Warner Bros Studio Tour

Last year, we already told you a lot about our trip to Los Angeles. We visited Los Angeles Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday. We waited for hours and hours to catch a glimpse of the cast of Zombieland: Double Tap at the movie premiere. And we visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Museum, and Universal Studios Hollywood. On our Instagram account, you might have seen already that we also did the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Something we had been looking forward to ever since we booked our trip to Los Angeles. And today we will show you how much fun we had during the tour! 

The tour

We heard and read a lot about the Warner Bros Studio Tour before we went to Los Angeles. the tour would include seeing some backlots and soundstages. We were excited to see some movie/ series locations during the tour! And also to see some great props that were used in movies and series. Besides this, we knew we would also have the opportunity to take a picture on the famous Friends couch and at some Big Bang Theory sets. Excited is an understatement! We both love Friends and the Big Bang Theory a lot, so we knew already this would be a huge highlight! There would also be a Batmobile collection, DC Universe exhibit, and more. All the ingredients we need for an awesome day! 

Backlots & soundstages

Oooh yeah! We loved driving around and seeing some familiar houses and streets from movies and series. This was awesome! It's so crazy to see how that's all built here and is so close to each other. Lots of movie locations close to each other. We'll share a few photos with you below. Do you recognize some of these from Gremlins, Growing Pains, Pretty Little Liars, La La Land, and Friends?  


the tour also led us to the props storage. It was nothing like I ever could have imagined. So many props! Lots of everything! Lamps, paintings, statues, furniture, toys, it was all so much! They told us people go here to search want they need for their movie/ series. It was a huge space with lots of stuff, used for all kinds of movies and series. People can come and look there and claim what they want to use. It's incredible. We loved seeing this, it's so impressive. And as you can see in the picture below, we also found the oval office there! 

DC Universe

Then we visited the DC Universe. That was awesome too! We made some great pictures and saw lots of awesome costumes. It was great to see things from for example Wonder Woman and Aquaman. 

Harry Potter/ Fantastic Beasts exhibition

Whoop Whoop. There was also a Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts exposition. That was awesome! Seeing Harry Potter's glasses, costumes and way more! We'll show you a glimpse in the photos below. 

Batmobile collection

Part of our tour, was also a Batmobile collection. A lot of awesome cars and more! Our guide dropped us here and gave us some time to walk around, admire the cars and make pictures. Awesome right? 

Photos on sets

The last stop might even be the best! Oh yeah! Excited is an understatement. The last stop was at a Central Perk Cafe and there was more: more costumes and more movie sets! We sat on the famous Friends couch!!! And we sat on the set of the Big Bang Theory. It was amazing! This was incredible and a highlight. Just look at our happy faces in the pictures. 


We started with something to drink and a Friends cupcake in Central Perk. Then we proceeded and saw a lot of awesome things. Things from Shameless, costumes from classics, the Two and a Half Men Growth Chart, and then we saw the Friends set!! Whoop whoop! We went for it and got some photos there. It was great to sit on that legendary place. 


Next up was the Big Bang Theory. "eating" together on the couch, standing before the elevator, and knocking on Penny's door, we did it all. And we ended our day, with an Oscar photo session. We're so ready for that real Oscar hahaha! 

As you can see, we had an incredible day! It was awesome and we're so happy that we went to do this tour. 

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