The Big Bang theory: Diary of a noob part 3

A while ago (The moment the Big Bang Theory got available on Netflix), I started to watch the Big Bang Theory. Since it's quite rare that I haven't watched it yet, I decided to make you all part of my Big Bang Theory experience! I already shared a diary part 1 and diary part 2. Today, it's time for.... *surprise* part 3!!! I'm sharing again my favorite moments! 

Ups and downs

Starting with season 4, episode 1: Penny. She realizes acting is not going so well, so she decides to move back home. She tells the guys and explains how she failed in accomplishing what she really wanted: To be an actress. Because she didn't succeed it seems better to go back home.  She will never be an actress. Then, while she is saying this, her phone rings: It's her agent! She ha been chosen do a commercial. Penny changes completely: Home?/ Who is talking abut home? She's going to be famous!! I loved this scene. And I can definitely understand her emotions. I have the same thing: sometimes I think, "I will never succeed in Y" but then the slightest thing happens and I'm like "I've got this!" 


Right now, I'm watching Season 5 episode 12. (I know... How did I get from season 4 episode 1 to Season 5 episode 12... I don't know what happened!!). Anyway, I am now looking at Howard and Bernadette. They're having the kids conversation. And just look at Bernadette's face. 

That says it all right? And that conversation.. awesome! When Howard says: "Don't you think it will be different when the Child is ours?" And Bernadette's answer is: "Right. When it's our kid that's ruined my body, kept me up all night and I've got no career, no future, nothing to be happy about for the next 20 years. Sure, that'll be completely different."

Getting a haircut

Season 5, episode 17. Sheldon needs to get a haircut. he goes to the hairdresser. Once he's there, he finds out that his hairdresser is ill and in the hospital. He panics a bit: now he can't get a haircut! The other guy at the shop offers to cut his hair, he's a hairdresser as well. Sheldon doesn't want to but Leonard convinces him. Sheldon sits down and the man starts a social conversation. hearing that, Sheldon immediately jumps up and runs away. I loved seeing that hahaha. I really don't like going to hairdresser (doesn't matter who the hairdresser is lol). And I find it awkward to sit in that chair and that you need to have a conversation then and there. So this really reminds me of my hairdresser issue hahaha (I really need to go again though).  

In the box, out the box

Do you leave figurines in the box (closed, sealed) or do you open the box and just put the figurine somewhere (Or play with what's in the box!)? That's a well known discussion and also one held in the Big Bang Theory. I'm talking about episode 20 of season 5. 

After a dream, Sheldon decides to open the box (A Star Trek transporter room)! And he is so happy! He starts playing with it. Only thing... It breaks within a minute! Well, I guess that's why a lot of people keep it in the box ;). Lol. No, I know why. But I like the discussion and how it goes in this episode. I'm definitely an "unboxer". I rarely leave it in the box, but I have to say that I'm changing a bit. I have a lot of special editions DVD's now and there, I try to keep everything in the box. (A couple of years ago, I would have just used pens, cards or whatever is in there. Now I want to keep it all).  

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