Conmose goes Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Whoooooop! As you might have read on our Instagram or Facebook pages, we went to HOLLYWOOD! Yeah, seriously! We went to Hollywood.  During our time in Hollywood, we couldn't miss the chance of course to visit Madame Tussauds! In 2017, Liv and I already visited Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam. We had so much fun there! (And in 2016, I visited the Polonia Wax Museum). So you can understand: We couldn't miss the chance to and have fun at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. And I can tell you: We did have fun! Lots of fun! Let me show you. 

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VERA - Short movie review

It's been a while since we reviewed a short film, so it's about time! This week, we watched the short film VERA. In the movie VERA, Jack visits his sister after traveling. During his traveling he has his girlfriend: Vera. Vera is a young Russian woman. He brings her with him to his sister for dinner. His sister is suspicious though, and wants to find out more about Vera's intentions. 

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Series talk: iZombie

I started watching iZombie ages ago. I think when the first season aired. I watched six episodes and somehow never watched any other episodes. It wasn't that I didn't like it. I just wasn't motivated to keep watching. Now, iZombie came back on my radar again and I decided to start watching again. I started at episode 1 of season 1, since it was so long ago that I watched it. 

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5 Comic con irritations

Excited is an understatement! That's our tagline and many of you will have seen Liv and me in this state. Usually we're super excited (understatement!) , happy and energetic. Especially at comic con. But... there are moments when we're not that excited! Yes, it happens. Even at comic con. So today, we will discuss our top comic con irritations and of course, we'd love to hear about yours! 

Well, if you ever see us at comic con, not looking all that happy, I bet one of these things happened! 

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Movies we watched in September

Months go by so quickly! I remember writing the article for August very well. And's already October. Winter is coming!! That also gives some more time at home. Watching movies like a true couch potato, lol. Well, let's see what we managed to watch in September. 

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The Big Bang theory: Diary of a noob part 3

A while ago (The moment the Big Bang Theory got available on Netflix), I started to watch the Big Bang Theory. Since it's quite rare that I haven't watched it yet, I decided to make you all part of my Big Bang Theory experience! I already shared a diary part 1 and diary part 2. Today, it's time for.... *surprise* part 3!!! I'm sharing again my favorite moments! 

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Horror shirts haul!

Oh yeah! I bought some new shirts. I recently saw that Zavvi had a sale on horror shirts and I knew I couldn't resist it. I decided I would allow myself to buy 3 shirts. And so I did :). There were a lot of Child's Play and Universal Monsters shirts. So a lot of t shirts I really liked. But I managed to (only) pick 3 and in this article I will show you which ones!   

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DCC Winter 2019: The guests so far - part one

Unfortunately the summer seems to be over and we are not happy about that at all. But every cloud has a silver lining and our silver lining is being formed by the traditional fall and winter editions of our favorite comic cons. One of our favorites is Heroes Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht. We were there at their first edition in 2015 and we haven't missed one ever since. The upcoming edition will be the ninth edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con and it will take place in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht on November 23rd and 24th, 2019. As usual we will give you some more information about the media guests that have been announced so far. Up until now HDCC announced two actresses and one actor. Let's not waste any time and talk about the guests so far of Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

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Series Talk: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

After watching the movie The Dark Crystal (for the first time!!) in September, I decided to start watching the new series as well. I totally loved the movie, so it triggered me to start on the series right away. (And everyone recommended it when I asked about it on Instagram!). The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a prequel to the movie The Dark Crystal (1982, directed by Jim Henson). The series has 10 episodes and zooms in on the events before the movie. 

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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - Duo movie review

We think it's time for another duo movie review. We always love to do these and in the past we already did them for movies like: "Suicide Squad" and "Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi". Last weekend we both went to the new Quentin Tarantino movie, the long awaited "Once Upon a Hollywood". I am a huge Tarantino fan and I have seen all his movies, so I couldn't wait for this one and Carola had been watching some Tarantino movies in the cinema lately as a build up to Tarantino's ninth movie and in my opinion one of his best. 

Yes! I love doing duo movie reviews and we should do it way more often! So here we go. Indeed, I was psyched to see Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I had seen Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in the cinema and I loved seeing them again. After seeing the trailer of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood a lot of times in the cinema, the moment had finally come: I was going to see the movie! 

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