Dutch Comic Con preview night

Dutch Comic Con is celebrating `10 years of heroes universe´ and because of this occasion, they decided to organize a preview night! Now, Dutch Comic Con not only took place on Saturday and Sunday. BUT ALSO ON FRIDAY EVENING. WHOOP WHOOP. The Preview Night took place on June 21st, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. It gave visitors the opportunity to explore a part of the event before the weekend. With exclusive guests, panels, the possibility to buy merchandise and more! We are definitely in favor of more time at comic con. More time at comic con, means less FOMO for us. Because even when we´re there (and we´re always there), we always feel like we´re missing something, having not enough time to see it all. 

The guests

The Preview Night had 2 exclusive guests. They only attended Dutch Comic Con on Friday: James en Oliver Phelps.  They are know for the Harry Potter movies where they are part of the most lovable family of them all. They are identical and they are up to no good! Yes... they are the Weasley Twins. WHOOP WHOOP.  

They had a panel scheduled on this amazing Preview Night and they were also signing autopgraphs/ doing photo ops. We attended their panel (love it!) and liv also decided to get a photo op with the twins. WHOOP WHOOP. 

The Hindi sisters, Hanna and Hilly Hindi, known as the Hillywood show, unfortunately had a delayedf flight and didn't join the Preview Night. They did however attend on Saturday and Sunday. On YouTube, they make funny parodies of well known movies and series. 

Michael Ironside was also a guest at Dutch Comic Con and attended both the preview night as well as the Saturday and Sunday. Liv took the opportunity on Friday already to go for an autograph ánd selfie! Michael Ironside is a true acting legend and he is known for playing the most terrifying bad guys in the 80s and 90s. We love his role in Scanners and many other movies. 


During the preview night, we were surprised by an extra guest. Suddenly, during the Q&A of the Phelps brothers, Stanislav Yanevski turned up, asking a question. That was really awesome. 

The merchandise

We always loooooove going through the merchandise. And we always find something to buy. 

This Preview Night gave us the chance to look at the merch already when it's not yet 'Saturday afternoon busy'. And that was awesome. There are so many merchandise stands again. And of course we already bought some things. (And we also need to leave some opportunties for the other days of course). I was very happy to buy already 2 4k movies, the Hills Have Eyes and Amityville Horror. Liv bought E.T coasters. And we both bought a Flintstones comic and got it signed. Whoop whoop! 

Outdoor area

During the preview night, the outside area was also open. And even though the wasn't great (yet). I absolutely loved how that was organized. It was a kind of fair, with so much to do and to eat. Well, just take a look at the pictures. It was a rainy evening, so these picture don't do the setup justice. I will just recommend reading our article about Dutch Comic Con Satuday and Sunday as well ;).

Preview night

We really enjoyed attending the preview night! Not all halls were available yet, but there was more than enough to do. It was awesome to already meet some star guests en be able to take all the time and look around for some great merch. We loved this evening! 

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