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I can pretty much say, that April was a busy month! We ended March with going to Dutch Comic Con. And started April with first FACTS convention and then Weekend of Hell. Which gave us, of course so much to write about! We're still busy with some articles. Besides the comic cons, we also had a few requests to review some movies and we also did some interviews again! Not all are published yet :). 

Today we'll look back at April. A wonderful month! The month we met Nathan Fillion, Ben McKenzie, Morena Baccarin, Lennie James, Sean Maguire, Laurence R Harvey, Dork Benedict, Kristian Nairm and many many more actors and actresses. We also saw some great movies (Check out the movies we watched in April) and bought some great DVDS (Make sure to check Sigmunds DVD update!). But, what's even more important: Which ones of our articles did you like the most? We'd love to hear it in the comments! In this article, we'll discuss the articles that have been viewed the most times in April! (They don't have to be written or published in April). 

FACTS Convention

Our FACTS convention posts were popular. We get that. We really do love FACTS convention as well. We had a great time at FACTS. Our number one viewed post was Looking forward to FACTS Spring edition. We discussed the upcoming convention and the things that you could do there. Like meet the actors, buy merchandise, meet artists and lots more. Our second most viewed article was the review of FACTS convention Spring edition 2017. Read the complete article if you're interested. But in a recap: We had an amazing time! It was an awesome event (again). We did a photo op with Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie and Nathan Fillion. Liv also got an autograph from Kristian Nairn and we both got an autograph from Ben McKenzie as well. Besides that we attended lots of panels, bought some merch and just had a good time! To keep talking about FACTS convention.. our third most read article in April was the article about our week before the event. It was an overview of the conversations Liv and I had in preparation for that weekend! 

Weekend of Hell

We love Weekend of Hell! It was the first convention we visited and it's so special! It smaller than the other ones. You can really take the time to talk to the actors, check out the panels and get an autograph. I love how informal it is. And it's just great to spend the weekend with horror fans! On the fourth place, we find our review of Weekend of Hell April 2017! And that's not the popular article. Also our article about Linnea Quigley has been viewed a lot of times. Linnea was a guest at Weekend of Hell and she's awesome! It helped a lot that she shared our article on Facebook. Isn't that awesome? I'll go right on the 8th spot to stay talking about Weekend of Hell. Number 8 is our interview with Movie Props NL. We met them at WOH and decided to ask for an interview. Want to know everything about collecting props? Check out the complete interview

And more...

Spot number 6 is for our movie review on the Sex Addict. A while ago, a request landed in our mailbox! We were asked to review the movie The Sex Addict! We all took a look at the trailer and Liv and I decided we would watch the movie and write a review. On number 7 we find our Sons of Anarchy challenge. Do you think you know everything about Sons of Anarchy? (And the articles we wrote about the series and actors). Try out the challenge! We've got 2 more to talk about: Number 9 and 10! Number 9 is our post with 10 tips on how to do a photo op! It's an older article, but it keeps getting a lot of views. We'll work on more articles like this! 

And..... Number 10.. is: Our unboxing of the Lootcrate with the theme Primal.  Curious what we got in the box? Check out the article. Or watch the video below! 

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