We visited Heroes Comic Con Belgium 2023!

WHOOP WHOOP! Last week we visited Heroes Comic Con Belgium. And we had such a great time again. Keep on reading to find out what we did during the weekend at HCCB! This was not our first time visit. Last year we went to Heroes Comic Con Belgium as well! 

Fun & Games

We really had an amazing weekend at Heroes Comic Con Brussels. It was combined with Made in Asia and again it was huge! You could really get lost, that's how big it was. We enjoyed running around, making pictures (as you can see), playing games, trying a claw machine (and winning a Kitkat!), seeing a Smurfs village and so much more. There were quite a lot of food stands (yay!) and a lot of possibilities to sit down and eat (though it was very busy there). There was a lot of merchandise, so much to see! And also the possibility to play games, hang out and take pictures. We enjoyed playing a game at Elite Series, at Nintendo en also play Fou de Boules.  We also met some Comic Con friends again and that was amazing! 

The guests at Heroes Comic Con Belgium

Heroes Comic Con Belgium truly had a great guestlist again this year. With lots of guests we were thrilled to meet. The actress/ actor guests were: 


  • Tom Ellis
  • Gwendoline Christie
  • Lana Parrilla
  • Rebecca Mader
  • WarWick Davis
  • Graham McTavish
  • Carolina Ravassa

Want to know more about them? Read our guests article

The panels

Of course, we also attended some panels during Heroes Comic Con Belgium! We know you are always waiting to see the photos and videos of the panels!  The setup was a little bit different than we're used to at other events. But quite the same as last year at HCCB. They took place in a separate space (a huge theatre like space). And everyone had to queue beforehand. In between panels, everybody had to leave the room. The panels took about 30 - 45 minutes and it was fun to join. Because of the strike, the panels were a bit different then we all are used to. More questions asked by a presenter and also no questions about movies/ series or characters. A few are already available on our YouTube channel. Check it out: 

Tom Ellis

Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla

Meeting the guests

We never even imagined it would be possible: Meeting Tom Ellis. WHOOP WHOOP. Excited really is an understatement. As soon as he was announced as a guest, we knew we HAD to get a photo op. We are both Lucifer fans and were so thrilled we would get to see Tom Ellis. So we bought a photo op and the excitement began! First on HCCB, we attended his panel. This was a lot of fun. He's such a funny guy and he also seemed very nice. Then, we got the photo op and this was awesome too. Tom was very kind, we were excited to see him. The moment he saw our photo on the screen (with the excited is an understatement pose) he had to laugh. 


Liv also knew quite soon she wanted to meet Warwick Davis. So on day 2, we were on a mission! She wanted a selfie. The setup for an autograph/ selfie was a bit different. There was a queue (general queue), or at least something like it, before the actual different queues. Like this, the bar was a bit higher to go spontaneously and also reduced the chances/ possibilities for a regular chat with them. Nevertheless, we wanted to get the selfie. Unfortunately Warwick wasn't at his spot, so we returned later. When we returned, there wasn't a huge queue, so that was nice. Liv got the selfie and then we decided we also wanted a photo with Graham. His panel was so much fun and we love his roles in Outlander and House of the Dragon. It was fun to meet him and make the photos. Though the photos could have been of better quality haha. Also here, there wasn't a huge queue. So everything went quite fast and easy! 


Especially since Heroes Comic Con Belgium and Heroes Made in Asia were joined, there was A LOT of merchandise. There really was a big variation as well in things that were offered. Like Funko's, clothing, games, books, comics, food, jewelry, home decorations and much more! We really spent some hours looking through all the merch. 


We bought quite some things. Like a new sweater and vest. And I got a new headband. Liv bought a cap and also a few sweaters. Next to that she also bought a few games. And we both enjoyed a really cool Animal Crossing cookie! 

See you next year?

We had an amazing weekend again. Seeing awesome people. Meeting great guests. And of course, having loads of fun. We already can't wait for next year! 

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