Dutch Comic Con November 2018

We have never missed an edition of Dutch Comic Con and we're not starting now ;). Of course we went to Dutch Comic Con November 2018. And it was epic! This weekend was truly amazing and we'd love to tell you why! 

Excitement and expectations!

Liv and I were already hyped about the convention! Can you blame us with such an amazing guest list? There was so much to be excited about. I knew every single actor guests. There was this idea growing in my head of getting a tattoo at comic con... And we would meet lots of friends again at Dutch Comic Con. So, my expectations were very high! And I won't build up suspension. I'll just admit straight away that this was an epic weekend. It was incredible, we had an awesome time! Just keep on reading to find out how awesome! 

First impressions

We were in Utrecht early, yay! No delays, no problems, everything went fine. Well, if that isn't a good start....we have had some editions where we had more problems getting there. Liv & I went to the press room to get our tickets. We were received very friendly. It went super fast and we had a coffee in the press room. Then, we rushed the con. Because of course, we only have one job! There was quite a big queue, but it didn't took us long to get in. So.... Time for all the fun to start. Liv & and I were excited already (and yes.. excited ís an understatement here). First thing we noticed was that Dutch Comic Con was huge! It seemed bigger than earlier editions. 

We stumbled into the Fox NL stand and of course we jumped in and got some amazing Simpsons and Walking Dead pictures. Especially the Walking Dead picture is awesome. The photographer was saying I (Liv) should scream for real and so I did...of course! This is the (not so funny) result.


Liv decided to watch the Richard Dean Anderson. I decided walk around at the merchandise. After Richard's panel I went to the panel area for Rebecca Mader's panel. On my way, I got a coffee for Liv & me. Taking care of yourself is very important at comic con and we're usually very bad at it. Little did I know how big the challenge would be to get the coffee to Liv.  Did I already mention that Dutch Comic Con had a great guest list? With all huge guests? If not, then I'm telling you now! When I got to the panel area for Rebecca, it was busy. Like really busy. Not - all seats are taken - busy. But people everywhere busy. I had to move heaven and earth to get to Liv and give her a coffee. And then get back again, to line up for the panel. Needless to say I didn't have seat. I just stood and watched. Which was fine. 

The next panels we watched were the panels of Lana Parilla, Gaten Matarazo, Jerome Flynn and a bit of Daniel Gillies panel. So yes, Saturday was a bit of a panel day. Especially at the panels of Lana and Gaten it just got more busy. Too busy. Everyone was struggling for a place to sit, to stand, to be. I think it was a bit too much. For these panels, we were lucky enough to find a seat. Only because we were very early and someone else left. But people were standing everywhere. There were 3 areas to sit, with a path between them. People were standing in those paths. And sitting around the seats. It felt really crowded. I do think there were too many people on an area that was too small, even though the panel area was situated in a bigger space. I noticed people getting more grumpy, people keeping seats (just putting their coat on a seat and then leave for an hour), and people attending other panels (and making lots of noise) just to wait for another panel.  

That being said, I really loved seeing the panels of course. It was amazing to see all the actors and hear the questions. We also watched the Once Upon A Time and Jerome Flynn panel on Sunday, which was great! The lighting was medium. Not great for photos, but we managed to take some pictures. 

And.... action!

No worries, it wasn't just panels, panels, panels! (Even thug most of you seem to like to watch the panel videos haha). There was so much to do! We loved seeing Bianca and Judith again on day one. And on day 2, we saw Patricia from Wolfcon again, Natasha and had a great day with Stevie


And of course there's more! Liv almost did on the broomstick rodeo. Hopefully it will happen next time ;). And... I got a tattoo! And I love it. The week before Dutch Comic Con I got the idea to maybe get one. And when I get an idea... I was obsessed with it for the rest of the week. I already knew what I wanted. But I wasn't sure if I would actually do it. It would depend on the tattooers there and on the timing. And everything worked out! I got the tattoo from Studio 44 (Tessa did my tattoo). I went to get some info on Saturday and decided to wait until Sunday to do it. On Sunday I went back and made an appointment for later that day. I was so excited! I loved how their communication was very clear and they were super friendly. I'm so happy with the tattoo Tessa made. It went really quick and it almost didn't hurt (Getting my other tattoos hurt more). It's now healing well! You see the tattoo on the photo below. It's the girl with the red umbrella. 

Liv and I also played some games in the game area like air hockey and Pac man. I was terrible at both I have to admit haha. And we had delicious waffles on both days! Ohh it's really our Dutch Comic Con thing and I love it. I almost never at waffles. But at DCC, we always do! So yeah, this all made my weekend pretty hyped already! And I haven't even started talking about meeting the actors yet ;). I'm so happy I got the tattoo, it made the con extra special. And seeing our friends at comic con again, was so awesome. I really love that. The whole weekend was just awesome. Really, excited is an understatement.  

Meeting Lana, Gaten, Daniel, Jerome and Paul!

As usual, I'm not going to spoil all details in our comic con overview. You'll have to read the details in our 'meeting articles'. But I can tell you a thing or two haha.  So... I met Lana (for the first time) and Daniel (for the second time). If you're curious, you can already read about how we met Daniel the first time. Meeting Daniel Gillies again at Dutch Comic Con, was epic! ! Liv met Lana, Gaten, Daniel and Jerome! She had 3 photo ops (Lana, Gaten, Jerome) and an autograph/selfie with Daniel. I had a photo op with Lana and a selfie (or 2) with Daniel.  Oh, and Liv also got an autograph & photo with writer Paul van Loon and a selfie with Dutch TV personality Carlo Boszhard! 

I only did one photo op, so I just have that experience. But that went well for me. There was a long queue. And of course, it took a while. But it was okay. It didn't take ages. Making the photos did went quick. it'not like you have a minute with the actor. It's making a photo and leaving again. Otherwise would be way longer as well I think. (or there they would need more photo slots). 

The queues were quite long as well for the autographs. For almost everyone. I've seen a few moments where Gaten & Jerome weren't very busy. And Daniel was gone a lot. We went over there to see him a couple of times and he was never there. But luckily he was on Sunday afternoon! I'm not going to tell anything more, I'll leave that for the meeting article. All I can say is that getting a selfie / autograph went pretty smooth, though I can imagine you had to wait a lot longer for Lana or Rebecca. 

I do think it's a pity though that you can't take photos (besides paid selfies) in the actors area. 

Concluding words

This article is already quite long (it's not my fault, there's just so much to do at DCC). So I will keep this short. DCC was huge and exciting. And I haven't even told you (so I'll do that now) about all the merchandise (there was sooooo much to buy) and the cosplay groups (they were awesome) and the workshops and more! There was really something to do for everyone. We definitely had a great time. Want to see more? Check out our vlog below! 

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