Colin O'Donoghue

Name: Colin Arthur Geoffrey O'Donoghue

Date of Birth: 26 January, 1981

Place of Birth: Drogheda, Louth, Ireland


Mostly known for:

  • Home for Christmas (2002) as Norman Quested
  • Love is the Drug (2004) as Peter
  • Proof (2005) as Jamie
  • Fair City (2005) as Emmett Fitzgerald
  • The Clinic (2006-2008) as Conor Elliott
  • The Tudors (2009) as Duke Phillip of Bavaria
  • The Rite (2011) as Michael Kovak
  • Once Upon a Time (2012-2018) as Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones
  • Carrie Pilby (2016) as David Harrison
  • Trollhunters (2018) as Douxie (voice)
  • Wizards (2020) as Douxie (voice)
  • The Right Stuff (2020) as Gordon Cooper
  • Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (2021) as Douxie (voice)
  • Luck (2022) as Gerry (voice)
  • The Great North (2022) as Dr. Callahan (voice)


- Heroes Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands

- FACTS Fall Edition 2022, Ghent, Belgium.



We both love "Once Upon a Time", but we were not sure if we would do something with Colin at Dutch Comic Con. After we attended both of his panels, however, we couldn't resist anymore and we did a selfie.

At FACTS Fall Edition 2022, Liv attended the panel of Colin O'Donoghue.


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Heroes Dutch Comic Con Spring 2022 - Panel

Heroes Dutch Comic Con Spring 2022 - Meeting

FACTS Fall Edition 2022 - Panel


Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2022 - Panel

FACTS Fall Edition 2022 - Panel