Looking back on Heroes Dutch Comic Con Winter

Winter is coming. It's raining outside. What's better now than to look back on Heroes Dutch Comic Con 2023? Talking about Comic Con is always a great idea. The first edition of Dutch Comic Con took place in March 2015 and we were there! We are happy to say that we have been present at every edition eversince, and this edition was no exception. We are so happy that we visited Dutch Comic Con again. And they also had a very special announcement this time...

The announcement

Let's kick off with the announcement. It was done on the mainstage on Sunday (we attended HDCC both Saturday and Sunday). Heroes Dutch Comic Con will be celebrating ”10 years of Heroes Universe” in the summer of 2024. So we already knew the announcement would be related to this anniversary. We were very excited and no idea what to expect. At first, they started with looking back on 10 years of Dutch Comic Con (loved that! We attended all editions, so this was a great walk down memory lane).


And then the big news came: They will be adding an extra evening to Dutch Comic Con. This will be an exclusive preview night on Friday, June 21, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. WHOOP WHOOP. Exciting news isn't it? We are so excited to hear more about this night and the programme! Excited is an understatement. 

Heroes Dutch Comic Con Winter - the guests

We were again really excited about the guestlist of Dutch Comic Con! Of course Elijah Wood was a huge guest! We were so excited that he was a guest at Dutch Comic Con. Also Famke Janssen, Lana Parrilla, Eliza Taylor and Tasya Teles were at Dutch Comic Con. All the guests did panels, photo ops and signings. Some also did selfies at their table. 


We attended some panels and Liv did a photo op with Famke Janssen. Whoop whoop!  We enjoyed the panels, it was great to learn more about the guests. For the signings and photo ops, everyhting was arranged well with clear queues. 


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Activities at Dutch Comic Con

What we always love about Dutch Comic Con, is that there are so many activities! We attended the Comic Con on both days, Saturday and Sunday, and we loved being there all weekend. There's never a dull moment. For everyone there's so much to do, to see, to participate in. Ofcourse you can meet the movie/ series guests, meet comic artists and meet writers. For example, Paul van Loon was also a guest again and a lot of people come to visit him. 


We also enjoy seeing all the movies, series and game promotion stands at the Dutch Comic Con. A great opportunity to learn about upcoming movies, games and series. And often there are some great photo photo opportunities too!  

As you can see, we had a lot fun. And there was more. We also played games, played a VR game, visited the Nintendo stand, we saw Jason Paige and we also won a rug in a photo competition:

What we bought at Dutch Comic Con

At Dutch Comic Con, there is always also a huge merchandise hall, with lots of things to buy. We always enjoy walking around there. To see if there's anything we'd like to buy. We are always looking for movies, books, shirts and more. Liv also likes to buy caps. And this time I really hoped to find a new Loungefly backpack. 


It took me a while (walking around a lot, checking out all the stands), but eventually (Sunday end of day) I found a new Loungefly backpack. WHOOP WHOOP. I had one of Pikachu, but I really needed a replacement. As soon as I saw this Stormtrooper backpack, I knew that's the one I wanted. 

Check out the picture below to see the backpack, the merchandise hall and some more of what we bought! 

Visiting Dutch Comic Con

We truly had an amazing weekend again at Dutch Comic Con. It was great to meet and make friends. It's so much fun to talk and laugh at comic cons and also always to meet new people again. We also enjoyed all the activities, loved meeting the guests and just had a lot of fun. And we enjoyed the waffles. We always enjoy the waffles. With still a winter ahead, we just keep looking back these photos and we just can't wait for Dutch Comic Con 2024! 

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