Weekend of Hell Spring 2019

We went to Weekend of Hell again! This time (Spring 2019) Weekend of Hell was organized in the same venue & weekend as German Comic Con. We decided to visit both. On Saturday, we kicked off with Weekend of Hell. 

We were hyped .... of course! We couldn't wait to get to Weekend of Hell, see our friends again, meet the guests and have a lot of fun! We arrived way too early. Which was great of course, since we didn't want to be late. But I was wearing a dress (without hosiery). And I can tell you, it was TOO COLD for that hahaha. I was freeeeeeeezing. So I danced and moved in the queue to stay alive. I even brought a waffle, hoping for the possibility to eat until I got nauseous. (I was thinking: nauseous = not cold anymore). Of course, that theory didn't work, one waffle didn't make me nauseous. I was still cold though. Even too cold to grab my phone and check out Instagram (seriously!). So yeah, did I make my point? Do you get how cold I was? No? Not yet...let me (Liv) tell you: the temperatures were arctic! And it's April people! At the moment we have got great temperatures (it's 20+ degrees outside), but last week it was the complete opposite...it even snowed. I thought smoking a cigarette would keep me warm (because let's face it you have a burning piece of paper in your hand), but that did not help. And again: Carola did not touch her phone...it was that cold! Let's move on then to the better part because eventually, we got in! (even a bit before 10). 

Whooooooop RRRRRRR

If you heard something like 'whooooooop', or 'RRRRRR' at the con, that might have been us. We were psyched and loud. First thing, as always, was to check whether all the actors were in. Of course, I walked straight by Ted Raimi, panicking if he would really be there (he was there!). I had the same thing in November with Alan van SprangI was very happy to see that Sean Patrick Flanery had already arrived. I met him at Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen a few years ago and he is awesome. While running around like crazies, we also spotted Kelly and Daniel from Dutch Fredette vs Jason. That awesome, we had a chat a few dances & scares (that was the beginning of a "Scare-War" between me and Jason (Daniel) and made some great photos. We visited them very often throughout the day. While chatting, aone the FrightGuys came by and we made a picture. If you go to a con: make sure to visit the FrightGuys and Dutch Fredette vs Jason, they're great! Just have chat and make some awesome photos! 

Hurry, hurry: Sausage!

One of the first things on our (my) must do planning was a picture with... Ted Raimi! I couldn't wait! So after running around and having a few chats I already almost had my photo op. I was so psyched and totally not ready to go alone so Liv and I made a deal, right then and there! She would buy a Ted Raimi photo op and I would buy one for Jennifer Carpenter. That meant more queuing time together,  which obviously means more fun! win-win! Before going there Liv & I went to get a coffee. Coffee is always a good idea. However, while waiting for my coffee I got buried in a sausage rain. Someone could not hold the sausages anymore and they landed on my arm/ shoulder. So, with a coffee in one hand and a greasy sausage arm, we rushed towards Ted Raimi! 


We got in line for the photo op. Since that was at the beginning of the day, it wasn't too busy yet. We talked with a Dutch Xena cosplayer, that was fun! I was super super nervous somehow. Cleaning my greasy arm, thinking about photo op poses (and look at the genius pose I choose!). I really was overreacting haha and I didn't know what to do. Luckily, Ted was amazing & super kind. So my picture turned out okay. Ted was very cool. I love the "The Evil Dead" movies and the "Spider-Man" movies, so taking the photo op deal was not a big sacrifice. I really like how my photo op turned out.

Give us panels and merchandise!

Hop, hop on to some panels. After our first photo op, it was time to do some panels. We saw a little bit of the Saw panel. Would have loved to see more, but hey: Ted Raimi! We took a very little break after that. We went to check out the merchandise and had some dinner. Of course we went to see Zeno Pictures and bought some DVDs!  We can not walk by without buying something. I bought a special Zeno Edition of "The Dead" (2010), a British zombie film directed by the Ford brothers. I haven't watched it yet, but it looks very interesting. The movie is set in Africa.  

We decided to go for fries/ sausage for lunch and then we were ready for more panels.First up: Richard Roundtree, followed by Ted Raimi and then Jennifer Carpenter. After that we had enough rest: We got up quickly and for Liv it was time to go her photo op with Patrick Sean Flanery (i Know, I know). I used that moment to get rid of my apple juice. Seriously, why is the applejuice carbonated?? I like that Dutch apple juice is just apple juice!  It's always such a disappointment when I buy the wrong applejuice :(. So far for drinking enough haha. Back to coffee! 

More photo ops!

