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Movie review: Fist Fight

Sig and I decided it was time to go the Sneak Preview again. It's been a while since we had seen a sneak preview. We went to Pathe in Maastricht (The Netherlands). In teh Sneak Preview, you don't know which movie you'll see. The only thing yoou know is that it will be a movie which will be in teh cinemas soon. I always like it. Just have a surprise and not know what you're going to watch. It can go either way. I've seen movies I thought were great and terrible in the sneak.  


I hoped this time it would be Fences. I really want to see that movie, but it wasn't in the cinemas yet. But.. No Fences! The movie we got to see was Fist Fight! Yep. A comedy. Usually I'm not too fond of comedies. I just don't quickly find something funny.  But we were given this movie, so we watched it! Let's talk about Fist Fight. 


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Conmose goes Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Last Month Carola and I visited Amsterdam together. I had won tickets to be the audience during the recording of two episodes of a Dutch Quiz show (The Quickest Quiz). We will write about this another time. The recordings would be in the late afternoon, so we had some time to spare and we decided to bring a visit to Madame Tussauds. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Madame Tussauds; let us enlighten you.

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum, that displays the wax sculptures of famous people. The museum is named after a real "Madame". She was born as Marie Grosholtz in Strasbourg  (France) in 1761.Her father was killed in war just two months before Marie was born. Her mother (Anne-Marie Walder) took her to Bern (in Switzerland), when she was six years old. Anne-Marie (and Marie) moved into the house of Dr. Phillipe Curtius , where she went to work as the housekeeper. Curtius was specialized in making wax models (initially he used them as an illustration for anatomy. He started teaching Marie the art of wax modelling and when Curtius moved to Paris to establish a cabinet of wax portraits, he took Marie with him. In 1777 Marie created her first wax sculpture of Voltaire. Later she also created sculptures of other influential persons like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Curtius died in 1794 and left his collection to Marie. She decided to start travelling through Europe and when she married  Francois Tussaud in 1795, the show was renamed: Madame Tussauds. Eventually she moved to Great Britain and settled in London...the rest is history. 

As I already mentioned the mainlocation of the museum is in London, but there are a lot of smaller museums all over the world. You can find them in cities like: New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin and like I said Amsterdam.  Of course we are gonna focus on the movie related part of the museum, but we wouldn't want to deprive you of some of the other celebrities we "met"...

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Movie trips: The Godfather!

Liv, Tristan, Sigmund and I went on holiday together in 2015. Destination: Sicily (Italy). We had a great time and did some pretty awesome things (like paragliding). But of course we didn't forget about movies. 


The most important movie during our trip was the Godfather. Well, who hasn't seen these movies? I'm a big fan of mafia movies and The Godfather is the mother of all mafia movies. The Godfather - Part I is legendary and then there is Part II, which I think (if possible) is even better. Part II is ok, but cannot live up to the standard set by the first two movies. Our first location however is famous, because of the final scenes of this movie.


The building you see here on the picture is Teatro Massimo. It's situated in Palermo, Sicily. Wondering why this is so special? Beside that it looks awesome (It's a beautiful building!), it's related to the Godfather. I'll tell you why. Like Liv already mentioned the final scenes of The Godfather III have been filmed here on these stairs! We were happy to see these stairs, enjoy the building and take some photos! (What do you think of my Mary Corleone impersonation? Just like the real thing, right?)

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Review: Gilmore Girls, a Year in the Life

"Ding Ding Ding. No debating until I've had coffee." It's a quote from Gilmore Girls that describes the series very well! When I think of Gilmore Girls, I don't only think of Rory and Lorelei, but also of the importance of coffee in their lives. Rory and Lorelei have their own style. Their way of thinking and interacting with each other. That's what always stood out for me when I was watching Gilmore Girls. This series has a uniqueness. It's just fun to watch Lorelei and Rory. And of course also Luke! And all the others. I was psyched to hear that there were going to be new episodes op Gilmore Girls. So awesome! I watched it as soon as it was available on Netflix: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. There are 4 episodes of 90 minutes: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  


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A deep dive into the world of merchandise: Let's talk Dirtees

Today we have a new insights article for you! For those of you who are not familiar with our 'Insights' series: We LOVE comic cons and we want to share our love for conventions with you. We get that the world of comic cons can be overwhelming. What to do, say, eat or buy? We're here to help and explain! On our insights page, you'll find everything you need to know: From tips & tricks about meeting actor to cosplay tips and insight in merchandise. And since we're talking about merchandise... Let me introduce you to Dirtees! Dirtees sells awesome movie and TV series shirts and more! We asked Dirtees for an interview because we see them on a lot of the conventions we attend. We buy a Dirtees t-shirt regularly. And because we really like them, we wanted to share this with you! We love buying t-shirts, but also wonder: How does it work? How do they decide which shirts to bring? What is it like to have a merch stand at a comic con? You'll find out all the answers in this article! 

