Wootbox June - Cartoons!

We have a new unboxing for you! I received the Wootbox again and June's theme was Cartoons. 

The people who have seen last month's video, might have seen I had a few doubts. The Wootbox always contains 5 items. Always a pin and a t-shirt. And often also a figurine. I like the t-shirt. I like the pin sometimes, but it's definitely not my favorite item. And the last boxes there were a few items that I didn't really like, or were of movies/ series I don't watch. That's not to blame on Wootbox of course, but it gave me some doubts. Let's see how this month's Wootbox was for me! You can watch the video, or check out the update below.  


The first item that I saw in the box, was the official and exclusive Joker figurine. I'm not often fond of the figurines in boxes, but this one I like! I love it. I really like the Joker and this figurine is awesome. I really like the "Ha Ha Ha". Another item is the box is the t-shirt. There's always a t-shirt in it. (And I love that! Usually my favorite item). This time, it's an official and exclusive Rick & Morty T-shirt! I have to admit that I haven't watched Rick & Morty (yet), but I like the shirt. I love it that it's official and the drawing is great. And it gives me some motivation to start watching Rick & Morty. Does any of you watch it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


On to the next item! My least favorite item. When I saw it in the box, I wasn't sure what it was, or where it's from. It's an exclusive Toy Story Alien pastry cutter (I had to look that up in the magazine).  Well, I don't watch Toy Story (not planning on doing so either), and a pastry cutter is okay.. but not something I'm really thrilled about. So... next! Let's talk about the pin. There's always a pin. And this time it looks like a gameboy. I actually like the pin this time! This is something I would use on my backpack. 


The last item in the box is Sig's favorite: an exclusive South Park Towelie towel! And it's awesome! Such a funny towel and I do think this is a great item in the box. 

The box!

I really liked this month's box. I loved the theme and I liked the variety of items in this box. I'm glad there wasn't a Funko pop in the box. I really loved the Joker figurine! So, I'm looking forward to next month's box again! What would be your favorite item?

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