Our tips for celebrity photo op poses at comic con

Looking for inspiration for your photo op at comic con with a celebrity? We're here to help you out! If you want to get some general tips & tricks on how to get a photo op at a comic con, check out our article How to.. photo op. In this article we'll focus on some inspiration for the poses! 


Not every actor is into doing poses for a photo op. Some just prefer standing next to each other and that's it. There's also not always time at a comic con to ask for specific poses. But when you're allowed, it's nice to have something in mind already! So we go with some suggestions! 

1. The regular pose

Let's start with the most common pose. The one that the celebrities will do if you don't ask for anything specific (Unless they're thinking of poses themselves haha). Just standing next to each other is the most common and regular pose. I've got so many of these pictures. Especially in the beginning, I had no clue that you could even ask for a pose! So this would be the result 99% of the time. I like these pictures. But sometimes I feel creative and I like a posed photo better :). 

2. Acting crazy pose

I like a pose in which we're just doing crazy. It's fun to do, a nice interaction with the celebrity and a great reminder. It makes me smile to look at the photo. The only disadvantage is that I when I have a 'crazy face' to spontaneously and without overthinking I won't look to charming haha. And the celebrities.. well they almost always do!  Check below at the photos the pose I did with Ryan Kelley at Wolfcon Amsterdam

3. Hug pose

Some actors won't do this one. Other will do it spontaneously: The hug pose. A lot of celebrities give a hug at comic con when you're getting a photo op or an autograph. And the hug photo is also a nice pose if you want to have nice & close picture with your favorite celebrity. Sometimes celebrities do a hug pose spontaneously, like Riley Voelkel did in my photo op. You can definitely see that I'm a bit surprised haha.  

4. Movie or series related pose

Sometimes it's also nice to ask for a pose that's related to the movie/ tv series you watched. For example: I met Michael Malarkey at Bloody Night Con. I now him for his role as Enzo in the Vampire Diaries. So when I had my photo op with him, I asked for a vampire bite pose. Only disadvantage: My 'suprised' face was a bit too real haha.  Another example is Liv's photo with Riley Voelkel. She asked for a witchy pose. If you meet a horror actor, you can also choose to do an attack, or look scared pose. So don't be shy and if you want to, ask for a movie/ TV series related pose. This is one of my favorites!  

5. Romantic pose

I think many people like this type of pose. If you really like the celebrity your meeting and they're up for it, a romantic pose might be the choice for you! A romantic pose can be a lot of things. A tight hug. Standing face to face. Whatever you consider a romantic pose (and is allowed by the celebrity). 

I've also seen a lot of wedding proposal photo ops. That's also a romantic, but funny one! You can als vary with a celebrity proposing to you and someone else (another celebrity or you friend) standing next it, amazed or offended). I have't really done romantic poses. Though you might consider my photo op with Sean Astin as one, that was a spontaneous one as well as well. 

6. Action pose

Fond of action movies? or just ready for some action? Try doing an action pose. This can also be whatever you like it to be. Think of posing as if you're holding a gun (Check out Liv's photo with Ryan Kelley). Or do a kick in the air with your favorite action hero. You can also do pose like you're fighting. Whatever you like! 

7. Pose on the ground

It depends on the setting at the comic con you're attending. But sometimes you can even lie down on the ground for the photo op! Think of both lying on your belling looking into the camera. Or just sit down on the ground. You can always ask the volunteers at the con,camera man and celebrity f this is possible! 

8. Bring something

Preparing a photo op before going to comic con? You can also consider to bring something for you photo op. What I mean is for example bringing a sign with a text. Or a prop. Many people do this. It's interactive and probably gives you the chance to a bit longer to the actor because he or she might ask about what you brought. It also gives your photo a personal touch. For example: You can bring a sign with the name of your friend who couldn't be there. Or with a funny remark about the character that the actress or actor played/ plays. 

9. Dance pose

Enjoy dancing? Then try a dancing pose! There's also a lot of variation possible here. You can dance close to each other. But you can also do funny dance. Just pick your favorite dance move and ask for the pose! 

10. Awkward...

I won't lie about this, awkward poses happen as well. I always try to focus for my photo op. But sometimes I'm distracted or just too nervous. Sometimes the celebrity just has an off moment (Yes that happens sometimes as well). This last post is mostly not a voluntary one.. haha! But something that just happens. I've learned to see the humor in it. And I'll never forget those pictures ;). 

11. Just ask!

Here's another awesome tip! This one, we did not think of ourselves. It's a tip from Esther Lena (Thank you!!!). If you don't know a pose for the photo: Ask the actor/ actress to do a pose! If they do that, you get something the actor or actress really likes to do and this way the moment is even more lovely! 

Celebrity photo op poses at comic con

I hope our tips helped you in finding some inspiration for your photo op pose! If you're missing any poses, if you have a great idea: let us know in the comments. We're excited to learn new poses as well. 

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    Rachel Duley (Thursday, 17 October 2019 08:36)

    I wanted you to know this was very helpful. It made my day to know I can probably use props. It's my first time and I went all out, vip tickets and the 4 dr who actors in one photo. I have no idea what to do but I had an idea with small props. My first and probably last time doing something this big abs bone of my friends are good at taking photos for practice so it's been crazy stressful. I get to go to a cocktail party with many celebrities too on that Friday. I just picture myself hiding in a corner or everybody assuming im a mute bc I can't talk rofl. My fav movie quote, "smile and wave boys, smile and wave. " that's me. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for this post!