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Meeting James Remar at Weekend of Hell 2016

One of our favorite conventions is Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen, Germany. Several years ago Weekend of Hell was the first convention we attended several years ago. You can read all about this in our article about  “How it all started”.  Weekend of Hell mainly focuses on the horror genre, but they also have guests from popular TV shows. Last year they had a pretty amazing guest list and one of the guests was James Remar. James Remar is mostly known for his role as Harry Morgan (Dexter’s father) in Dexter, but you may also know him from roles in The Warriors (Ajax), The Cotton Club (Dutch Schultz), Sex and the City (Richard Wright), The Shannara Chronicles (Cephalo), 48 Hours (Albert Ganz), Guiseppe Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and many more. I was pretty excited about his announcement (because I love him in Dexter) and I knew I wanted to meet him. But we will talk about that later, first we will talk a little bit about the man behind Harry Morgan.

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Trainspotting marathon!

It had been years since I watched Trainspotting. I know I loved the movie instantly. and I had heard a while ago there would be a second Trainspotting movie. The news became even better when I saw that the main crew was returning for this second movie. How awesome is that? I was more than excited when I found out that some cinemas were doing a 'Trainspotting marathon'. Sig and I quickly decided to go and bought tickets. 

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The guests of Weekend of Hell April

At the moment, we're waiting for the convention season to start again. We need conventions!! So, to get through time.. Let's talk about the upcoming conventions! Today we talk about Weekend of Hell which will be held in Oberhausen on the 8th and 9th of April 2017!

Let's discuss some of the guests they have announced already.  

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Watching Planet Earth 2...

...and just about any other nature documentary

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Tip of the week: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is a TV series about fairy tales. I found the series on Netflix and just thought, well let's give it a try. I was a bit afraid that I wouldn't like it. I usually don't like to watch fairy tale kind of movies or series. But because some people recommended the series to me, I decided to start watching. At the very beginning of the series, we see Emma, a woman of 28 years old. One day a kid is in her house and claims to be her child. She drives him home. He lives in a small town called Storybrooke. Her goal is to bring him home and return to her home as quick as possible. But it doesn't turn out like that. Emma sticks around in Storybrooke for a while. Her child, Henry, claims that everyone in the town is actually a fairy tale character. All of them have been transported to the real world by a curse. None of them can remember who they really are. And Henry tells Emma she's the only one who can save them. She's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. And Henry's adoptive mom is the Evil Queen... 

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Some Stuff &Thangs you might not know about(the cast members of)"The Walking Dead" - Part Four

Yeah...It's The Walking Dead Time again! Yesterday the mid season premiere of The Walking Dead aired in the US. We (in The Netherlands) will have to wait until tonight for our mid season premiere. This means that Facebook and Twitter are off limits for me today. Of course we have another "Stuff&Thangs"  for you to get through the day...

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Dvd review Soylent Green

At Amsterdam Comic Con last year I bought quite some DVDs, as usual. Among these were a lot of movies I had never heard of. I made a selection on a lot of different things whether I buy a DVD or not. The actors, the year it’s from, the genre, the cover, the extras. These are all things that I look at. With Soylent Green it was the cover that did it for me. When I saw it was sci-fi movie from 1973 starring Charlton Heston, I was even more interested and decided to buy it. But it was only this week that I gave this movie a go. And boy, I'm glad I did.


Soylent Green takes place in the year 2022 in an overcrowded New York City. It says that it has 44 million inhabitants. So if you live in New York you’d better start reproducing if you want this to be accurate, haha. The world at the time is polluted and natural food is something scarce. Regular food like we know it now, like meat or fruit, is only for the rich. A company called Soylent Industries provides food for the people. This food is made of plankton. It’s called Soylent Green. At the start of the movie, one of the richest and most influential people gets killed. Detective Thorn (played by Charlton Heston) investigates the murder. He does this with the help of his partner Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson). At the apartment of the deceased man also lives a woman called Shirl (Leigh Taylor-Young). We find out that a lot of young people work as sort of slaves during this time; well they are actually called “furniture”. The women actually come with the apartment. So if you are rich and you rent an apartment you can get a woman with it if you choose so. But detective Thorn quickly finds out that the rich man that’s been killed was a member of the board of Soylent Industries. Thorn gets deeper into the case and he’s sticking his nose in places he shouldn’t. The murder seems like a big conspiracy and Thorn is determined to find out the horrible truth behind Soylent Industries.

