Movies we watched in August

Somehow it feels like the year still need to start.. but it's actually September already. Can you believe it? How was your August month? And since it's now September, let's look back on the movies we watched in August!  

The Hunt

Year:  2020

Genre: Action, horror

IMDB score: 6,5

My score: 5,5


Remark: I saw the Hunt coming by a lot of times via Instagram. And I got interested when I looked it up and read the story. It sounded good. So I decided to order the DVD and watch the movie. I really liked the beginning of the movie. A bit weird, unpredictable, weird sense of humor. And good horror aspects from the start. Later on though, I liked it less. The plot went in a kind of different direction and I didn't really liked what came out of it. So overall, I was a bit disappointed.  


Year:  2019

Genre: Action, thriller

IMDB score: 4,6

My score: 6


Remark: After watching Color out of Space and Mandy recently, I was ready to see another Nicolas Cage movie. I liked both Color out of Space and Mandy and the plot for Trapped sounded good as well. I wasn't familiar with the movie, I just saw it in a DVD shop and decided to buy it. And I thought it was okay. 

A Streetcar Named Desire

Year:  1951

Genre: Drama

IMDB score: 8

My score: 7,5


Remark: This is a movie I got for my birthday, but didn't came around to see it yet. Now luckily I did! 

In a Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche moves in with her sister. But she's tormented by her brother in law, who she really dislikes. 

A great movie that I was surprised I hadn't seen yet. It was a great story with an awesome cast. I'm happy I watched it. 


Year:  2018

Genre: Drama, sc-fi

IMDB score: 6,7

My score: 7


Remark: Again a movie I wasn't familiar with. I just bumped into it in a DVD shop and I thought the story was interesting. the type of movie I like to watch. It's about a girl who lives with her dad and can never leave the house. One day, she escapes the house and will find out if her father has always been right in keeping her inside. 


I liked the movie, it surprised me,  the plot wasn't predictable and I liked the pace and how the story develops. There were a few things I liked less (like for example the last scene). But overall I think it's done really well and quite original. 

Be Kind Rewind

Year:  2008

Genre: Comedy

IMDB score: 6,4

My score: 7


Remark: I found this DVD in a DVD shop and I was really surprised by the plot. I sounded awesome haha. I was so curious how this movie would look like. It's a movie about a guy who needs to take care of a video rental store. The owner is gone for a couple of days, so he's in charge. But somehow, the footage is erased from all the videos in the store! He and a friend decide then to re-shoot the movies themselves so they can still rent them. 


Sounds awesome right? Yeah, I really liked it haha. It made me laugh and it was so funny to see them re shoot all these well known movies! 

A Beautiful Boy

Year:  2018

Genre: Biography, drama

IMDB score: 7,3

My score: 5,5


Remark: I love the Office US and watched Welcome to Marwen recently, so I was excited to see another movie with Steve Carell. I also liked seeing Maura Tierney from the Affair. This movie is about a father who's son is addicted to drugs. A rough story. But I somehow I had difficulties really getting into the story. Overall, it was nice movie, but not one that really sticks to me. 

With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II

Year:  2004

Genre: Action, crime

IMDB score: 7,4

My score: 7,5


Remark: I have now the 3 DVD box for Pusher. And I watched the first movie last month. Now it was time for the second. And I thought again it was great! It stars Mads Mikkelsen in a very interesting role. Just that already makes this movie worth a watch. I'm not used to see Mads in a role like this, but he's excellent! 

Ad Astra

Year:  2019

Genre: Adventure, drama

IMDB score: 6,6

My score: 7


Remark: I saw the trailer for this movie so often in the cinema! too often haha. At one point, I didn't like it anymore and I didn't even want to see it haha. Later on, the movie kind of grew on me. I saw in a lot of DVD shops during our trip to the UK in February. I didn't buy it, but it got inside my head and I knew I had to watch it at some point. So this month, I couldn't resist any longer and ordered the DVD. 


The story is about Roy McBride (Bradd Pitt) who goes on a mission to discover the what happened with his father, who went on an expedition and that's now threatening the universe. 


