Meeting David Labrava and  Mark Boone Junior

I just couldn't believe that Weekend of Hell had 2 amazing Sons of Anarchy guests! Loved that! I was so happy when Weekend of Hell announced David Labrava and also announced Mark Boone Junior. It was so exciting. I directly knew that I wanted to meet them. Ofcourse, Liv and I were driving each other crazy: chatting via Whatsapp all night and discussing what we would say or do! 


We bought the photo op on forehand. I was afraid it would sell out. So as soon as possible, I bought a photo op for a double shoot: A photo with both David Labrava and Mark Boone Junior. Oh yeah! I was over the moon. The year before, I already met Kim Coates (Tig in Sons of Anarchy) and I couldn't wait to meet more of the cast members. 


I'll tell you again, that I really enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy. I've watched it, since season 1 was on television in the Netherlands. I kind of stumbled upon it, accidentally. But I kept watching. Little did I know, that I would actually ever really meet some of them. I like the dynamic in Sons of Anarchy: The way the members of the club relate to each other, the events that happen and the consequences: It's an intruiging plot with awesome actors. 


We entered Weekend of Hell and saw them instantly. Mark and David were the first ones you'd see, entering the guests area. We were excited to see them! But a little intimidated as well! Though they seemed great guys!  We had our photo op that first day. So after a while walking around, we went to the queue. I was nervous, but looked forward to it! 


When we were in the queue and got closer, we soon noticed that Mark was very active. Something that definitely worked on my nerves! He walked into the queue, talked to people. Haha, it made me way more nervous, but it was a lot of fun. He was definitely interacting! And then it was my turn!! I walked towards them, a little shaky. My first duo photo op and was not sure what to do or say. I needed to place my bag somewhere,  wanted to shake their hand and say something. So much to do, so little time! But they were really fun together. They started talking and asking me questions. It was one of the most interating photo ops I've done. Mark asked all kinds questions during the photoshoot. And I was just.. wel trying to answer (get any sound out of my throat) and smiling at the same time, looking at the camera. (Trying not to be talking while the photo was taken). David told me he had lived in the Netherlands for a while. He could even say a few words in Dutch. 


After that, we walked around at Weekend of Hell some more. Attending some Q&A, buying some things and doing some staring. At a certain moment, Liv and I were not far from David Labrava. We could see him well. I laughed and said to liv: Hah, now we can just stand here and take a good look! Little did I know, that Mark was standing right behind us. Something that I didn't notice AT ALL. I've probably been standing there staring a David for a few minutes, with Mark behind us hahahaha. 

It was great to meet these guys! I was a bit intimidated and they were walking around constantly, which made me supernervous. But this made it an experience to never forget! I loved it. If you haven't watched Sons of Anarchy: Start watching! want to know more about David Labrava? Check out his book: Becoming a son! 

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