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Last weekend Tristan and I went to Comic Con Ghent (unfortunately Carola and Sigmund could not come).  We decided to combine a visit to the beautiful city of Ghent, with some Comic Con fun. On Saturday we walked around the city and I bought some pretty cool stuff. At Fnac (a Belgian multi media store), I bought the special steel book editions from Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II. I never saw these anywhere else so I had to have them (of course I already have the normal editions). I also bought The Originals (Season 1) and 127 Hours, a movie with James Franco. I really loved that one and I wrote about it in "The Movies we watched in February". Of course I also had to buy a shirt and I found a great Harry Potter shirt (which I had to fit in a small bag, so I do not have a picture of that one; it's too wrinkled).

Like I already said, Ghent is a beautiful city and the weather was great. We went on a wild goose chase, looking for gaming store for Tristan (which were pretty much all closed), but I also made some great pictures throughout the city. On the pictures you can see the Vooruit"(a historic venue where a lot of events take place), the "Belfort",  the river Leie, the castle "Gravensteen", the Saint Nicholas Church, Saint Bavo's Cathdral (home of the world famous painting "The adoration of the mystic Lamb" by the Van Eyck brothers) and the "Korenmarkt".

Comic Con Gent

On Sunday it was time for Comic Con Ghent and it was great. They had some pretty cool guests (check them out in our article about the Guests of Comic Con Ghent). For me the most important mission was meeting Michael Biehn (known for The Terminator, Tombstone and Aliens among others) and I did. I will write about this soon, so keep your eye on our website and social media channels. I also met Stanislav Ianevski (Victor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and Johan Vandewoestijne (producer of Rabid Grannies and many more movies). There were Q&A's with the pupeteers and people behind Jabba the Hutt and his Palace, Stanislav Ianevski and Tim Rose. I had a talk with the guys from  Zeno Pictures (and bought some cool stuff at their stand) and with Melvin from Dirtees.  We had a great day and here are some pictures to show it...

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