Year:  2014

Genre: Action, horror

IMDB score: 8,5

My score: 9


Remark: A movie that was on my wish list for a while already and this month it was finally added to the collection. And I'm so happy with that. This movie about a promising young drummer stars Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons in awesome roles. J.K. Simmons is great actor who I already knew for Oz (and more). 

I would definitely recommend this movie. It's really really good and the cast is also amazing. I will definitely watch this movie a second time. 

The Invisible Man

Year:  2020

Genre: Horror, mystery

IMDB score: 7,1

My score: 7,5


Remark: I actually wanted to see this movie in the cinema. But well, we all know what happened this year.. So I didn't see it anymore and I had been waiting to see the movie ever since. Mainly, because I watched Mad Men and the Handmaid's Tale recently and Elizabeth Moss is so great! 

This month, I bought the Invisible Man on DVD and I watched it immediately. And I thought it was really nice. Elizabeth Moss is great again. And I liked the story line too.

Flags of Our Fathers

Year:  2006

Genre: Action, adventure

IMDB score: 7

My score: 7


Remark: Flags of our Fathers, also a new movie to the collection! A very good movie by Clint Eastwood about the battle for Iwo Jima, a turning point in World War II. 


I can't believe it's September already in this crazy year. It feels like the world is standing still at the moment and while researchers worldwide are working around the clock to develop a vaccine, we are all trying to live our lives as normal as possible. Luckily we have movies (and series) to give us the chance to escape reality for a bit. These are some of the movies I watched last month...


Year:  2020

Genre: Action/SciFi

IMDB score: 7,9

My score: 9


Remark: Finally! This new Christopher Nolan movie, is the first big production to hit the cinemas since the world was taken hostage by Covid-19. I thought it was an amazing movie and certainly worth the wait! At some points I had the feeling that my head was going to explode with all that is going on, but that is a good reason to watch it again some time...and again....niaga dna...

Snowball Express

Year:  1972

Genre: Comedy/Family

IMDB score: 6,5

My score: 7


Remark: I suddenly felt like re-watching one of the many great Disney classics featuring Dean Jones. I used to watch these with my family when I was a kid and it's still so much fun to watch!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Year:  2018

Genre: Action/Adventure

IMDB score: 6,2

My score: 6,5


Remark: As a big fan of the "Jurassic Park" franchise, I am ashamed to admit that this was my first watch for this second movie of the "Jurassic World" series. Although these new movies can not live up to the high expectations of "Jurassic Park" fans like me, it is fun and entertaining to watch them. Can't wait what the new one ("Jurassic World: Dominion") will bring.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Year:  2003

Genre: Action/Crime

IMDB score: 8,1

My score: 9


Remark: It's always a good time to re-watch a Tarantino movie!

Pulp Fiction

Year:  1994

Genre: Crime/Drama

IMDB score: 8,9

My score: 9,5


Remark: Like I said: It's always a good time to re-watch a Tarantino movie! 

The Old Guard

Year:  2020

Genre: Action/Adventure

IMDB score: 6,7

My score: 7


Remark: I decided to watch this Netflix movie, because it kept on popping up on my Netflix account and the cast is great. The movie gets mixed reviews, but I really liked it. It is especially nice to see a Dutch actor (Marwan Kenzari) and a Belgian actor (Matthias Schoenaerts) making a name in Hollywood.

Jaws (45th anniversary)

Year:  1975

Genre: Adventure/Thriller

IMDB score: 8

My score: 9,5


Remark: I actually watched this one in the cinema to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the movie (and technically it was in July, but hey we did not write about the movie we watched in July). It was so awesome to see one of my favorite movies ever on the big screen!

The Phantom

Year: 1996

Genre: Action/Adventure

IMDB score: 4,9

My score: 6,3


Remark: While this movie (starring Billy Zane) gets very bad reviews, I did like it. 

Well, that's it for this month...tell us about the movies you watched in August! We are always open for recommendations...

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