Ian McElhinney

Name: Ian McElhinney

Date of Birth: August 19, 1948

Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


Mostly known for:

  • Lamb (1985) as Maguire
  • Wipe Out (1988) as Max Raines
  • Michael Collins (1996) as Belfast Detective
  • Hamlet (1996) as Barnardo
  • The Boy From Mercury (1996) as Brother Dowdall
  • Wokenwell (1997) as Sgt. Duncan Bonney
  • The Boxer (1997) as Reggie Bell
  • Touch and Go (1998) as Clive Bevan
  • Maisie Raine (1998-1999) as C.S. Jack Freeman
  • Borstal Boy (2000) as Verreker
  • The Front Line (2006) as Mickey
  • Single-Handed (2007-2008) as Ex-Garda Sergeant Gerry Driscoll
  • Triage (also known as Shell Shock) (2009) as Ivan
  • Game of Thrones (2011-2015) as Barristan Selmy
  • Titanic: Blood and Steel (2012) as Sir Henry Carlton
  • The Fall (2013-2014) as Morgan Monroe
  • Ripper Street (2013-2016) as Theodore Swift
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) as General Dodonna
  • Derry Girls (2018-2019) as Joe McCool
  • Krypton (2018-2019) as Val-El
  • The Split (2020) as Prof Ronnie
  • The Deceived (2020) as Hugh Callaghan
  • Bloodlands (2021) as Adam Corrie


Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands




We attended both of the Game of Thrones panels, consisting of Ian Beattie, Ian McElhinney, Ian Whyte and Eugene Simon. We are both big "Game of Thrones" fans.


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