Movie presents: Birthday

Last week it was my birthday! I won't bore you will all the gifts I got ;). But I will show you the movie-related presents I received. 


I'll start with the dvds: The first one is a Louis Theroux dvd. And that's excellent timing! I've just written about Louis Theroux for In the Spotlight and wrote about his movie My Scientology movie. So I was very happy to get this dvd! Now I can watch some documentaries again. It's a 2 dvd disc set and contains the following documentaries: Philadelphia, Johannesburg, A place for Paedophiles and Crystal Meth. Can't wait to get watching! 


The second dvd is the complete third and fourth season of Southland. It's a 4 disc set. Now I've almost got all seasons of Southand. For me, one of the best series ever! Want to know more about Southland? Check out the Series Tip I wrote about it! Really love the role Michael Cudlitz plays in this series! 


And then the third dvd: Turn it up. I had to look twice when I got this dvd. It looks nice, but I didn't get it straight away.. (I mean, it looks like a nice movie, but I felt like I've never heard of it before). The secret is, it's a Jason Statham movie! And as you may have read before in In the Spotlight, I collect all Jason Statham movies. I'm so close to owning every one. This movie brings me just a bit closer. I'll watch it soon, I'm very curious! 


And then last, but most certainly not least: A Chucky girlie! Oh yeah, I'm so happy with that! You can't imagine how HARD it is to find a good Chucky girlie! I'm already looking for ages and I seldom find a shirt with Chucky on it. And if I do, I almost never like it. Yeah, I'm quite picky in my Chucky obsession ;). It can have "Child's Play" on it, or "Chucky". But definitely not "Child's play 3" or "The bride of Chucky". Don't get me wrong: I like these movies,  but I don't want the full title on a shirt. And it should really look like Chucky, not a strange look a like or fake one. Yeah, that's a lot to ask. But this is one I really love. (I own 2 now). And will wear this very often this summer! 

If you ever see a nice Child's Play girlie somewhere, let me know! (That also counts for a Captain Spaulding girlie!!). 

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