Meeting the Lord Commander: James Cosmo


Our last 2016 convention was Dutch Xmas Con in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I was very excited about the guest list and especially James Cosmo. This because he is in some of my favorite movies and series like: “Game of Thrones” (Lord Commander Jeor Mormont), “Braveheart” (Campbell), “Sons of Anarchy” (Father Kellan Ashby) and “Trainspotting” (Mr. Renton). But you may also know him from “Troy” (Glaucus), “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (Father Christmas), “Ben-Hur” (2016; Quintus) and “Highlander” (Angus MacLeod). Currently he is taking part in the UK Edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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BAM Box November: Adult Cartoons!

Yeah! We received a new BAM Box. We unboxed it and made a vlog for you again. And for the people who prefer reading: We'll discuss the contents of the BAM Box below! The theme of this month was Adult Cartoons. 

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Interview with Zeno Pictures!

Hi everyone! We've got an exciting post for you today! As you all know, we've been to Weekend of Hell a while ago. We already wrote a few posts about it. We also want to give you guys some more background on conventions and movies. 

At conventions, we all love to buy merch and DVDs! There are some vendors we love in particular. For DVDs, that's the stand of Zeno Pictures. We decided to ask them if they would do an interview with us to tell us more about Zeno Pictures and the DVDs they sell. Gino van Hecke immediately agreed. 

I'll start with our view on Zeno Pictures! Zeno Pictures buys, releases and distributes almost forgotten cult movies, cult hits and unique movies. Sig always knows where to find Zeno Pictures at a convention. Liv and I both love the movies as well. As you all might already know, I like lots of types of movies. I love some big Hollywood movies, but what I truly find interesting is discovering new movies. It's fun to find something different and extraordinary, something that can surprise me. And what I love about Zeno Pictures is that they have a lot of these movies in their collection. 

A few examples of the movies I already own are: "A Serbian Film", "Eat" (bought at Weekend of Hell) & "Rabid Grannies". At Weekend of Hell, Liv bought the movie "Rubber". 


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BAM Box October: Watching

The BAM box is a monthly mystery subscription box. It contains collectibles, limited edition items, exclusives and autographs. They guarantee at least 1 autographed item in every box. The theme of this month was 'Watching'! Check out our vlog to see what we thought of the box. I'll also tell you a bit more in this blog! 

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It's BamBox Time! - Unboxing the September edition

As you may already know: the BamBox is a monthly subscription box. We already wrote some articles about the last editions of this box, but this month's different. We made a vlog! The theme of the September box was: "Strange" and it was a great one! Curious? Check out our unboxing video below. (And be sure to check out our other BamBox articles!)



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