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Visiting FACTS Spring 2024

Getting a photo taken with Joseph Quinn, Teri Hatcher and McKenna Grace. Making photos with lifesize horror statues. Seeing R2D2 and many other droids. Seeing the Knight Rider cars, Feel like a Ghostbuster. 

This may sounds like a fairytale, but it's real! This was our weekend at FACTS 2024! FACTS is an awesome event we always LOVE to attend. It's the place to be for people who love comics, anime, cosplay, science fiction, video games, board games, movies and tv series. We visited FACTS Spring 2024 and we had great time! 

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The Movie- and TV guests of FACTS Spring 2024 - P2

Yes!!! This weekend it is time for FACTS Spring edition 2024 in Flanders Expo Ghent again. Earlier this week we already told you everything about a few of the attending guests. Haven't read that article yet? You can read it here. Today we are telling you all about the remaining movie and TV guests for this upcoming edition of FACTS...

We are very excited to go to FACTS and will be there for the weekend. Hope to see you there, but first sit back, relax and read this article...

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The Movie- and TV guests of FACTS Spring 2024 - P1

Whoop Whoop! This upcoming weekend (April 6-7) it's time for one of our favorite comic cons again. We are going to the Spring Edition of FACTS 2024 and we are going for the weekend! 

It all began in Cafe 't Tonneke 32 years ago (with 40 visitors) and this weekend more than 45000 visitors will make their way to Flanders Expo, to enjoy everything that has to do with movie, television, anime, cosplay, merchandise, comics and much more. As always FACTS has an amazing list of movie- and television guests that will be joining the fun this upcoming weekend! In this first article we will tell you all about three of these amazing guests...

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Visiting Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam 2024

WHOOP WHOOP! Recently we visited Comic Film and Manga Fest Rotterdam. We went the whole weekend and had an amazing time. Are you ready to hear all about our weekend? Let's go! 


We arrived on Saturday and started with breakfast at the event. After breakfast there was a tour and we were shown around. We got a quick overview of the event and then took place on the seats at the main stage. All the guests were introduced and came on stage. This was a great moment to see all the guests at once. It only made us more excited for the weekend! After this magical opening, we were allowed to do a few interviews (whoop whoop!). Of course we will share all the interviews with you! After the interviews, it was time for us to run around the event and do as much as possible! 

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Comic Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam 2024 - Guests - Part Four - The Walking Dead

Yes! This weekend it's finally time for Comic, Film & Manga Fest in Ahoy, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). We already wrote three articles about the movie- and TV guest of the con and today we talk about the last two of them. They are both "The Walking Dead" guests and we are here to tell you all about them.

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Comic Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam 2024 - Guests - Part Three

Is it next weekend already? In the weekend of 23 and 24 March 2024 Comic, Film & Manga Fest will set up camp in Ahoy Rotterdam for a weekend full of geeky goodness. This is our third article about the movie- and TV guests for the event and if you haven't read the previous ones, make sure to do so after you read this one. In the previous articles we already wrote about Christopher Lloyd, Kim Coates, Rebecca Mader, Dean Charles Chapman, Marie Avgeropoulos, Paige Turco, Chelsey Reist and Luisa D'Oliveira. Curious about the next names on the on!

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Comic Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam 2024 - Guests - Part Two: The 100

In less than two weeks time it's time for Comic, Film & Manga Fest 2024 in Ahoy in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). This will be our first comic con of 2024 and we can't wait! In our first article, we already talked about 4 of the TV and Movie guests for this event. In the article, you can read all about Christopher Lloyd, Kim Coates, Rebecca Mader and Dean Charles Chapman. Curious? Go check out the first article after you read this one. Fans of "The 100" can 

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Short film review: Sisyphus Unbound

WHOOP WHOOP, we're back with another review of a short film. This time we watched the movie Sisyphus Unbound. It is written and directed by Ryan Fleming and produced by MAFIA Productions. It stars Frederick J. Todd, Timothy J. Cox and Emerson Adams. Sisyphus Unbound was an official submission for the Winterfilm X Festival (2023) 10th anniversary, using a Prop (mechanical pencil) and Theme (percentage) given by those running the Festival. 

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Heroes Made in Asia 2024

WHOOP WHOOP! We´re so excited about Heroes Made in Asia 2024. After what feels like a loooooooong winter, we were SO READY for our first event of 2024. We needed Heroes Made in Asia so much. We were super excited to go again (Excited is an understatement). In case you're not familiar with Heroes Made in Asia: at HMIA you find everything related to Asian pop culture. And that's a lot: awesome workshops, language lessons, manga, anime, food, Cosplay, guests, merchandise and gaming. We've been going to Heroes Made in Asia for years now and we love it! We always have a great time so we were definitely ready to have an amazing day again. 

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