The new DVD shelves have arrived!

In my previous post, I already told you that we have ordered new DVD shelves. We have over 2000 DVDs and they just didn't fit in the old shelves anymore. So, we started preparing to move all the DVDs to the new ones. If you want to read all about these preparations: Check out the article about 'Project DVD shelves: Part 1". Today it is time for part 2 because the new DVD shelves have arrived! 

The new shelves

Sooo these are the new shelves! They were delivered on a Saturday, great timing! We started immediately. First by attaching the shelves. Later on cleaning and finally, getting all the DVDs in the shelves again (in alphabetical order!). 

Want to see how all that went? Watch the vlog below! 

We're now super happy with the new shelves. I think they look great. And most importantly: There's room for new DVDs again!! 

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    Trish (Friday, 17 April 2020 03:50)

    Where did you buy your DVD shelf