Dutch Comic Con - Winter Edition 2016 (Dutch XMas Con)

The first Winter Edition of Dutch Comic Con took place in the weekend of the 16th and 17th of December 2016. Back then, it was called  Dutch Xmas Con. At first it was intended to be held in MECC Maastricht in the South of the Netherlands (nearby where we live!), but eventually it was moved to the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht (just like the previous and future editions).  As it was a special Christmas Edition, everything got a special Christmassy touch. This was the first time that Dutch Comic Con had a special entrance hall and it was completely in the style of Whoville (the village from "The Grinch who Stole Christmas"). There where people dressed like characters from the village. There were Christmas trees all over the place, wrapping stands for your (Christmas) presents and a big inflatable Santa Clause at the entrance. Of course there were also 

some amazing movie and TV guests. For this edition Jason Isaacs , James Cosmo, Sibel Kekili, Steven Williams, Lee Arenberg and Samantha Ferris.  The Xmas Edition of 2016 was a bit smaller than the other Dutch Comic Cons, but that made it feel more intimate. We could only go on Saturday and we had to leave early, but we really wanted to go. Liv is a big Harry Potter fan, so she was looking forward to meeting Jason Isaacs a lot. Jason plays the role of Lucius Malfoy in the franchise. Unfortunately Isaacs was delayed on Saturday and he arrived at 4 p.m. Luckily this was just in time for us to catch his Q&A and Liv even got an autograph. This whole page is dedicated to the Dutch Comic Con Xmas Edition of 2016. Have fun browsing!



Of course there were a lot of very cool Cosplayers at Dutch Xmas Con 2016 and we made some pictures of them. Check them out in the article we wrote about Cosplay at Dutch Xmas Con


Maurice Wolbert (host)

Paul van Loon (author)

Guest Meetings

Jason Isaacs