Sons of Anarchy challenge!

Sons of Anarchy

1. Who's Opie's father? 

A. Piney 

B. Daryl

C. Clay

D. Nero


2. Who's Jax' father? 

A. Clay

B. John

C. Piney

D. He doesn't know 


3. Does Opie have any children? 

A. No

B. Yes, 1

C. Yes, 2

D. He's not sure


4. Who's Wayne Unser?

A. Chief of the police department 

B. Gemma's father

C. One of the Mayans

D. A Nomad

The actors of Sons of Anarchy

5. Taryn Manning plays Tiffany in OITNB. Who is she in Sons of Anarchy?  

A. Tara

B. Gemma

C. Lyla

D. Cherry


6. Ron Perlman is also known for.. 

A. Grey's Anatomy

B. Hellboy

C. The Transporter

D. The Expendables 


7. Who played Augustus Hill in the series OZ and played the role of Damon Pope in SOA?

A. Harold Perrineau

B. Jimmy Smits

C. Arie Verveen

D. James Cosmo


8. Who played Hector Salazar? 

A. Ron Perlman

B. Jose Pablo Cantillo

C. Jimmy Smits

D. Peter Weller

Conmose and Sons of Anarchy

9. Kim Coates was the ... actor we met at a comic con. 

A. 5th

B. 10th

C. 1st

D. 50th


10. After the photo op, David LaBrava told me he had lived in ... for a while. 

A. The Netherlands

B. Belgium

C. France

D. China 


11. Which present did we give to Tommy Flanagan?

A. Stroopwafels

B. Hagelslag 

C. A card

D. Schuimpjes


12. Did we get an autograph or Photo op from Kim Coates? 

A. No, we were too scared

B. An autograph

C. An autograph and selfie

D. A photo op

The Answers!

Here are the answers! How many questions were you able to answer? 


1. A

2. B

3. C

4. A


5. D

6. B

7. A

8. B


Answers Conmose questions: (You can click on the answer to check out the original article)

9. C

10. A

11. A

12. C

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