Meeting (and singing about) Tom Hopper

Last month Carola and I went to Utrecht again, for yet another edition of the wonderful Dutch Comic Con. Up until now we have visited every edition of Dutch Comic Con (spring and winter) and we just love it. One of the guests this year was Tom Hopper. You might know him as Dickon Tarley in "Game of Thrones", Ser Percival in "Merlin" or Billy Bones in "Black Sails". When Dutch Comic Con announced Hopper, it gave me the last nudge I needed to start watching "Black Sails". I mean I love watching anything with Pirates in it, so it was long overdue. I immediately liked the character of Billy Bones (portrayed by Tom Hopper). He is a very righteous and loyal pirate, who constantly struggles with the dark side of being a pirate. When it was time to go to Dutch Comic Con I knew one thing, for sure: I wanted to meet Mr. Hopper...

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Unboxing the Lootcrate: November Edition - Unite 2.0

Well hello! We have got another unboxing for you and this time it's the November Edition of Loot Crate. I must say I did not know what theme it was. I somehow missed the October crate (which I was looking forward to a LOT). During the unboxing I found out that the theme was "Unite 2.0" and the crate, included items from franchises like: "Overwatch", "Power Rangers", "Voltron", "Justice League" and of course a very nice Loot Pin. Are you curious what was in the crate? Check out the video below! I've also added some pictures...

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Movie review: the Follower

We have another movie review for you! We were asked to review the Follower. And after watching the trailer, we decided that we wanted to see the movie! The Follower is a 2017 horror/ thriller movie directed by Kévin Mendiboure. It's his feature film debut. He directed 4 short horror films before, which featured in lots of horror websites. 

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Wootbox December 2017: Star Wars

We have a subscription to a new box. It's the Wootbox!! I kept an eye on this box for a few months. I liked so many things in the boxes they had. So I decided to get a subscription. This month the theme is.... Star Wars! Want to know what's in there? Check out my uboxing. 

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New convention: Heroes Dome!

There's a new con coming up! And of course, we nééd to tell you about it! First the basics: Heroes Dome will be held in the Gelredome in the Netherlands on June 2nd and 3rd in 2018! It's the first time this con will be held. So let us tell you more about it! 

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Dutch Comic Con Winter edition 2017

We went to Dutch Comic Con Winter edition 2017! And we had a great time!! It was awesome. They had a great guest list. Of course we were disappointed when Lena Headey cancelled. But there were many more awesome guests! we met Jared Gilmore, Tom Hopper, Sean Gunn and Kevin McNelly. Check out our vlog for a complete overview of what we did that day!

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Who "framed" Courtney Gains?

Earlier this month (November 11-12) we made our way to Oberhausen to attend "House of Horrors" (Thomas Hartz' new horror convention). One of the guests  that attended this year was Courtney Gains, mostly because of his role as Malachai in "Children of the Corn" (1984). I've seen this movie a long time ago and I liked it, so I was pleased to see one that Gains was announced. What I never realized, however, is that Courtney also plays a pretty iconic role in one of my all time favorite movies...."The Burbs" (1989).

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Onboard entertainment: Flying home

I love long flights! Why? There's just 1 reason: Watching movies for hours! I totally love the onboard entertainment. And how often does it happen that you can watch 3 or movies in a row without feeling like you actually should have done other things as well? At a plane, there's not much else I can do, so I love that feeling! Of course I know I can talk, read, listen music etc. But I'm talking about cleaning, work, that kind of things! Weeks before flying to New York I was already enthousiastic. Thinking about which movies I'd watch or the movies they would be offering. I couldn't wait! 

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House of Horrors cosplay photos

House of Horror has held a cosplay competition. There were some really awesome  cosplayers at House of Horrors. We'll share our photo overview of the competition with you! 

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Sig's DVD & game update 12

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