Series Talk: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

After watching the movie The Dark Crystal (for the first time!!) in September, I decided to start watching the new series as well. I totally loved the movie, so it triggered me to start on the series right away. (And everyone recommended it when I asked about it on Instagram!). The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a prequel to the movie The Dark Crystal (1982, directed by Jim Henson). The series has 10 episodes and zooms in on the events before the movie. 

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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - Duo movie review

We think it's time for another duo movie review. We always love to do these and in the past we already did them for movies like: "Suicide Squad" and "Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi". Last weekend we both went to the new Quentin Tarantino movie, the long awaited "Once Upon a Hollywood". I am a huge Tarantino fan and I have seen all his movies, so I couldn't wait for this one and Carola had been watching some Tarantino movies in the cinema lately as a build up to Tarantino's ninth movie and in my opinion one of his best. 

Yes! I love doing duo movie reviews and we should do it way more often! So here we go. Indeed, I was psyched to see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I had seen Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in the cinema and I loved seeing them again. After seeing the trailer of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood a lot of times in the cinema, the moment had finally come: I was going to see the movie! 

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Movies we watched in August

Oh wow, I can't even believe this. It's already September! Time is flying by so quickly! And September means one thing: We're looking back on the movies we watched in August. And oooooh, what a month! We watched some great movies. Let's start! 

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Interview Kim Hartman & Richard Gibson at CCA

On Saturday 31st of August, we attended Comic Con Amsterdam at the RAI in Amsterdam. While we were there we had the opportunity to have a little chat with Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson. They are mostly known for their roles in one of the best British comedy shows of all time: "Allo, Allo". Kim Hartman played the role of German Private Helga Geerhart in all of the 85 episodes of the show. Richard Gibson played the role of Gestapo Officer Herr Flick in 79 episodes (in the last season of "Allo, Allo" he was replaced by David Janson, because of conflicting work schedules). If you would like to read more about Kim and Richard's career, check out the article we wrote about the guests of Comic Con Amsterdam.

Let's get back to Comic Con Amsterdam. The "Allo, Allo" panel was planned in the afternoon and afterwards we were allowed to go backstage, to have a little chat with Richard and Kim. Unfortunately we couldn't record the interview, but that doesn't mean we can't tell you about it. We asked them three of our favorite questions. Curious for their answers? Well...keep reading

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Comic Con Amsterdam 2019: An overview

It's comic con time!! Woooohooooo. Liv and I were super excited to go to Comic Con Amsterdam! It's had been so long since we attended a comic con (OVER 2 MONTHS. Our last comic con was CCXP Cologne). As a preparation, Liv already wrote tons about the guests of Comic Con Amsterdam (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  Because of maintenance on the trains, we decided to leave on Friday evening. That was a great decision. We had so much fun and in the hotel we did an Instagram Live, talking about the comic con. Then, on Saturday morning (very early!) our alarms went off and it was time. Time for comic con!!!!!!!

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Series talk: Spartacus

Liv and I are going to Comic Con Amsterdam! We are looking forward to it SO MUCH and of course working very hard on our preparations! I have started to watch the series Spartacus last week, because we will see Manu Bennett (Crixus in Spartacus) at Comic Con Amsterdam! This series is about a gladiator named Spartacus. We follow him and everyone him in the arena. 

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The movie and television guests of Comic Con Amsterdam - Part 3

This upcoming Friday we will make our way to the capital of The Netherlands, because we will be visiting Comic Con Amsterdam on Saturday!

As always we are very excited to be gooing to another comic con! Last week we already told you about some of the guests of Comic Con Amsterdam in "The movie and television guests of Comic Con Amsterdam - Part 1"  and "The movie and television guests of Comic Con Amsterdam - Part 2". And now it's time for the third and last part of this series (unless Comic Con Amsterdam decides to announce some more guests in the upcoming days).

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The Big Bang Theory: Diary of a noob part 2

Ohhhh yeah! Earlier I already wrote how I started to watch the Big Bang Theory now it's on Netflix.  Today I present to you part 2 of my Big Bang Theory diary. Right Now, I'm watching season 3 and there's so much to share with all of you! 

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Orange Is The New Black season 7 quotes

I was so excited for the new season of Orange Is The New Black! I really liked season 6, and I was ready to see more! Unfortunately, season 7 is also the final season of Orange Is The New Black. Today, I'm looking back on my favorite quotes of this season. If you haven't seen season 7: Be careful! The quotes might contain spoilers. 

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The movie and television guests of Comic Con Amsterdam - Part 2

In the last weekend of August, the RAI in Amsterdam will be the place to be, when Comic Con Amsterdam goes into its fourth edition. And it's a done deal...we are going to be there! Yes that's right...Conmose goes Comic Con Amsterdam again. We already visited Comic Con Amsterdam once in 2016 and we had an an amazing time. Back then they had a great guest list and we met: Sean Astin, Robert Englund, James Marsters, Devon Murray, Lance Henriksen and Natalia Tena. Unfortunately we couldn't go in 2017 and 2018, but now we are back and "Excited is an understatement!"

Earlier this week, I already mentioned that the guestlist of this year is too extensive to put all of it in one article, so we are going to split them up in multiple articles. Have you already read the first part? If not....go read it now! Still here? That means you have read the first article (or you don't take orders lol). Get ready for part 2 of the Guests of Comic Con Amsterdam!

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