David Hasselhoff

Name: David Michael Hasselhoff

Date of Birth: July 17, 1952

Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Mostly known for:

  • The Young and the Restless (1980-2010) as Snapper Foster
  • Knight Rider (1982-2986) as Michael Knight
  • Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier (1989) as Mitch Buchannon
  • Baywatch (1989-2000) as Mitch Buchannon
  • Knight Rider 2000 (1991) as Michael Knight
  • Baywatch Nights (1995-1997) as Mitch Buchannon
  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003) as Mitch
  • Dodgeball (2004) as the German Coach
  • Click (2006) as Ammer
  • Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015) as Gilbert Grayson Shepard
  • Hoff the Record (2015) as David Hasselhoff
  • Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016) as Colonel Gilbert Shepard
  • Baywatch (2017) as The Mentor


FACTS Fall Edition 2016, Ghent, Belgium.



Liv just had to meet the Hoff, she used to watch "Knight Rider" in the 80s and everyone (but Carola)  watched "Baywatch"! So Liv bought a photo op and attended his panel.


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