Series talk: the Affair

Noah Solloway is a writer, struggling to write his second book.  He's married and has four children. With his family, he goes to the resort town of Montauk. He's focusing on his second book which is complicated by his wealthy parents in law. They don't actually approve him and keep pushing for him to make more money. In Montauk, he meets Alison. She's a waitress in Montauk, struggling with her marriage after losing her child. Noah meets Alison at the restaurant where she works. Not very long after that, they start an affair. 


The Affair focuses on both of them and tells the story specifically from their perspectives. This means that there's sometimes an overlap and you'll see the same moment through both their eyes. It shows you how 2 people can remember the same events differently. In season 2, 2 more perspectives are added. 


My opinion

I love this series! Even though it hurts sometimes to watch it haha. I really like the approach f the different perspectives. It's so weird to see the same event twice, but from a different view. the differences are significant. And as a viewer, you never know who's "right". Memories are biased. But seeing the events through their eyes explains their reactions, but also the conflicts they get in. They leave a conversation with completely different feelings & interpretations. When you see something from Noah's view, it might seem clear. But then when Alison's memory is added, the situation seems different all of a sudden. I've never seen a movie or TV series approach showing different views like this. 


The story is very good, I always want to watch more. And it's very suitable for binge watch day! I'm now watching season 2 and I think I've already watched 5 episodes today. If not more. Because of these perspectives, emotions are more clear and you just feel their pain. Sometimes it almost hurts to watch. Also because you know how the other person interpreted it. (And you know how they will respond because of that). 


The TV series starts with Noah and Alison. And slowly we learn more about the others as well. You learn a lot about the characters and their struggles. But all from Noah and Alison's perspective (2 more are added in Season 2).   

Want to see my week of obsession with the affair: Check out my week vlog below! 

The actors

Dominic West plays the role of Noah Solloway. I knew him already as Jimmy McNulty in the Wire. I think he's awesome there and he's great as Noah as well. He will also be starring the new Tomb Raider (2018) movie and you might know him for Genius, Money Monster, the Hour, Punisher:War Zone and more! 


Ruth Wilson plays the role of Alison Bailey. After seeing season 1 of the affair, I also saw her in Luther as Alice Morgan.  


How many seasons?

Up until now, 3! 


Imdb: 8

Me: 8,5

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    Hazel Kumar (Wednesday, 14 March 2018 10:50)

    I am just in love with this family. I hope their struggles are over as soon as possible.
    But I am kind of waiting to see more of them.