Dan Cardoso

Dan Cardoso is a jack of all trades. Dan is half French and half Portuguese and he calls both Paris and Lisbon his home. Besides speaking French and Portuguese, Dan speaks English, Spanish and German. Because of this Dan has been the host/translator at many TV show conventions throughout Europe. One of these is Wolfcon in Amsterdam, which is a convention about "Teen Wolf" organised by the Con Factory. We visited Wolfcon in 2017 and 2018 and Dan was the host at both editions. In 2018, we interviewed Dan for our website and we had a lot of fun doing that. But his work as a host is just one of the many talents Dan has. He is also a stand up comedian, an actor, entertainer and writer...



- Wolfcon Amsterdam 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- Wolfcon Amsterdam 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Like I already mentioned, Dan was a host at both of the conventions and in 2018 we also did an interview with this multitalent.


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Wolfcon 2017 - Panels

Wolfcon 2018 - Press Event

Wolfcon 2018 - Panels

Wolfcon 2018 - Interview/Meeting


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Wolfcon 2018 - Interview