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Bloody Night Con Europe Countdown - Part 1

We're going to Bloody Night Con! And (as you can see on the picture) we are very happy about it. Bloody Night Con is a an event organized by KLZ Events (we did an interview with KLZ Events last year, so check that one out if you'd like to know more about them).

Bloody Night Con (Europe) is a convention that revolves around two of the most popular tv shows at this moment; being The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals. It will be held in The Egg Gallery in Brussels on May 20th and 21st 2017. And this year it's their 5th anniversary! One week later the KLZ circus will take over the Barcelo Sants Hotel in Barcelona (for their 7th Edition!). We will focus on the Brussels Edition, because that's where we are going.  

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Game of Thrones challenge!

It's time for another challenge! A while ago, I already made a challenge about the Walking Dead for you and Liv made one with quotes from Friends


Check out your knowledge about the series, about the actors and about the things we wrote about "Game of Thrones"! Let us know in the comments what you thought of the challenge and if it was easy or not. We'll make another one soon! If you want a challenge or quiz about another series, let us know! 


And... Do you want to challenge us? Let us know in the comments like you always do! 

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BAM Box January: Anniversary

We're back with another unboxing! This will be our LAST BAM Box unboxing. The BAM Box is no longer shipping to the Netherlands. So will find something else to show you! We might take another box. or just order some nice things at an online store. We will focus more on unboxings en merchandise in the near future. At this moment, we're checking out what's interesting enough to blog and vlog about! 

But for now, enjoy the unboxing of our last BAM Box! I can assure you, it's an awesome box! 

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"Bad Guys" doing good things: The Dutch Garrison

In our "Insights" articles we go behind the scenes of the convention life. We talk to people who organize conventions, sell merchandise or DVDs, Cosplayers, Costume Groups and more like this. In earlier articles in these series we already talked to: KLZ Events (organizing conventions and fan events), Zeno Pictures (distributing films), Breezeeweezy Cosplay (Cosplay) and Ghostbusters Dutch Division (Costume Group). This time we talk about another Costume Group: 501st Legion - The Dutch Garrison. As you may know we are all huge Star Wars fans and one of my (Liv) favorite characters is Darth Vader, you know the bad guy with the black mask. Well, The Dutch Garrison is a Costume Group that focuses on the bad guys in the Star Wars Universe. At Dutch Xmas Con we spoke to some of the members of the Garrison and they kindly agreed to participate in an interview and gave us some contact information. So we contacted Puck Barendregt, PR officer of the group. And now sit back, relax and let us take you to the world of: 501st Legion - The Dutch Garrison.

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Some Stuff &Thangs you might not know about(the cast members of) The Walking Dead

It’s just one more week until The Walking Dead returns, so we thought it was time for another The Walking Dead post. To be more exact: we will talk about the actors behind some of our favorite characters. Earlier on, in part one, we already wrote about Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Melissa McBride (Carol). In part two we talked about Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene). This week we picked Sonequa Martin Green (Sasha) and Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel). So sit back and get ready for the next part of "Some Stuff &Thangs you might not know about(the cast members of) The Walking Dead".

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See you soon then!  (Movie review Dear John)

One of my goals for 2017 was to write more movie reviews. I watch a lot of movies. But I don't always write a review about them. I will still not write a review about every movie I watch. But I will write some more this year! I also want to very more in the genres we discuss/write about. So because of that, I'm reviewing 'Dear John' today. A romantic drama movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. 


Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) is at the beach with her friends. They stand at the pier and talk. Then her bag falls into the sea. She panics. this bag contains her life! One of her friends wants to get it for her. He walks around the whole pier to walk into the water. But then there's this guy (Channing Tatum).. standing at the pier. He just jumps. Jumps into the water and gets her back. He walks past her friend, who tries to take over the bag. He walks straight to Savannah and hands over the bag with a smile. He introduces himself as John. As a thank you, Savannah invites John to the barbecue she and her friends are having at her house. John meets her friends and Savannah's neighbor and his kid. From that moment on John and Savannah are inseparable. 


This sounds like the ideal love story isn't it? But this is just the beginning. Savannah and John have an amazing two weeks. But then summer ends. Savannah has to go back to school and John works in the army. They won't be able to see each other for a whole year. They decide to write each other: "Tell me everything. Write it all down. Scribble it in a notebook, type it out, e-mail it to me. I don't care. But I want to know everything. In that way, we'll be with each other all the time. Even if we're not with each other at all. 

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Movies we watched in January (Carola)

A new month has started! And now it'time to look back on the movies I watched in January. Check out my list below. Have you seen any of these movies? Do you tips for February?

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We are looking for YOU!

We are always in for great collaborations. As you might know, we shared a lot of our most funny/ embarrassing comic con moments with you. Now it's your turn! We were thinking: What would be better than share all of our stories together. So we want to expand our series and give you the chance to tell your story!

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