A deep dive into the world of merchandise: Let's talk Dirtees

Dirtees interview conmose

Today we have a new insights article for you! For those of you who are not familiar with our 'Insights' series: We LOVE comic cons and we want to share our love for conventions with you. We get that the world of comic cons can be overwhelming. What to do, say, eat or buy? We're here to help and explain! On our insights page, you'll find everything you need to know: From tips & tricks about meeting actor to cosplay tips and insight in merchandise. And since we're talking about merchandise... Let me introduce you to Dirtees! Dirtees sells awesome movie and TV series shirts and more! We asked Dirtees for an interview because we see them on a lot of the conventions we attend. We buy a Dirtees t-shirt regularly. And because we really like them, we wanted to share this with you! We love buying t-shirts, but also wonder: How does it work? How do they decide which shirts to bring? What is it like to have a merch stand at a comic con? You'll find out all the answers in this article! 

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Game of Thrones challenge!

It's time for another challenge! A while ago, I already made a challenge about the Walking Dead for you and Liv made one with quotes from Friends


Check out your knowledge about the series, about the actors and about the things we wrote about "Game of Thrones"! Let us know in the comments what you thought of the challenge and if it was easy or not. We'll make another one soon! If you want a challenge or quiz about another series, let us know! 


And... Do you want to challenge us? Let us know in the comments like you always do! 

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BAM Box January: Anniversary

We're back with another unboxing! This will be our LAST BAM Box unboxing. The BAM Box is no longer shipping to the Netherlands. So will find something else to show you! We might take another box. or just order some nice things at an online store. We will focus more on unboxings en merchandise in the near future. At this moment, we're checking out what's interesting enough to blog and vlog about! 

But for now, enjoy the unboxing of our last BAM Box! I can assure you, it's an awesome box! 

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Meeting the Lord Commander: James Cosmo

James Cosmo at Dutch Xmas Con


Our last 2016 convention was Dutch Xmas Con in Utrecht (The Netherlands). I was very excited about the guest list and especially James Cosmo. This because he is in some of my favorite movies and series like: “Game of Thrones” (Lord Commander Jeor Mormont), “Braveheart” (Campbell), “Sons of Anarchy” (Father Kellan Ashby) and “Trainspotting” (Mr. Renton). But you may also know him from “Troy” (Glaucus), “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (Father Christmas), “Ben-Hur” (2016; Quintus) and “Highlander” (Angus MacLeod). Currently he is taking part in the UK Edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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BAM Box November: Adult Cartoons!

Yeah! We received a new BAM Box. We unboxed it and made a vlog for you again. And for the people who prefer reading: We'll discuss the contents of the BAM Box below! The theme of this month was Adult Cartoons. 

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