Tip of the week: Arrow

Oliver Queen is a rich playboy. When he goes on a trip with his yacht, he never returns.. Evryone thinks he (and the other people on his yacht) died. But after five years Oliver returns. He survived. This series follows Oliver's return, but also contains flashbacks. The flashbacks explain what happened in these five years. After his return, Oliver is determined to help the city: Try to keep it safe and clean it up. He does this as a hooded vigilante: The Arrow. 

How about the actors?

Stephen Amell plays the role of Oliver Queen. In Smalville, Oliver Queen was played by Justin Hartley. But the producers decided to make this series with another actor portraying Oliver. Before Arrow, Stephen already starred in Private Practice (as Scott Becker), Hung (Jason), Rent-a-Goalie (Billy) and much more other series! I actually can't remember who Scott becker was in Private Practice.. (I did see the series) but I'll look it up! Katie Cassidy plays Oliver's ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance. Curious about Katie Cassidy? We wrote about her in 'In the Spotlight' yesterday! We will meet her at the end of June at Arccon! (Just like Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper and Manu Bennett who plays bad guy Slade Wilson) One of my favourites in the series is Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards. At the beginning of the series, Felicity is an employee in the IT department of Queen Consolidated. What's not love about her, she's funny, nice and smart! 

Who will like this?

If you like superheroes, check this out! I personally never watched a lot of superhero movies or series, but i love Arrow. So even if you're not into Superman etc, try it out. It's a combination of action, crime and adventure combined with some really great characters.  

How many seasons?

There have been 4 seasons up until now. Season 4 aired between October 2015 and May 2016. 

My opinion

I had to get used to the first season: the flashbacks, characters and development of the story. I didn't really know what to expect when I started watching. Caity Lotz was announced as a guest for Dutch Comic Con. She plays the role of Sara Lance in Arrow. So I decided to watch the show.  I personally really started to like the series as from season 2. Where season 1 can feel a bit slow from time to time, season 2 has some more action. It contains some really tensive moments! There's always some action, a next villain to defeat. But there's also a lot of attention for all the characters and their personal life. This a nice combination. It's fun to watch. There's also a spin-off: The Flash. The Flash and Arrow have some crossover episodes, which is also quite nice! 


Imdb: 8


Me: 8

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    ROBERT LEE (Monday, 27 June 2016 12:29)

    I have been trying to watch this series, I am now in Season 3. I like it so far except for some parts when it was too unrealistic, then again, this is in the territory of superhero where in another city, metahumans live. My only gripe so far is how they have played the Oliver and Felicity love affair too ... agonizing. Hahaha.

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    Maria (Tuesday, 28 June 2016 19:08)

    What I can say about this series is that it's so amazing although the latest season may be a bit boring. I just wish that Team Arrow will be back together the next season. This made me remember a season with Bones where they were apart from each other and something made them come back.

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    Xavier B (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 23:27)

    I reviewed the TV Show lately, so I'll try not to copy too much haha. I appreciated the show from the start. Was a bit skeptical with how it started but I liked how they did it, the flashback and all. I was thrilling to witness Oliver Queen evolution before becoming the Green Arrow. And all we were waiting for was him becoming the Green Arrow. So awesome when he said. But then it really started to drop the quality. Stephen Amell is an incredible actor but I'm getting tired of the sad low self esteemed Oliver Queen. I want a funny and sarcrastic one. I didn't like Katie Cassidy much at the first, she was even annoying but like you said in her spotlight, I started liking her too when she was out of her dark moment. It's Felicity on the other hand that sarts annoying me. I'm getting sick of her, her behavior and her relationship with Oliver. But I love every other characters. I think the season was good until S3. The fight with Ra's al ghul is awesome. But second part of S3 it starts taking some awkward decisions. Then S4 is the fall. Even the cinematic quality is failing for me. I hope they get back on track for S5 because Flash and Supergirl are killing it next to it

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    ram kuizon (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 01:30)

    I love this tv series! Especially that this is also connected with the Flash.
    These two tv series are my favorite past time when I have a time off.
    I like how they develop their characters and the plot is unpredictable.
    Hope to have more season here.

    cheers! www.masterryo.com

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    Jimmy & Tina Durham (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:02)

    I really miss watching Arrow, one of my favorites! I used to watch on netflix when I was back home but have not seen it here in the UK. :(