Dylan Haegens

Name:  Dylan Haegens

Date of Birth: 23 October, 1992

Place of Birth: Venray, The Netherlands

Mostly known for:

Dylan Haegens is a Dutch YouTuber, actor, director and media personality. Some of his noteable projects are:

  • Cliffhanger (series) (2015-2019) as Dylan (and other roles) (also director/writer/editor)
  • De Top 10 (series) as Dylan (also director/writer)
  • De Film van Dylan Haegens (movie) (2018) as himself
  • Marokkaan geeft Rijles (series) (2013) as Geertje
  • De Piraten van hiernaast (movie)(2020) as Papegaai (voice) 
  • Wacht FF (series) (2021) as Geke (also director)
  • De Piraten van hiernaast: De Ninjas van de Overkant (movie) (2022) as Papegaai (voice)
  • Make Up Your Mind (2022) Hedy Gold


- Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands



We were in the press room of Dutch Comic Con, when Dylan walked in with some other Dutch media personalities. They were there for a new project. We had a little chat about "Star Wars" and before they went inside, we had a picture with them. The other ones

were Elise Schaap, Marit Brugman and Wouter de Jong. Rickert Vermeulen was aso there, but he was already inside.



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