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Some of our favorite Star Wars quotes

Last week I went to see "Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi" again and that made me want to do a "Star Wars" themed article again. There is a lot to talk about, but today we are gonna talk about some of our favorite quotes from all movies. I'll start with "The Last Jedi" and work my way back. I will try to narrow it down to 5 quotes per movie, which won't be that difficult when we come to the horror that is called "The Phantom Menace". Well let's just say there will definitely be no Jar-Jar quote in there.  I've always been a huge "Star Wars" fan and I must have watched the original trilogy hundreds of times. It's impossible to pick my favorite "Star Wars" character, but expect a lot of Han, Yoda and Darth Vader quotes. Well I love Chewie and R2D2, but there are just too much quotes to choose from with those two. Well enough talking from me, let's talk some "Star Wars" quotes...

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30 life lessons in taglines and quotes!

I turned 30 today! So it's about time to look at some useful lessons learned. Today I share with you: 30 lessons in taglines and quotes! 

Share your lessons in the comments! 

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Guess the Movie - Quote

We already did quite some articles about quotes since we started. We wrote about some of our favorite Series and Movie Quotes and we even did a quote challenge. As you may know we also love to do Guess the Movie Quizes. Well in today's article mix it up and made a Guess the Movie Quote! Carola and I put on our best acting faces and we made you a video. Yes, these are our acting faces, so now you know why we write about movies instead of playing in them. 

It's very simple: in the video we do some quotes and all you have to do is to guess the movie and write your answers in comment section. We only did a few this time, so it shouldn't be too hard. Let's do this!

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Series quotes part 4

Here's part 4 of our favorite series quotes! Have you already read our part 1, 2 and 3? This time we have some amazing quotes from Once Upon A Time, Dexter, the Vampire Diaries and more! 

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Series quotes part 3

A while ago, we wrote articles about series quotes and movies quotes. We received a lot of great comments on these. So we decided to write another article on series quotes for you! Enjoy :). 

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