Zack Ward

Name: Zack Ward

Date of Birth: Augustus 31, 1970

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Mostly known for:

  • A Christmas Story (1983) as Scutt Farkus 
  • Almost Famous (2000) as The Legendary Red Dog
  • Titus (2000-2002) as Dave Scouvel
  • Monte Walsh (2003) as Powder Kent
  • Freddy vs Jason (2003) as Bobby Davis
  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) as Nicholai Ginovaeff
  • Trade (2007) as Alex Green
  • Transformers (2007) as First Sergeant Donnely
  • Accidentally in Love (2011) as Scott Dunbar
  • Z Nation (2018) as Lt. Dante
  • Beyond the Law (2019) as Desmond Packard
  • A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) as Officer Scut Farkus


Weekend of Hell Oberhausen Fall Edition 2016, Oberhausen, Germany



We attended the "Friday the 13th" panel, consisting of Zack Ward, Brendan Fletcher and Ken Kirzinger. Carola went for an autograph from Zack.


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Weekend of Hell Fall 2016 - Panel

Weekend of Hell Fall 2016 - Signing Table

Weekend of Hell Fall 2016 - Meeting


Weekend of Hell Fall 2016 - Meeting