Wolfcon announces Adelaide Kane as a guest

Liv already updated you last week about the guest list for Wolfcon Amsterdam at the end of July. Remember that Liv said at the end of her article: "The guest list hasn't been closed yet, so there is a chance that there will be a last minute addition. We sure hope so and will keep you posted."? well, shortly after the article, The Con Factory was giving hints at Twitter that they would possibly announce another guest. We were so excited! And checking Twitter all day long! Liv and I were talking via Whatsapp, sending each other Imdb profiles of actors and actresses from Teen Wolf we'd love to meet. And then, the moment was there: Wolfcon announced another guest! It's Adelaide Kane. 

I remember that a lot of people were asking for her on Twitter, so I think this has made many people incredible happy. When I checked out Imdb, I was impressed. Besides her role in Teen Wolf, she also played in the last season of Once Upon A Time (which I haven't seen yet, unfortunately). I've just seen the first episode of season 7 when I was in New York. I also noticed that Adelaide is playing the lead role in the series Reign. I was recommended to watch this series before, but never actually got to it. Well, that's changing right now! I've been binge watching this weekend and I'm proud to be at episode 6 of season 1 at the moment. And I'm a big fan already! I love the series and Adelaide as well! 

I love that Wolfcon invited Adelaide as a guest! Besides her amazing role as Cora Hale in Teen Wolf, she done so many other interesting movies and series. I've got a lot to watch now in the next two weeks. And I'm definitely looking forward to Wolfcon even more now! 


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