Horror shirts haul!

Oh yeah! I bought some new shirts. I recently saw that Zavvi had a sale on horror shirts and I knew I couldn't resist it. I decided I would allow myself to buy 3 shirts. And so I did :). There were a lot of Child's Play and Universal Monsters shirts. So a lot of t shirts I really liked. But I managed to (only) pick 3 and in this article I will show you which ones!   

Good Guys (Child's Play) shirt

The first shirt that I bought is a Child's Play shirt! I am a huge Child's Play fan as you might know and I can never have enough Child's Play shirts. I really liked this yellow 'Good Guys' shirt! It's awesome, right? 

Love kills (Bride of Chucky) shirt

Aaaaaand here's the second one! Also a Child's Play shirt. (Did I mention... I like Child's Play??). I'm really happy with this 'Love kills' t-shirt, I think The Bride of Chucky is great! 

Frankenstein shirt

The last shirt I chose is a Frankenstein shirt. Seeing this shirt made me watch Frankenstein immediately and order the shirt. I really like how it's done with the color of the shirt and Frankenstein in it. Awesome!  Oh and by the way, I loved the movie too haha. 

Which one of the shirts is your favorite?

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