Short film review: Sisyphus Unbound

WHOOP WHOOP, we're back with another review of a short film. This time we watched the movie Sisyphus Unbound. It is written and directed by Ryan Fleming and produced by MAFIA Productions. It stars Frederick J. Todd, Timothy J. Cox and Emerson Adams. Sisyphus Unbound was an official submission for the Winterfilm X Festival (2023) 10th anniversary, using a Prop (mechanical pencil) and Theme (percentage) given by those running the Festival. 

In SISYPHUS UNBOUND, Virgil (Frederick J. Todd), a college writing student, hopes to have his latest story published, but he must first get over one major hurdle before his work gets out to the world, his mercurial writing professor Richard Laymen (Timothy J. Cox). 

This short film covers a lot of subjects. Central in the story is Virgil and his ambition to become a writer. How far is he willing to go to become a writer? The film covers ambition, but also focusses on human relationships and how people treat each other. How everyone can act differently, depending on the situation and who they're talking with. Characters show differents sides of themselves and it's interesting how that can change the dynamics. 


This short film shows a little bit of insight in these dynamics, and makes you want to know more. I'm now definitely curious how this story would proceed and, without saying too much, the dynamics between the characters could possibly develop. Sisyphus Unbound has a great cast and an intriguing story, which makes you wish this wasn't a short film. 

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