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Heroes Made in Asia 2024

WHOOP WHOOP! We´re so excited about Heroes Made in Asia 2024. After what feels like a loooooooong winter, we were SO READY for our first event of 2024. We needed Heroes Made in Asia so much. We were super excited to go again (Excited is an understatement). In case you're not familiar with Heroes Made in Asia: at HMIA you find everything related to Asian pop culture. And that's a lot: awesome workshops, language lessons, manga, anime, food, Cosplay, guests, merchandise and gaming. We've been going to Heroes Made in Asia for years now and we love it! We always have a great time so we were definitely ready to have an amazing day again. 

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Short film review: After

As you all know, we have been reviewing and watchign some short films again lately. We really love that. So today I decided it was time to watch another one. This time I watched the short film AFTER. AFTER is a drama, directed by Thomas Angletti and written by Timothy J. Cox. The short film is starring Timothy J. Cox and Beth Metcalf. 

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Short film review: Hard Truths

Whoop whoop! During our our Christmas holiday, a few short films were sent to us, to review. We always love to watch. So we also watched the short film Hard Truths. Hard Truths was written by Thomas Angeletti, Paige Hoover and Timothy J. Cox and directed by Maya Ahmed. 

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Short film review: Invisible

Recently we watched the short filmed named "Invisible", from independent filmmaker Ryan Nunes. The story  focuses on a girl named Riley , who struggles with fibromyalgia (chronic pain disease). Conditions like fibromyalgia and a number of mental illnesses are called invisible diseases, because on the outside the person seems perfectly healthy. The role of Riley is played by actress Madison Schmalo, who also serves as an associate producer of the short film. We also see how Riley has a conversation with her co-worker Jack (played by Paul Kandarian).

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Looking back on Heroes Dutch Comic Con Winter

Winter is coming. It's raining outside. What's better now than to look back on Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2023? Talking about Comic Con is always a great idea. The first edition of Dutch Comic Con took place in March 2015 and we were there! We are happy to say that we have been present at every edition eversince, and this edition was no exception. We are so happy that we visited Dutch Comic Con again. And they also had a very special announcement this time...

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Looking forward to Heroes Dutch Comic Con Winter 2023: Part two

Yes! It is almost time for the Winter Edition of Dutch Comic Con (it's not Winter yet, but Winter is coming...) and we can't wait to make our way to the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. Heroes Dutch Comic Con is the biggest comic con of The Netherlands and for every edition more than 55000 people immerse themselves in the world movie, TV, comics, gaming, cosplay and lots more. In our first article, we already wrote about one of the movie and TV guests for this edition, because none other than Elijah Wood will be a guest at HDCC this upcoming weekend. How awesome is that? Of course, Mr. Wood will not be the only movie and TV guest and in this article, we will tell you everything about the other amazing names on the guestlist, starting with one of the most successful Dutch actresses in Hollywood...

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Looking forward to Heroes Dutch Comic Con Winter 2023: Elijah Wood

Winter is coming and that means it is almost time for the Winter Edition of our 'own' Heroes Dutch Comic Con.  The first edition of Dutch Comic Con took place in March 2015 and we were there! We are happy to say that we have been present at every edition, ever since and this edition will be no exception. We love Heroes Dutch Comic Con and going there feels like coming a way. In the weekend of November 18 & 19, the Jaarbeurs will be packed with all kinds of geeky goodness. Of course there will also be some amazing movie- and TV guests, ready to meet their fans! In this article we will kick off with a special about one of these guests, so sit back and let us tell you all about.... 

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We visited FACTS Fall 2023!

Whoop whoop! We visited FACTS fall 2023. We just hád to attend this edition again. I mean: DId you see the guest list? It was amazing! Really. Besides the amazing guest list, that we absolutely could not ignore, we just always love to attend FACTS. It's a really awesome comic con and there's always so much to do and to see. 


Unfortunately for us, this time we were only able to visit one day. Yes, you're reading this correctly. Only one day. Of course that's not enough (a full weekend is not even enough). So it was a VERY busy day for us and we had to run around like crazies (Like we don't always do this haha) to do as much as possible in just one day! So for everyone curious to know how FACTS Fall 2023 was: We can capture it one word: Amazing! 

But of course we have also have loads pictures and stories to show exactly hów amazing!  

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Looking forward to FACTS Fall '23: Movie & TV Guests (besides James McAvoy)

"Excited is an understatement!"


This weekend it's time to party, because the FACTS mothership will be docking in Ghent (Belgium) again. 2023 is an anniversary year for FACTS Ghent, because 30 years ago the first edition of the convention took place in Café 't Tonneke in Ghent. Last week we already wrote about James McAvoy, who will be attending FACTS upcoming Saturday. Of course, James McAvoy is not the only guest to be attending FACTS. In this article, we are going to tell you about the other movie and TV guests that are announced for this upcoming weekend. So please ... sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Looking forward to FACTS Fall 2023: James McAvoy

Next weekend (in the weekend of October 21-22) it's time for the FACTS Fall Edition 2023! The first edition of FACTS was held in 1993 in a pub called "Het Tonneke" in Ghent (Belgium), which means that 2023 is the year of their 30th anniversary. We already celebrated 30 years of FACTS at the Spring edition in April and we keep on partying at the Fall edition. As you may know, we always write at least one article about the movie- and TV guests of FACTS in the weeks leading up to the con, which we will also do for this edition. We will start out with a special spotlight article about one of the guests of this edition, because oh... my... God... they really outdid themselves with this guest. None other than James McAvoy is making his way to Flanders Expo for FACTS and we are so excited about that (and yes, that IS an understatement! In this article we will tell you everything about the man behind so many amazing roles: Scottish actor James McAvoy.

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