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Heroes Made in Asia 2022!

Whoop whoop! We went to Heroes Made in Asia spring 2022. And we had such a great time! Of course we want to share our experience with you, so we will give you an overview of all the things we did that weekend. Enjoy! 

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Looking forward to Heroes Made in Asia

Oh yeahhhh! This weekend, we're going to Heroes Made in Asia and we can't wait! Heroes Made in Asia takes place on April 30th and May 1st in Gorinchem, the Netherlands and it's the place to be if you love Asian popculture! We visited the event for the first time last year in November and we absolutely loved it! This time we'll be there for 2 days and we're so excited. We have so many plans! Let's take a look.  

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FACTS Spring Edition 2022

Whoop whoop!!! We went to FACTS. Liv and I were so excited. It was Friday afternoon and as soon as we were finished working, we left by train. Off to Ghent! We were planning to visit FACTS for one day. It's quite a trip to Ghent, so we decided to leave on Friday, stay in a hotel and be early at FACTS on Saturday. This meant we had a train trip of about 4 hours to get HYPED up! Not that we need that by the way, just say FACTS and we're hyped!

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2022

Carola: At this moment, it's Friday evening. The day before Dutch Comic Con. After 2 years, it's finally time again! I really can't wait. Excited is an understatement! There is so much we want to do. People to meet. Food to eat ;). But first, I have to go to sleep. And get up in the morning. Easier said than done. Right now, Outlander is keeping me up. Even though I know getting up tomorrow will be hard. I will be tired. I tell myself to go to sleep. But Outlander keeps me up and watching. I don't have the self control to stop now. I want it both. For now, I will watch one more episode. Just one more. And then I'll go to sleep. Really. See you tomorrow! Liv: Same here! I am so ready to go to Dutch Comic Con and I know I have to sleep, but I'm not sure I can sleep. I'm so excited! I have been watching "Outlander" this evening and now I am watching "The Right Stuff" on Disney Plus. It stars Colin O'Donoghue and he will be a guest this weekend. I have to go to sleep, just another half an hour...I promise...

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Looking forward to FACTS Spring 2022

Thursday March 31, 2022


Although we are still recovering from an epic weekend at Dutch Comic Con Spring 2022, we are also looking forward to next weekend! Why? This Saturday we are going to the Spring Edition of FACTS in Ghent, Belgium. Well, I actually think we'll already leave on Friday, because there is no way of getting there on time if we leave on Saturday (we are travelling by train). We want to be there early, because we only have one day and there is so much, we want to see and do. In this article we will tell you about the guests and our plans...

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Anniversary Editon- The road so far...2019

Whoop whoop ... finally! This upcoming weekend (26-27 March 2022) it is finally time for the anniversary edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Originally the anniversary edition was planned for March 2020. It will be the 10th edition of Dutch Comic Con and at it was exactly five years earlier that the first edition took place. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed due to Covid-19 and we all know what fresh hell we went into after that. Now two years later it is finally time for the 10th edition of Dutch Comic Con! We were there for every edition and we will be there this weekend. To celebrate 10 editions of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, we tried to take you on a trip through its history with a series of articles about our adventures over the years. In our first article we talked about the years 2015 & 2016, the second article was about 2017 and last week we published the third article about 2018. That leaves 2 more editions in 2019, which was an amazing Dutch Comic Con year. We had so much fun during the 2019 editions in March and November. So, without further ado: sit back, relax and let us take you back to the year 2019. We will start with the March edition, which took place in the weekend of 23&24 March in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht! Ready? Set ... Goooooo!

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Anniversary Editon- The road so far...2018

It's time for the next chapter in our journey through the history of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. In the weekend of 26 & 27 March (with two years of delay due to Covid-19) it is time for the anniversary edition of Dutch Comic Con. We were there for the first edition in March 2015 and we have been there for every edition since. Today we will talk about the 2018 editions and just like in the previous articles we will do that by telling our story and showing you our pictures...

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Anniversary Editon- The road so far...2017

In the weekend of 26 & 27 March, Heroes Dutch Comic Con will be back in Utrecht for their 10th anniversary edition. This 10th edition (which will also be our 10th edition) was originally planned for March 2020 and it would also be their 5-year anniversary. However, as we all know: it had to be postponed... and postponed... and postponed. But now finally it is going to happen (please let it happen!).

In a previous article we already looked back to the 2015 and 2016 editions and now it's time to take you back to the 2017 editions. We will be taking you on this journey and we will tell you about the guests and our shenanigans, using our own pictures and stories.

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Anniversary Editon- The road so far...2015&2016

You know when you went to a comic con for a whole weekend and afterwards there is that big hole you fall in? Well that's the after comic con dip and boy o boy... did we have an enormous one of those over the last one and a half years! In March 2020 the world the world was taken hostage by an invisible enemy and now we can finally try to break free again. After a lot of postponing and uncertainty it is finally time for the anniversary edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con and we are so ready! The event will take place in the weekend of March 26 & 27 in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Today we will talk to you about the (history of the) event and our fondest memories so far...

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FACTS Fall Edition 2021

Sunday November 7th 2021, 7.00 am ...

It is early for a Sunday, very early ... normally I would be sleeping like a log. But not today! Today it's FACTS day! Birds are chirping and I jump out of bed...


Ok I might be exaggerating a little bit. I was very tired and when the alarm clock went off and I had to roll myself out of bed, but after I had coffee, I was almost jumping up and down. Finally! We were going to FACTS again and we only had one day. After more than one and a half year without comic cons we had a little taste of it a few weeks ago, when we went to Heroes Made in Asia. But now it was time for one of our favorite conventions. As always, the guest list was awesome and at FACTS there is always so much to do for 'geeks' like us. We were psyched!

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