Meeting Brian Krause

Recently Liv & I visited Comic Con Ghent. Number one reason for our visit was Brian Krause. Brian had been announced as a guest and as HUGE Charmed fans, Liv & I couldn't resist the chance to meet him.  Before this year (2019) I didn't even expect to see Charmed guests at a convention. Not sure why. But Dutch Comic Con kicked off well: they invited Shannen Doherty! (It was awesome to meet her). After that, we saw that Comic Con Ghent had announced Brian Krause as guest. We just hád to go. Ever since I saw that Comic Con Gent announced Brian, I just wanted to go. I had already been to CCG once two years ago and I started hinting about it towards Carola. A few weeks before the event, we decided we couldn't miss the chance to meet our favorite Whitelighter.

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Series Talk: Undercover

Almost two weeks ago, Netflix released their first Dutch spoken series: “Undercover”. I absolutely loved it and binged the first season in one weekend. If there is one genre that the Dutch and Belgians (and Germans for that) excel in, it’s crime series.


“Undercover” is a new addition to the list of excellent Dutch spoken crime series, like: the “Flikken” franchise, “Baantjer”, “Penoza”, “Witse” and many more. Following the immense success of the Spanish spoken shows like “La Casa de Papel” and Scandinavian shows like “The Bridge”, Netflix brings you the Dutch/Belgian co- production “Undercover”.

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Interview: Dutch Fredette vs Jason

In January 2018, we published an interview with the amazing Dutch Fredette!  And... guess who's back... back again! Today we have another interview with this talented lady for you. But not just with the Dutch Fredette. She's now part of 'Dutch Fredette vs Jason'. We have talked about them a lot already, you can not have missed this.  Today we're getting to know our favorite cosplay duo 'Dutch Fredette vs Jason' a little bit better!  We talked to both Kelly (the Dutch Fredette) and Daniel (Jason) and asked them everything we wanted to know! 

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Series talk: Chambers

'Netflix has a new recommendation for you'. I saw it more than once and decided to fall for it: I started watching Chambers, the series that was recommended. Chambers is about Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose). She has had a heart transplant. After that, weird events start to happen. Sasha is afraid that it has something to do with her new heart. Meanwhile, the parents of the girl whose heart she received, try to cope with their loss. 

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Photo overview Comic Con Ghent 2019

Sunday, May 5th (Revenge of the Fifth!), we made our way to Ghent in Belgium for Comic Con Ghent 2019. Of course we will write a more extensive review of our day in one of Belgium's most beautiful cities, but for now we will give you a little photo overview of the things we did when we were over there!

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Italian Turtles: Short film review

Any fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles here? Here's a question for you. Have you ever thought about or wondered how the pitch meeting went down for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” back in the 80s? If you do, or if this question makes you curious, keep reading! There's a great short film you should watch. let us tell you all about it. 

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Movies we watched in April!

Time flies by! April was the month of Weekend of Hell and German Comic Con, but of course we also watched movies. Not a month passing by without movies :). 

Today we present to you: The movies we watched in April! 

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Interview Emma Stensaas - Graphic Design

Today we have got a very special article for you! In the past we have done some interviews with all kinds of people, who are somehow connected to the movies/series or convention scene. Some examples are: Zeno Pictures (film distribution), Steve de Roover (film critic and producer) and Jonas Wolcher (director and producer). You can check out our Insights and Interviews section for more of these interesting insights. And now we have got another one for you and it's a good one. We had the opportunity to do an interview with Emma Stensaas, a graphic designer based in New York City. Over the last years Emma has been making a name for herself in the world of TV- and movie production. She has worked on some amazing series and movies, like: "BlacKkKlansman" (2018), "Russian Doll" (2019),  "She's gotta have it" (2017), "Red Oaks" (2014) and the upcoming crime drama series "Godfather of Harlem" (starring Forest Whitaker and Lucy Fry). This show can be seen as the prequel to the 2007 movie "American Gangster" (starring Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe)...  Time to get to know this incredibly talented woman a bit better!

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Series talk: After Life

It was at Dutch Comic Con that I heard about this series: After Life. I think it was Shannen Doherty who recommended it during her panel. I wrote it down and first thing at home: Netflix! I paused watching Turn Up Charlie and started with After Life. I had a super busy week, but I managed to watched this first season while travelling. 

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German Comic Con Dortmund Spring 2019

After an absolutely epic day at Weekend of Hell on Saturday, we were SO READY for German Comic Con on Sunday!!  We got up early, ate some breakfast and drove to the Westfalenhalle again in Dortmund. This time, I was lucky! We weren't there as early as on Saturday ánd the queue was inside. Perfect! So I wouldn't be freezing today! 

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