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Yeah! I found a series to make up the void after watching la Casa de Papel/ Money Heist! An it's a series called Elite. 3 working class teenagers start at an exclusive Spanish private school. Their school collapsed due to a faulty construction. Because of that, they received scholarships from the construction company.  But starting at the new school and blending in, just isn't that easy. 

Still from Elite on Netflix
Still from Elite on Netflix

My thoughts

I loved la Casa de Papel/ Money Heist so much! So was I definitely looking for another series. And then I stumbled upon Elte. A series with 3 actors from la Casa de Papel. Well, I couldn't wait to tart watching! Of course, the genre en the story is totally different but I have to say that I liked Elite from the very first start. 


There's only 1 season available at this moment on Netflix. So it was easy to watch Elite very quickly! 

I enjoyed seeing the actors from la Casa de Papel again. I also really liked the stories. 3 teenagers, that are quite poor, going to a school full of elite. It's hard to blend in, make friends, get used to the way of learning at the school. 


The series reminds me a bit of "You", with the tension in the series. But it's also about looking further than appearances, economics and romance. The combination of it all, makes it an awesome series. I really enjoyed watching. 

The actors

As I already told you, I started watching Elite because of 3 actors that also played in La Casa de Papel: 


  • Maria Pedraza plays the role of Marina. I knew her as Allison Parker in La Casa de Papel. 
  • Jaime Lorente (Denver in La Casa de Papel) plays the role of Nano
  • And Miguel Herrán plays Christian (I knew him as Rio)

I was very impressed by the actors in the series as well. A few of my favorites: 


  • Danna Paola in the role of Lu
  • Omar Ayuso as Omar
  • Ester Expósito as Carla

Who is your favorite in Elite?

How many seasons?

1 up until now. Season 2 will be released in 2019. 


Imdb: 7,6 

Me: 8

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