Miss Freelance: Short film review

Last week, a new short film landed in our inbox: Miss Freelance. In this short film that is directed and written by Matthew Kyle Levine, we follow Carly (Maddy Murphy) for a week. She's a freelancer. We see her travelling and visiting clients: All sort of men in New York. They pay her for her services. 

This short films shows us, how all of her clients have different wishes, requests and worries. It's up to Carly to help them with it. But the movie is also about Carly: How is she dealing with her work? Does she need the men just as much as they need her? And is it Carly they need? Of just her services? The movie is mostly shot in close-ups, making expressions very important. It's obvious how both Carly and the men have their own needs and wishes, but are they going in the same direction? 

Miss Freelance stars Maddy Murphy as Carly 'Miss Freelance'. And Timothy J. Cox (know for Italian Turtles, Beauty Queen, Doll it Up and more), Zach Abraham, Keith Boratko and Ivan Greene as the men she meets throughout the week. The acting is very good, Carly has many close up scenes, definitely showing how her work affects her and how she feels. And all the men are different. Even though sometimes you get to see a lot of them, it's obvious that Carly has a varied clientele. They all add something to the picture of Carly we're creating in our minds by watching this movie. Miss Freelance gives you a glimpse of what Carly's world looks like, but also raises many questions. Questions, that will stay in your mind for while.

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