Series talk: Marco Polo

As a preparation for Dutch Comic Con, I decided to watch Marco Polo? Why? Well, Benedict Wong is one of the guests of Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019. the series is about Marco Polo's early years. His father leaves him in the court of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). There, we follow Marco Polo's adventures. 

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Dutch Comic Con March 2019 - The guests (Update 3)

In just over a week our Comic Con season kicks off with Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht and we are really looking forward to it! We have been to every edition since it started in 2015 and we always have a lot of fun. Over the last couple of months, we have already talked about the guests that were announced and this week Dutch Comic Con announced its last guest for their 2019 Spring edition. The guest list up until this week already had some amazing names, like: Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Morrison, Tom Felton, Katherine McNamara and Benedict Wong. And now Dutch Comic Con announced its last movie and television guest and it's no one less than Sophie Skelton! Sophie is mostly known for her role as Brianna Randall Fraser in "Outlander". The combination of an amazing guest list, very cool cosplay, great merchandise and a lot of other cool things to do should be enough to persuade you to make your way to Utrecht on the 23rd and 24th of March (tickets are still available here). 

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Series talk: Elite

Yeah! I found a series to make up the void after watching la Casa de Papel/ Money Heist! An it's a series called Elite. 3 working class teenagers start at an exclusive Spanish private school. Their school collapsed due to a faulty construction. Because of that, they received scholarships from the construction company.  But starting at the new school and blending in, just isn't that easy. 

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Short Movie Review: Meet the Author

A few weeks ago we got a message from Mr. Steve Blackwood about his new short movie called: "Meet the Author". This short movie comedy just made the Boston International Film Festival and he would like us to review it. Of course we love watching movies, so a few days later I sat down and watched it. Now let's talk about: "Meet the Author".

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Series talk: Charmed (2018)

I was happily surprised to see that the first season of the new Charmed series was available on Videoland! I started watching with mixed feelings. I am a huge fan of the old Charmed series.  And I just can't imagine anything coming close that. However, I was also curious. So I started watching Charmed! 

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Dutch Comic Con March 2019 - The guests (Update 2)

Another update on the "Dutch Comic Con Front".

Last week there was another guest announcement for Dutch Comic Con March 2019. Earlier on they already announced some amazing guests, like: Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Morrison, Tom Felton and Katherine McNamara. This week Dutch Comic Con added a guest that is known for being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yay!). In the 2016 Marvel movie "Doctor Strange", he is known as Wong (just Wong, like: Beyonce, Bono, Aristotle and Adele). I am of course talking about the wonderful Benedict Wong and he is a great addition to the guest list of Dutch Comic Con March 2019. The eighth edition of The Netherlands' biggest Comic Con, will take place in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht on the 23rd and 24th of March 2019....oh and tickets are still available!

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FrightGuys interview!

Exciting news: We did an interview with the FrightGuys! We have seen them multiple times already at events like House of Horrors and Weekend of Hell. We always like seeing them as characters like Captain Spaulding and Pennywise at conventions and take a picture with them. And after seeing the FrightGuys quite a few times at cons: it's about time to do an interview with this amazing German cosplay group. 

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Movies we watched in February

A new month means a new round of movies! For me, it felt like January was taking forever. I was glad to see February coming. A step closer to spring and comic cons! But, also a new month for movies. In this article we'll show you the movies we watched in this month! 

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Series Talk: Dirty John

After watching You, I noticed a new series on Netflix: Dirty John. A series that's also about manipulation. The series Dirty John is based on the podcast that's also called Dirty John, by Christopher Goffard. It's based on a true story. 

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Dutch Comic Con March 2019 - The guests (Update 1)

Little more than a week ago, we already talked about the guests (so far) of Dutch Comic Con March 2019. Last week Dutch Comic Con announced another guest and it's a good one! None other than Katherine McNamara will join Shannen Doherty, Tom Felton and Jennifer Morrison in the weekend of March 23-24 in the Jaarbeurshallen (Utrecht). This 23-year-old actress is well on her way to make it big and since 2016 she plays the role of Clary Fray in the immensely popular Freeform series: "Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments". 

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