The week before ...conversations (FACTS)

Liv: Yeah...after a very tumultuous Dutch Comic Con last Saturday (You'll read all about that one soon), it's FACTS-week on Conmose. I'm very excited! We already bought our Nathan Fillion photo op last week and yesterday we bought the Ben McKenzie/Morena Baccarin photo...right Carola? We were afraid of overlap in the Q&A and the Photo op schedule and our worst dream has come true, Nathan and Ben are at the same time. We need to find a solution for that problem!

Carola: Yes, that is a disaster! It can only be solved by a personal q&a 😅😜. We have to go Ben and ask him a lot of questions. I'm thinking about a Southland question. 

But we will have a picture with him and Morena. Can't wait! It will be a busy day again! 

Liv: I think we have to get in line for Nathan's photo op very early. When we do this and we are in front of the row, we can make it in time for Ben's Q&A (or at least a part of it). My preparations for FACTS do not proceed as hoped. I have a very busy week, mainly because I have forced myself to go to the gym at least 4 times this week. 

Carola: We definitely need to do that! I reallyyyyyyy want to see Ben's Q&A. Ohhh I can't wait. Yeah I have a busy week as well. 

I worked a bit this evening. And we need to go to the garage with Sig's car tomorrow and (hopefully) pick it up again Friday. So that's busy as well. Alaso need to think about my outfit and hair. And work. And try to watch some Gotham/ Castle.. And.. And.. 

At least I can use my new phone this weekend! 

Oh and I wanted to mention: How are we going to carry all the gifts if we can't bring a backpack? 

Liv: I will take a small bag, you know the flappy ones. I don't think it wil fit, but hey we'll see haha.

Carola: We can bring a backpack because we have a press card! Yeey. That's nice.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We'll have such a busy day. So many photo ops to do, Q&A to see, props to see, merch to buy.

How excited are you! Still need to do some preparations?  

Liv: I am very excited...I've just been watching Dr. Horrible's Song Along Blog. It's on Youtube and it's hilarious. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer...and there is singing, a lot of singing.

Well to speak in the words of Neil Patrick Harris' charachter Barney (HIMYM). Tomorrow is gonna be legen....wait for it.....DARY!!!

Carola: Haha sounds great! I've watched 1 episode of Gotham today. But it was a busy day! So I didn't have a lot of time. 

Can't wait. Just not looking forward to waking up so early! But well, I'll sleep some more on Sunday then ;). Still have to think about my outfit and hair.. 

Liv: I"m watching Gotham right now aa you can see on the picture! I still have to pack my bag and do some other preparations, but I'm kinda lazy today...haha


Carola: I still have to do some work as well. I'm now still at my parents When I go home around 10.30 I'll start preparing for tomorrow. I'm so excited. But I also need sleep. Like lots of sleep! I saw Ben, Morena and Nathan already arrived. So we're lucky, our photo ops will definitely happen.  Do yoou have any questions for Q&A tomorrow? What will you say to Nathan/ Ben or Morena? Or Kristian? 

Liv: I do have some ideas, but I think I have to sleep on it a bit more...You? I'm gonna watch some more Gotham and then I'm gonna pack my bag. I have one little problem... I can't find our businesscards. Do you have them?

Carola: I want to talk to Ben about Southland. Love that show! And maybe to them  both (Ben & Morena) about Gotham. And as for Nathan, I'm curious to see if he's as funny as in Castle! One little problem? Aiiiiii. Yes I do have the Business cards.  Just have to remember to put them in my bag as soon as I get home. 

Liv: Oh yeah...did I leave them at your place when we got them?

Carola: No, I have business cards of my own. They are at the table. I put them there after DCC. 

Liv: Oh haha there should be a stash of them somewhere...although I did use up a lot of them at Dutch Xmas Con. Tommy Flanagan just made his entrance in Gotham...very cool! 

Well my bag is packed, just watch some more Gotham, go in the shower and then sleep. Don't know if I can sleep though...

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