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I started watching iZombie ages ago. I think when the first season aired. I watched six episodes and somehow never watched any other episodes. It wasn't that I didn't like it. I just wasn't motivated to keep watching. Now, iZombie came back on my radar again and I decided to start watching again. I started at episode 1 of season 1, since it was so long ago that I watched it. 

Still of iZombie on Netflix
Still of iZombie on Netflix

What's iZombie about? Let me tell you. Olivia Moore is a promising medical resident. She's engaged and very happy. She has it all. Until that one night when she decides to attend a party at a boat. She dies and becomes a zombies. That changes everything. She finds out that being a zombie also has some benefits: She uses these to assist the police. 

My thoughts

I really enjoy watching iZombie! I don't know why I first watched a couple of episodes some years ago, but stopped watching. I really like it now. I have to say that I do need to get used to this type of zombie. I've watched a lot of zombie movies and series and when I think of zombies, i don't think of the type zombies we see in iZombie. However, when I let that slide, I really like the series. It reminds me more though of a series like CSI than of the Walking Dead. 


iZombie has a main story line, the life of Olivia and her friends. But there's also a smaller story line per episode. The story line that follows the body they got into the morgue and the solving of that murder. And since zombies take over some habits of the people who's brain they eat, we see a Olivia acting differently in each episode. But still always be Olivia as well. 


I like the storyline per episode, it's always nice. It is a risk (for me) though. I usually like series more when they fully focus on one bigger story line. But in the case of iZombie, so far it's working out. I think Olivia is great and I'm really curious to see how she develops as a zombie. I've now started to watch season 2. I am wondering what will happen/ how this will work for many seasons. But who knows what they will surprise me with. I am now watching iZombie as much as I can and I can't wait to see the next episode. I even paused watching Arrow, to see iZombie.  

The characters & actors

Rose McIver as Olivia Moore. 

I knew Rose McIver already as Tinkerbell in Once Upon A Time. An amazing role! Now she's awesome again as Oliva Moore, the main protagonist of iZombie. Let's talk about the character Olivia: She's a hard working very ambitious medical resident. She is super focused and everything is going how she wants it. She loves her fiancee, soon they will be married! One night, she attends a party on a boat. Totally not her thing. But she'll be married soon, and she decides to have a fun night. The party gets her killed and she comes back as a zombie. That's how iZombie starts. According to everyone (almost no one knows she's a zombie) the boat party has changed her completely. She quit her medical residency, broke off her engagement. Now, she works in a morgue. In iZombie, we got to see a little bit of Olivia pre boat party. But mostly, we're getting know her as a zombie. Becuase of that, you're not really nostalgic on who she was.  I like that we're getting to know her as she is know. And how's she's influenced by her diet... 

Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux. 

Malcolm Goodwin plays the role of Detective Clive Babineaux. Clive meets Olivia when she starts to work in the police morgue. Olivia eats a bit of the brains of the people in the morgue. That's how she eats. But when she eats a brain, she also gets a bit of the memory en feelings of the person's brain she ate. This leads to Olivia helping Clive with his investigations. Because sometimes, she knows how someone got killed. He doesn't know she's a zombie, she tells him she's a psychic. 

Rahul Kohli as Ravi Chakrabati 

Rahul Kohli plays the role of Ravi Chakrabati. I didn't know Rahul from any other roles. But I think he's great as Ravi! Ravi is Olia's boss in the morgue. He knows she's a zombie and tries to help her wherever he can. He's investigating why she became a zombie. And he support her in helping the police investigations. 

Robert Buckley as Major Lillywhite

In iZombie, we see Robert Bucklay as Major Lillywhite. You might know Robert already from 666 Park Avenue, One Tree Hill, Lipstick Jungle and more. In iZombie, Major is the ex fiancee of Olivia.  



  • "If you live each day like it's you last, some day you ll be right."
  • "Her name is New Hope. Not Final Hope. You know this. If I wanted to give her a depressing name I would have gone with Phantom menace." 
  • "We can’t all pull off the ethereal Tinkerbell look."
  • "You know hugs are my drug of choice."
  • "Sorry, I didn't realize there were limits to our friendship."
  • "Love ain't always enough."

How many seasons?

5 Seasons so far! 


Imdb: 7,9

Me: 8

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