Jacob Bertrand

Jacob Bertrand at comic con

Name: Jacob Bertrand

Date of Birth: March 6, 2000

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States


Mostly known for:

  • Duress (2009) as Thomas Wilkins
  • Homeschooled (2011) as Abel
  • Bubble Guppies (2011-2016) as Gil (voice)
  • Sunset Stories (2012) as Danny
  • Rise of the Guardians (2012) as Monty (voice)
  • Marvin Marvin (2012-2013) as Henry Forman
  • Jinxed (2013) as Charlie
  • Kirby Buckets (2014-2017) as Kirby Buckets
  • The Swap (2016) as Jack Malloy
  • Ready Player One (2018) as High School Kid
  • Cobra Kai (2018-2023) as Eli 'Hawk' Moskowitz
  • Black Box (Podcast Series, 2021) as Gabe
  • Batwheels (2022) as Bam (voice)


- Dutch Comic Con Spring Edition 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands

- FACTS Spring Edition 2022, Ghent, Belgium



Liv is a big fan of "Cobra Kai" (and the "Karate Kid" movies) and was very excited about Jacob coming to Utrecht. Hawk has a great story arc in "Cobra Kai", so he is one of the fan favorites. Liv did a double photo op with Jacob and Peyton List. Carola and Liv both attended the panel.

At FACTS we only had one day, so we only took  some pictures at the panel.


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Panel - Dutch Comic Con 2022

Signing Table - Dutch Comic Con Spring 2022

Meeting - Dutch Comic Con 2022

My photo op with Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List

Panel - FACTS Spring 2022