane as a guest

Liv already updated you last week about the guest list for Wolfcon Amsterdam at the end of July. Remember that Liv said at the end of her article: "The guest list hasn't been closed yet, so there is a chance that there will be a last minute addition. We sure hope so and will keep you posted."? well, shortly after the article, The Con Factory was giving hints at Twitter that they would possibly announce another guest. We were so excited! And checking Twitter all day long! Liv and I were talking via Whatsapp, sending each other Imdb profiles of actors and actresses from Teen Wolf we'd love to meet. And then, the moment was there: Wolfcon announced another guest! It's Adelaide Kane. 

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Meeting Emilie de Ravin

When I saw that Dutch Comic Con had announced Emilie de Ravin as a guest, I knew I wanted to go! And also do a photo op with her. I love Once Upon A Time, but also know her for other movies and series. I really wanted to meet her and I had no idea how she would be at a con. She's played such a diversity of roles. It was hard to imagine for me how she would be when I'd actually meet her. From the beginning on, Liv and I sang an "Emilie de Ravin" song. (On the song of "I'm a Raver"). You can see it in our Dutch Comic Con vlog

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WolfCon 4.0: by the Con Factory - The guests (so far)

Last year we had a great time at WolfCon 3.0, a "Teen Wolf" fan convention, organized by The Con Factory.  We had a fantastic weekend in the capital of The Netherlands: Amsterdam. And have we got news for you! It's final: we are going to WolfCon 4.0! We will be arriving in Amsterdam on Friday July 27th and the convention will be held at Saturday July 28th and Sunday July 29th in the Park Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam. In this article we will look back at the 2017 edition and most of all look forward to the 2018 edition. But first of all, we want to tell you that there are still tickets available (the shop closes on July 14th) at a 50% discount rate. So do not hesitate to visit the shop by clicking this link.

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Meeting Daniel Gillies at Bloody Night Con

Daniel is the reason we went to Boody Night Con. Last year, we bought tickets for Bloody Night Con early. Daniel had been announced as a guest before that and we were over the moon. Ian Somerhalder, Claire Holt & Daniel Gillies would be coming to Brussels. We made songs about Daniel and drove everyone crazy. I remember us singing Elijaaaaaaaaaah the whole evening of my birthday. My family members know all to well know who Elijah is and sometimes they sing it too. We did drive everyone crazy, we walked through Valkenburg singing our "Elijah song" and Tristan and Sigmund walked 15 metres behind us. At your birthday we were really wound up and I remember I almost laughed my ass off, when your older sisters started to join in on our song. Unfortunately for us, Ian, Claire and Daniel cancelled. (Luckily they also had other great guests and found some awesome replacements! Check out our Bloody Night Con 2017 page) But we didn't meet Daniel and we really wanted to! Oh yes, I remember we were so not amused when they cancelled, but like Carola said, KLZ had great replacements and we had a great time. But we did not sing the song as much  anymore and when we did, it felt bittersweet...

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Series tip: 3%

I have another series tip for you! I totally love this series and I've been really addicted. I'm talking about the Brazilian Netflix Original series 3%. I've seen the series pop up on Netflix more often, but somehow I was never tempted to watch it. After watching the Rain, I decided to start watching 3%. 

Best. Decision. Ever. I had quite the after series dip after the Rain. But 3% totally blew me away! 

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Wootbox July 2018: Space

We have a new unboxing for you! I received the Wootbox again and July's theme was Space. I already saw some promising announcements on Facebook so I was pretty excited about this box. Curious what was in there? Check out the video or read my update below! 

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Bloody Night Con 2018: Sunday

We were excited to go back on Sunday! Lots of great things were still to come so we were definitely excited. We got up early. Very early. The guys wanted to go to a flea market close to Brussels. The guys went to the flea market and we still had 2 hours until Bloody Night Con would start again. Enough time to have some breakfast, discuss the upcoming day, drink a coffee and walk to the Egg. 

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Bloody Night Con 2018 Saturday

Yeah! We went to Bloody Night Con 2018 in Brussels!! As you all know, we're huge fans of the Originals & The Vampire Diaries. Last year we went to Bloody Night Con Europe for the first time.  We had an amazing time and it was lovely to meet Kat Graham, Nate Buzolic, Paul Wesley, Michael Malarkey and Riley Voelkel! This year, we decided not to go. There are so many conventions and we can't attend everything. But at the last moment, the guest list convinced us to decide to come anyway. We just really wanted to meet Daniel Gillies, who had to cancel last year. 

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