In cinema's now: My Scientology Movie

The movie My Scientology Movie is out in the cinema's in the Netherlands now! It's a movie written by Louis Theroux and directed by John Dower. I always love Louis' documentaries as you might have read earlier in In the spotlight: Louis Theroux. Monday evening, Sig asked me if I knew when another documentary would come out. So, I checked Louis Theroux's twitterpage to find out. And there I saw the big news: My Scientology Movie would be in the cinema's as of may 5th. The next step was: Check the programs of all the cinema's close enough. And I found one: Lumiere (Maastricht). 

This won't be a review. Did you expect a review? This isn't one. Want to read a review? Look somewhere else ;). 

When we decided to go the cinema to see this movie, I decided I would write a review about it. Yeah, I was planning to write one. But I didn't. 


I'll explain shortly why. I watched the movie without knowing too much about it. And that's the way you should watch it. The order in which things happen is there for a reason. I liked the way the documentary developed and how you can draw your own conclusions from that. If I'm going to tell you about the plot and the content of the movie, I'm wasting something for you. I've read some reviews after seeing it and it didn't add something for me. So, I will write about the documentary, but not as a review and not by discussing the plot. 


I really loved the movie! I would recommend everyone to go the cinema and watch it there, It's absolutely worth it. I went to the cinema open minded, just trusting on Louis Theroux to have made an interesting movie. The movie didn't start off as a standard Louis Theroux documentary . I didn't know how it would proceed (of course), but I was interested to see what they'd make of this. And I really loved it. It was confronting, interesting and sometimes also funny. Louis stays true to his way of documentary making, also adding some new aspects in this movie.


For me, it defintely was a success. It doesn't soley focus on interviewing: It's merely the acts of events that follow from situations and Louis' response, that makes it this unique. Because of that, the movie doesn't feel predefined. It felt like the story took form during the making. The events influenced the course of this documentary. Louis doesn't just stick to a a certain script he has in mind: The strength of the movie is his ability to make an interesting moment out of each event. He knows how to use every little detail and form into the story. 


I'll end with a small piece about the content of the movie. My favourite quote in the movie: "You don't have to leave, you're not trespassing." Just watch the movie and you'll get it ;). 

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