New DVD shelves: The preparation!

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen the announcements already.... We ordered new DVD shelves!! Let me start with the reason why... We collect DVDs! Lots of DVDs. They were all in shelves up until the point (a bit over a year ago) that it didn't fit anymore. And the wall was too small for more shelves. So what did we do? Nooooooo we didn't stop buying DVDs (why would we do thát??) but we started to pile them up on another closet. Realizing, that we should think of a solution (buy a different house?). 

We decided to go for new dvd shelves. It took us a year to make the decision and actually order them. In that time, we had bought quite some new DVDS (See the second picture above), on top of the 2000 that were already in the shelves (these you can see in the left picture above). 

When we ordered the new DVD shelves and a got a delivery date, the fun really started. Sort out the new bought DVDs (put them in alphabetical order) and get out ALL of the DVDs (and put them in boxes) to make room for the new shelves. Meanwhile, the old shelves would go upstairs, for the games. For the games: There's the same story: Not enough room, big piles of new ones. We actually started with getting out all games. Then emptying shelves downstairs, take them upstairs and fill with games. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

I can tell you: It was a lot of work! And that was just the preparation! We still had to get the new DVD shelves and get everything in there again. I was so curious for the result! Finally, all DVDs in shelves again. Curious to see how we survived the preparations? Check the video below!  

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