We went to Dutch Comic Con summer 2024!

WHOOP WHOOP we've never missed a Dutch Comic Con (and hopefully never will) so of course we were at Dutch Comic Con summer 2024! We already told you all about preview night. And now it's time to spill the tea about the rest of the weekend. And yeah, we've said it before and we'll say it again. It was EPIC. When you've seen our stories on Instagram, you know we did A LOT this weekend. If you haven't seen the stories: Run, don't walk! To Instagram and check our highlighted stories. So... where to begin? As you know we are chaos. And we run around all day, everyday, so let's just start somewhere. 

Experience hall

Seriously, this was the first thing we ran to as soon as we entered Dutch Comic Con on Saturday. We love the experience hall. There are always different things and we love to explore it. And this time, as usual, it didn't disappoint. HBO Max was there, with a House of the Dragon stand. You could take picture, and see what you would look like as a House of the Dragon character (Loved it!). There was a promotion stand for the movie Twisters. Wondr brought a ball pit (whoop whoop) and I was able to find some great movies in the experience hall at Go Anime. And that's not all. SkyShowtime was there to promote Star Trek Strange New Worlds and there was more. Of course we had a great time in this hall and our first hour was well spent! 

Main stage

As always, we spent quite some time looking at the main stage. And looking at the awesome guest list, can you blame us? We watched some awesome panels and did a few every day. Like this, we saw one panel of each of the guests on main stage. We love that Dutch Comic Con has panels with all the guests on both days. That way, you're way more flexible in planning and also in choosing photo ops, getting an autograph and do all the things you want, when you want it.


This year, there were three presenters/ interviewers at main stage. Bardo and Brainpower, just like the latest editions and now also Bas van Teylingen. Bas definitely stole the show with his awesome plushie jacket. We do prefer seeing Bardo and Bas on stage, because they leave a lot of space for questions from the audience and seem to have a great connection with the guests. Where we feel that Brainpower takes over the panel a bit too much. We love seeing panels that are all about the guests and their fans.


We love that there always a lot of seats. It's great that so many people are able to watch the panels and we definitely prefer seated panels. You can see & hear way more. It's just generally a better experience. So we had a great time watching the panels again. It's always a great opportunity to see a bit more of the guests, have fun (there are always fun questions and moments) and get to know the guests a bit better. 

Meeting the guests

Of course we also wanted to meet some of the guests! Especially Liv was on fire this weekend and met a lot of the guests at Dutch Comic Con. On Friday she had a photo op with James and Oliver Phelps and a selfie and autograph with Michael Ironside. During the rest of the weekend Liv also had a photo op with Cobie Smulders and she went to Misha Collins for a selfie! Everything was again arranged very well. We loved the communication. On Friday there was quite a queue at the end of the day for the Phelps twins. But we were immediately reassured that everyone would get their autograph or selfie. Also later on in the weekend, getting a selfie with Misha went well. The volunteers helped us in sharing the times that he would be there. This worked perfectly and we were able to plan everything we wanted. 

Interview with the Hillywood Show

On Sunday we had an interview scheduled with Hannah and Hilly from the Hillywood Show, WHOOP WHOOP. It was great to speak to them. The Hindi sisters, known as the Hillywood show, unfortunately had a delayed flight and didn't join the Preview Night. They did however attend on Saturday and Sunday. So we talked with them about their delayed flight, the lost lugagge, the road to success and their future plans! 

House of Wax

We're always happy to see House of Wax at Dutch Comic Con. And of course we had to take a look again. They always have something different and it's so impressive. Just check out these photos! 

Buying merchandise

Dutch Comic Con, again had a huge dealer hall (love it). We spent quite some time there on preview night. That way, we were able to take some time to properly look around and see what we wanted to buy. We both already bought some things. But of course we also had to return to this hall on Saturday and Sunday. It is always very busy in the dealer hall and there's a lot to see and to buy. We had a lot of fun and always enjoy finding something new. 

It´s all about the movies

As a movie lover, there´s so much to see and do at Dutch Comic Con. Not only the meeting main stage guests, buying merchandise and going to the experience hall. There are also many awesome cosplay groups, movie cars, props and movie items to see. We enjoyed seeing a Jurassic Park car, bb8, R2D2, getting a paranormal test at the Dutch Ghostbusters, see all the Star Wars cosplayers and attending the panel by the Diorama Builder where also Lucy Feng (from Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rise of the Skywalker) joined. 

So much to see, so many people to meet

There's just so much to see at Dutch Comic Con! Of course we stopped by at the Huntman's Society (check out their game!) who had a stand again with War Child. We visited the Elite Game Store, who brought voice actors Ted Lewis (Pokémon, Kirby: Right Back at ya) and Mathew Sussman (Pokémon the movie 2000) as guests. We had a chat and it was wonderful to meet them! We also had a chat at Zaza rugs (check out htese awesome rugs). We were very happy to see Japan Holland Link at the merchandise hall. And this was all so much fun. We met so many people again, so many we know via Instagram, via the comic cons and now also keep in touch with, people from the cosplay groups, the props and from other blogs and channels. This is definitely a highlight for us and we enjoy this so much! We can't wait to see you all again soon. 

Let the games begin....

Dutch Comic Con also always has a lot of gaming. All sort of games! We always enjoy going to the Nintendo stand (Love the Mario bag we got!). And like we mentioned, we always visit the Huntsman's Society. This time we also played a game at the stand the police had at Dutch Comic Con, we enjoyed a racing game and much more! Let the games begin! 

Outside area

On Friday it was a bit rainy, but Saturday and Sunday were way better. It was great to see that Dutch Comic Con also had a fun outisde area with food, a fair, climbing options and we also attended a BMX show. We loved that! It was so impressive. We think this outside area was a huge success. A great place to also enjoy the sun, have some food, enjoy some entertainment and we definitely loved the BMX show. 


Doesn't this sound like we were on a Comic Con holiday? Well we can't believe this was all in one weekend either! Dutch Comic Con managed to set up an EPIC weekend again where there was so much to do, see, eat, meet and buy. We loved it, had the time of our lives and we already can't wait for the next edition. See you there?

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