Movies we watched in November

Times flies by! Before you know it, a month has passed and we can start writing again about the movies we watched. Well, let's go! 


Made in Britain

Year: 1982

Genre: Drama

IMDB score: 7,3

My score: 7


Remark: I got this DVD box not too long ago and was excited to start watching the movies. Made in Britain is about Trevor, a 16 year old skinhead. Trevor only does what he wants and doesn't care about the authorities or is social worker, who try to get him back on track. 

Blade Runner

Year: 1982

Genre: Sci-Fi

IMDB score: 8,1

My score: 8


Remark: I watched this movie in the cinema. I really loved seeing it again and especially seeing Rutger Hauer again on the big screen! 

The Irishman

Year: 2019

Genre: Drama/ Crime

IMDB score: 8,2

My score: 7,5


Remark: I was looking forward to seeing this movie in the cinema a lot! I love the movies of Martn Scorcese and this cast was also very promising. It was a super long movie though! I'm not that often in the cinema for such a long movie. I really liked it, though I thought some parts took a little too long. Overall I liked it, but at some points I was hoping they would go a little bit quicker. 


Year: 1993

Genre: Drama

IMDB score: 7,7

My score: 8


Remark: A movie starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. I love it. Great cast. The movie is about a man who gets fired because he has HIV. He hires a lawyer to after his former employer. I thought this was a really great movie. 

Mondo Candido

Year: 1975

Genre: Adventure/Comedy

IMDB score: 6,8

My score: 6,5


Remark: A movie based on the book of Voltaire. I read the book once for school (For French lessons) and that was definitely a reason to watch this movie. And it was... interesting. And a bit weird haha. But I'm glad I watched. 


Year: 1927

Genre: Drama/ Sci-fi

IMDB score: 8,3

My score: 7,5


Remark: A silent, black & white movie. Not typically my thing. But since it's a real classic I really wanted to see this movie. And I got to see it in the cinema. That was great. I liked it. Though I must admit: especially in the beginning I was lost sometimes. Wondering what exactly was happening. But when I watched it completely, I really liked the movie as a whole. 


Year: 2019

Genre: Drama/ Comedy

IMDB score: 8,6

My score: 9


Remark: I really, really loved this movie. I had seen the trailer in the cinema and I saw it mentioned on Instagram a lot. So I knew: I have to go and see this movie. So I went to the cinema and I'm so happy I did. What an awesome movie. It's about Ki-Jung who takes over a job from a friend. Tutoring a girl of a wealthy family. Ki-Jung's family is poor, they need the need the money and basically they all need a job. Step by step, they try to integrate in the lives of the wealthy Parks.  


November was a tough month for the movielover in me. Why? Well November was the month of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. And since Marie Avgeropoulos (who plays Octavia Blake in "The 100")  was announced as a guest, I spent a huge part of my free time in November watching this show. I did watch it before and I loved it, but somehow I never got past the second season. Anyway, back to the movies I did watch in November 2019.

Blumhouse's: Truth or Dare

Year: 2018

Genre: Horror/Thriller

IMDB score: 5,1

My score: 5,8


Remark: I decided to watch this one, because Dutch Comic Con had a huge surprise. They announced Tyler Posey as a guest in the last week before the event. Tyler is mostly known for his role as Scott McCall in "Teen Wolf". But I always like to try and watch some more of an actor. "Truth or Dare" also stars "Teen Wolf" co-star Gage Golightly and "Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale.

Western Stars

Year: 2019

Genre: Documentary/Music

IMDB score: 7,7

My score: 8,5


Remark: This wonderful musical journey through Springsteen's new album Western Stars was in cinemas for only one day in the Netherlands. It's a registration of a live session of he album in the Springsteen barn, alternated with Bruce's explanations of the songs. If you are a Springsteen fan (as I am) this is a must see.


Year: 2015

Genre: Action/Crime

IMDB score: 5,6

My score: 5,8


Remark: Another Comic Con related watch. This movie about the amazing world of parkour, stars Marie Avgeropolous. During her panel, she said that she did most of the parkour scenes herself, but she did get hurt and was on crutches for the second part of the movie.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Year: 2017

Genre: Action/Adventure

IMDB score: 6,9

My score: 7,5


Remark: I love the 1995 "Jumanji" movie, starring the incredible Robin Williams, so I was a bit hesitant to watch this one. I am glad I finally did watch it, because I really liked it.

The Rite

Year: 2011

Genre: Horror/Mystery

IMDB score: 6

My score: 5,5


Remark: I watched this one, because Colin O'Donoghue was announced for Dutch Comic Con. Sadly, he had to cancel. The problem with exorcism movies is, that I always compare them to my all time favorite horror movie "The Exorcist".

The Rock

Year: 1996

Genre: Action/Adventure

IMDB score: 7,4

My score: 7,5


Remark: It's always a lot of fun to re-watch some old favorites and this 1996 action movie starring Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage is one of them...."Welcome to The Rock"...

Black Swan

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama/Thriller

IMDB score: 8

My score: 8


Remark: Another re-watch. Natalie Portman  in one of her best roles ever. 

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