Series talk: You

There's a new Netflix Originals series! It's called You and it's from the executive producers of Riverdale. You is about bookstore manager Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), who meets a girl at the bookstore he's working at. Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) buys a book and Joe falls for her instantly. That's not all: he's obsessed. The question is: How far will Joe go for Guinevere? 

You: My opinion

When I was "done" (There were no more new episodes on Netflix) watching Suits, I wanted to watch something new. I opened Netflix and there it was: The creepy trailer of You. The trailer was creepy enough to get my attention. And I was interested in seeing Penn Badgley in a series after seeing him in Gossip Girl years ago. 

You begins with Joe seeing Beck (Guinevere Beck, but everyone calls her Beck) for the first time is his book store. From there, we get to see the story from Joe's perspective. He gets obsessed with Beck, looks her up on social media and starts following and analyzing her. I like how get to hear Joe's thoughts. We know exactly what he's thinking and what he wants.

Via his research, we learn everything about Beck, and via his thoughts, we learn everything about Joe. 

*Spoiler alert*: Some things I'm going to say, might contain info from episodes of YOU. So if you don't want any spoilers don't read this part. Okay, here we go! I have to say that at some point, I got used to Joe's behavior. He put in a lot of effort (killings, stalking etc) to get together with Beck. But at some point, where they break up, I was even surprised. I got so used to his behavior that I was actually waiting him to 'do something'. At that point I was just surprised that quitting was even an option.  But that wasn't the end of the series, and it went on way more crazy! 

I liked "You". I think it's well acted. And it's full of surprises. I liked the plot twists and I was interested all season. I'm curious to see if there will be second! 

The actors

The cast was one of the things that drew me into this series. I really liked Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. there's he's such a good guy. And I thought it would be really interesting to see him in a totally different role. He's doing great and makes a very creepy Joe! 


Fans of Once Upon A Time might recognize Beck as Princess Anna/ Joan. I didn't see it instantly, but I knew i recognized her from something.. She's absolutely great as Beck in You! 


It doesn't stop here. There's a little surprise for fans of Pretty Little Liars as well. We get to see Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars) as Beck's friend Peach. 


Furthermore, we see Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead, the Music Never Stopped) as Benjamin, John Stamos (Full House) as Dr. Nicky, Michael Park (As the World Turns) as Edwin Beck and Emily Bergl (Southland, Desperate Housewives) as Nancy Whitesell. 

How many seasons?

One up until now. 


Imdb: 8

Me: 8


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