Justice for Wong! - Meeting Benedict Wong

A few months ago we made our way to Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2019. As always they had an amazing actor/actress guest list, consisting of: Shannen Doherty, Tom Felton, Jennifer MorrisonKatherine McNamara, Sophie Skelton and Benedict Wong. I was so excited for Benedict to come to the Netherlands, as I am a huge Marvel fan (and DC for that matter). In 2016, Benedict set his first steps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), when he was casted for the character of Wong (what a coincidence) in Marvel's "Doctor Strange", starring Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, another Benedict) as Doctor Stephen Strange. I knew I wanted to meet him, I just did not know if I would go for an autograph or a photo op yet. So are you curious about what I decided? Just read on!

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The new DVD shelves have arrived!

In my previous post, I already told you that we have ordered new DVD shelves. We have over 2000 DVDs and they just didn't fit in the old shelves anymore. So, we started preparing to move all the DVDs to the new ones. If you want to read all about these preparations: Check out the article about 'Project DVD shelves: Part 1". Today it is time for part 2 because the new DVD shelves have arrived! 

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Nox: Short film review

As some of you might know: Last year I watched quite some movies of David Lynch in the cinema. I also visited the 'Someone Is In My House' exhibition at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. I loved both the exhibition and the movies I watched in Lumiere cinema. This leads me to the short film Nox. A while ago, Liv & I found this short movie in our inbox. Liv watched the movie and when we were working on Conmose, we decided to also watch it together. I loved watching Nox and it instantly reminded me of the David Lynch movies I had seen. 

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Conmose goes.. Mamma Mia

Welcome to the first article / vlog in a new series. This series is called "Conmose goes... ". For "Conmose goes.." Liv & I will take part in all sorts of activities. Not necessarily movie related.  Just anything, fun, crazy or wild enough to vlog about ;). Our very first activity for "Conmose goes.." was seeing "Mamma Mia The Musical", together with Stevie. Woooohooooo! 

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Movies we watched in May

Okay, May hasn't been the best month for me in the amount of movies I watched. The amount is low. Very low. Lower than low. And it's all because of.. movies! Haha. And "Game of Thrones". Blame "Game of Thrones". Yeah. This month we replaced the old DVD shelves by new ones. Because the old ones weren't big enough. Sounds easy? It's not. We had to move over 2000 DVDS, which took quite a few weekends and evenings. Which means: less times for movies. But I did see a few, so let's talk about those! 

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New DVD shelves: The preparation!

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen the announcements already.... We ordered new DVD shelves!! Let me start with the reason why... We collect DVDs! Lots of DVDs. They were all in shelves up until the point (a bit over a year ago) that it didn't fit anymore. And the wall was too small for more shelves. So what did we do? Nooooooo we didn't stop buying DVDs (why would we do thát??) but we started to pile them up on another closet. Realizing, that we should think of a solution (buy a different house?). 

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Series Talk: Miracle Workers

Last week I was browsing Videoland, which is a Dutch streaming platform just like Netflix. I just took a subscription on it to try it out and I was browsing titles to see what to put on my watch-list (as if that's not long enough already, but hey...). At one point I saw a familiar face and my interest was sparked. That familiar face was the face of Daniel Radcliffe (for those who don't know: Harry Potter) and the series is called " Miracle Workers". At that same moment I saw: Steven Buscemi plays God...and that was the cue for me to check it out. The series consists of 7 episodes of about 20 minutes each, so it's easy to watch the whole season in one evening (I did). Today we are talking about ...."Miracle Workers" .

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Meeting Erin Richards

Our Gotham story continues! After meeting Robin Lord Taylor and Sean Pertwee at German Comic Con, Liv was on a spree! We were both super excited, energetic and totally wild. (and yes, excited is an understatement!). Sooo... Liv wanted to do 'more' and 'something else'... And that's when adventures start. And where unforgettable meetings will happen. Yes! Whenever we are at a convention, there always comes a moment when I get impulsive. That's not always a good thing, but in this case it was. I love "Gotham" and walking around at German Comic Con, made me feel like a kid in a candy store. A big part of the "Gotham" cast was sitting there and in the weeks before German Comic Con, I had talked about wanting to meet Erin Richards (Barbara Kean) a lot of times. Well this was my chance and I took it with both hands! Let us tell you the story of meeting Erin Richards! 

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Series talk: Dead to Me

We can never get enough of series to watch. I'm always on the hunt for new ones and always willing to try our something new. And yes, I often fall for the Netflix recommendations. This time was no different. Netflix kindly suggested Dead To Me, and I followed the advice. 

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Meeting Robin Lord Taylor

I started watching Gotham a few years ago. I instantly loved the series. And from the very first moment I had a favorite: as soon as I saw the Penguin in the series, I knew it. This is my favorite character. I started to watch the series without much knowledge of Batman, I haven't watched all the Batman movies. So I went in without favorites. And without a doubt I can say that the Penguin became my favorite character, because of the awesome acting of Robin Lord Taylor. And with that, he was in the top of my 'actors I'd like to meet' - list. I, contrary to Carola, am a huge "Batman" fan. I especially love the ones with Michael Keaton as the caped crusader and the "Dark Knight" trilogy. Oh and of course the "first Batman": Adam West. When I first heard of "Gotham", I knew I had to watch it. Just like Carola,  I immediately loved Robin Lord's portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin.

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