Can you ever have enough photo ops? No. Can you run of money for photo ops? Yes! So yeah, we didn't have unlimited photo ops. We did 2 more! Or at least, Liv did! She started with a picture with Sean Patrick Flanery (yeah, yeah, I can say it correctly). That took quite a long time. It was very chaotic. There was still a queue for Tobin Bell, the saw group photo and the double shoots. So many people, so many lines and it all took a lot of time. It took quite a while before Liv was able to get her photo and I started queuing already for Jennifer Carpenter. No time to loose!  Queuing was fun though, we saw Angel of Benfica (Hopefully longer next time!) and had a chat with Jeroen. Although it took a lot of time, we are so happy with the result. Love the photo ops! Even though I had to take 2 picture with Jennifer because I had my eyes closed AGAIN (I also had that with Ernie Hudson and Candice King). The photo op with Sean  Patrick Flanery was hilarious. It was so cool to see how happy the guy is to do every pose his fans ask. I knew I wanted the "Boondock Saints" pose and I am very happy about the way it turned out. Jennifer was also very nice and it was cool to finally see the woman behind Debs (she plays Dexter's sister Debra in "Dexter") in real life. Besides Dexter, she is my favorite character in the early seasons of the show.

After my photo op with Jennifer, the IT kids were already standing there, waiting for their photo shoot. While I was still busy looking at my photo and seeing if I didn't close my eyes AGAIN, one of the IT kids (Marlon Taylor) started talking to me. He asked me about the tattoos on my ankle, and if it was a red balloon. I told him it's a girl with a red umbrella. But his words did make me think: I would like one with a red balloon too haha.
And how cool is that! Leaving a photo op and having a spontaneous chat with one of the IT-kids. He was great, super kind and enthusiastic. And he even waved at me again when Liv I passed by his booth again.

On the loose!

After these photo ops, we had some "free time". No panels planned, no photo ops scheduled, we were free! And on the loose of course ;). We did a small round of looking at merchandise again. But mainly we focused of course on seeing the actors again and think about getting another autograph or not. We had another chat/ dance/ scare with the Dutch Fredette and Jason. We also ran into Martin Kal from the Facebook group Stars & me. We had a chat and made some pictures, which was awesome!


All this made us active & energetic. We wanted to do something! But what?? We looked around... and around.. And finally, Pam Grier had arrived! But the queue at her booth was terribly long, so we decided not to go and see Pam (yet). We shifted our focus and Liv decided she wanted to have a talk with Sean Patrick Flanery (yes, there he is again!). While waiting for him, we ran into Henk_Man! It was great to see him for the first time. And @Henk_man: Next time will get a coffee :).


Then, back to waiting for Sean! At his booth, we also saw Steffi again. We already told you about her and how she translates in his blog in our previous article about Sean Patrick Flanery. It was great to see her again! Sean Patrick Flanery was kind and charming as ever! Liv asked him for a special video (you'll find out what) and he did it! How courageous is Liv! It was great because Sean Patrick Flanery was very chatty and Liv also told him her mom is  a fan ever since we met him in Germany the last time.   He loved that so much, that he also made a little video for Liv's mom! How amazing is that?

Last, but not least... Or wait.. Is it the last?

Then it was time for our next panel! Dolph Lundgren was one of the guests and of course, we had to see him. We didn't do any photo ops or autographs with him, so we definitely had to see the panel. It was busy, but not too much. There was still a spot for us sit, luckily. And it was great to see & hear -I must break you- Dolph Lundgren. I am a big Jason Statham fan (Which I never mention in my articles right?? :p), so I have seen all the Expendables movies. And just for that, it was already awesome to see Dolph. But I know him for many more movies! I always loved the "Rocky" movies and especially part IV, I remember that Ivan Drago made a big impression on me. I also love "The Expendables" and of course "He-Man".

After the panel, the convention was almost closing. So.. that was it! Or wasn't it? Of course, we made a last tour on the convention haha. Saying every little corner goodbye, since we would visit German Comic Con on Sunday. So it really was goodbye!  But we wouldn't be Conmose, unless we thought of a nice surprise! We walked by the actors and actresses one more time and we saw the queues were gone! That was the moment for Liv to decide to get an autograph from Pam Grier! I was really bummed that Pam Grier was not at the panel with Richard Roundtree and that she arrived late. I really wanted to meet her. Of course she couldn't help being late...she couldn't get on her plane because of a snowstorm. I think it's great that she moved heaven an earth to get there on Saturday. I knew this was my chance!


When we approached her, we were told she had just stopped. So she was done for the day. But nevertheless, Pam decided to still do it! Yay!! This really made our day. So kind of her to just sign the autograph anyway. She was very kind even though she had traveled long and far. Making us super happy to still have met her! I asked her about her trip and she told me that she got on the first plane she could get, because she doesn't like to let her fans down. Well, we are so happy that she was there.


And that's how our convention day really did come to an end. Followed by an evening of fun, drinks & food!

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    Henkman (Sunday, 21 April 2019 08:49)

    Hello together!

    Very interesting article and good written! Yeah, next time we will get a coffee! :-) It was very nice and cool to meet you on this both cons in Germany!

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