Elise Schaap

Name: Elise Schaap

Date of Birth: 21 September, 1982

Place of Birth: Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

  • HotNews.nl (2005-2006) as Maja
  • Bride Flight (2008) as Marjorie Mullin
  • Hard tegen Hart (2011) as Ava Berendsen
  • Jackie (2012) as Rosa
  • Matterhorn (2013) as Trudy
  • Valentino (2013) as Monique
  • Welkom bij de Romeinen (2014) as Lovina (and additional roles)
  • Ja, ik wil! (2015) as Roos
  • Familie Kruys (2015-2019) as Ruxandra Iliescu
  • Welkom in de jaren 60 (2016) as Modepolitie
  • De TV Kantine (2016-2021) various characters
  • Weg van jou (2017) as Esther
  • Soof: een nieuw begin (2017-2018) as Josine
  • April, May and June (2019) as May
  • Undercover (2019-2022) as Daniëlle van Marken
  • I.M. (2020) as Leonie Smit
  • Nieuw Zeer (2020-2021) various characters
  • Ferry (2021) as Daniëlle van Marken
  • Mijn Vader is een Vliegtuig (2021) as Eva
  • Soof 3 (2022) as Josine
  • Stromboli (2022) as Sara
  • Faithfully Yours (2022) as Isabel Luijten


- Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands



We both love "Undercover" and especially Elise in her role as Daniëlle. Elise is one of the best actresses our country has to offer, so you can imagine how surprised we were when Elise walked into the press room at Dutch Comic Con. We were having a coffee, when Elise Schaap and her husband Wouter de Jong walked in accompanied by Dylan Haegens and his partner Marit Brugman. We had a little talk with them and took a picture before they entered the world of comic con! 


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