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It's a wrap.. After meeting the Mikealsons in the Vampire Diaries and after that seeing them for years in their own show: The Originals, it now seems that there really isn't an Always and Forever. It's the end for the Originals, even though I had hoped to see the for always on Netflix.. With new seasons every years ago. And even though there will be a new spin off (Legacies) which will follow Hope, I'm extremely sad that this is it for the Originals. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever! Before going on, I'm going to warn you: This article WILL contains spoilers. About the Originals, about the last episodes of the Originals.. everything. So if you don't want to read any spoilers this is your chance to leave! Reading on will be on your own risk..  

Let's talk about the Originals

Carola: We did quite some vlogs about episodes of "The Originals" this season.. I've been really aware of the fact that is indeed the very last season. I don't event want to think about it.. I've watched the last epsiode :(. It's done. But hopefully the Originals will live on in comic cons, articles and even a bit in Legacies. Now we've seen it all.. Liv, what are your thoughts? 


Liv: I cried and I am not ashamed of it haha. There are a lot of people that are very negative about the end of "The Originals", but I think this is the only way the show could end. Don't get me wrong, I think Klaus and especially Elijah deserved a better end...but this was the ultimate sacrifice right? Yes that is right...Klaus sacrifices himself to save his daughter and Elijah decides to die alongside the brother he swore to protect centuries ago. At least now Elijah can join Hayley in the afterlife. And Klaus, he got his moment with Caroline and I guess ultimately he was not the relentless bad guy, that only looks out for himself.


Carola: I agree with you. Though I would have loved to see them all have a happily after after, I know that's not what "The Originals" is. This ending somehow suits the show, even though it's so tragic. It was terrible to see them go. On the other hand: I like the story for Freya and Rebekah. Rebekah finally found love. And I love Marcel & Rebekah together. I'm sorry for Caroline though that Klaus is gone. I would have loved to see them together a little bit longer. So much happened in the last episode! What did you think by the way of Freya, Keelin & Vincent having a baby? 

Liv: Well at first I thought it came a bit out of nowhere, but I think that we will see more of this in "Legacies". At some point that kid will make his or her way to the school, I guess. I mean it will be a very powerful witch/werewolf. So if "Legacies" lives to see a second or third season, with some time jumps, I think we will see more of that storyline. Talking about "Legacies", I wonder what Caroline's role in the show will be. Like you said, I would have loved to see Caroline and Klaus having more time together, because they are two of my favorite characters in the franchise. What do you think about that?

Carola: I have been thinking about that as well! When I check Imdb, Candice isn't listed yet, but Matt is. But I have read a few articles saying that Candice will be on the show. We'll see... 

I really like that Freya asked Vincent.. I love Vincent and bad things keep happening to him. And he's such a good person! I'm excited that they have thought of next steps for his story as well. Would love to see him at Legacies! 

I thought this season as a whole was great by the way.. in the beginning I thought the season would be only about Hayley being missing. But there were so many twists and turns. Every episode was incredible. Looking back on this season, what are your thoughts? 

Liv: Couldn't agree more! I loved this last season, although there were a lot of deaths. But this season was the perfect ending for a perfect show. I would have loved to see more seasons, but I think it is very bold, to stop when you're still ahead. There's nothing worse than a great show that bleeds to death, because the story keeps lingering on. This wasn't the case with " The Originals", the story was still interesting. I loved Daniel Gillies as Elijah and it was great to have met him a few months ago. The story of Elijah is a tragic one. He put his own life and hapiness aside, to be there for his family...right until the very end. This all was perfectly portrayed by Gillies. Who was your favorite character in the show? I think they were all great, but Elijah was amazing. As were Klaus and Hayley...

Carola: Elijah is one of my favorite characters as well. He had so much struggles throughout the seasons. But somehow he always stayed Elijah.. except for the beginning of the last season. And that was so hard to watch! 

I'm also a big fan of Klaus. Joseph is amazing as Klaus and the development of Klaus (since his entrance in the Vampire Diaries) has been amazing to follow. Daniel & Joseph are an incredible duo on screen, I have to say.. like so many characters in the show! Rebekah and Vincent are definitely favorites as well! 

Oh yes, of course Rebekah, Vincent, Marcel, Josh....I could go on and on. In my opinion "The Originals" was one of the best series of the last 10 years and I am gonna miss watching it, but they had a good run! Let's hope "Legacies", can match this level of excellence...

Meeting the Originals

We'd love to hear you thoughts on the last season of the originals in the comments! And while the Originals won't last for always and forever, I did gave us some amazing memories. We loved meeting some cast members as well. And hopefully we'll meet more in the future. 

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