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'Netflix has a new recommendation for you'. I saw it more than once and decided to fall for it: I started watching Chambers, the series that was recommended. Chambers is about Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose). She has had a heart transplant. After that, weird events start to happen. Sasha is afraid that it has something to do with her new heart. Meanwhile, the parents of the girl whose heart she received, try to cope with their loss. 

Still of Chambers on Netflix
Still of Chambers on Netflix

My opinion

When I read the plot and saw the trailer, I actually wasn't too sure if I should watch Chambers. It sounded like a supernatural/ sci-fi series where it can go both ways: Either it's very good and gives you a creepy feeling about the heart transplant. Or it goes way too far and I'm lost in the story quite quickly. 

I decided to give the series a chance and up until now I don't regret it. I have watched a few episodes and I'm really intrigued. 


It starts with Sasha right after she received her new heart. She's starting up her life again. Finding her way. Then, the father of the girl whose heart she received approaches her and her dad. He and his wife Nancy are coping with the loss of their daughter Becky. They're curious to find out more about the girl who received Becky's heart. Reluctantly, Sasha and her father agree to meet up for dinner. 


At the dinner, you can feel how badly Ben and Nancy want to get to know Sasha. It's a bit awkward though. That first dinner, they are almost interrogating her. Asking about her school, grades and favorite classes. Finally, they offer her a college fund in Becky's name. After giving it a thought, Becky accepts and gets to know more and more of Becky's friends and family. Meanwhile, she starts having hallucinations and doesn't feel very well. 


All in all I can say, I am really excited about this series. I'm so curious to find out more about Sasha and Becky. I like how the story has been written so far and I love the acting! 

The actors

In the first episode I saw the desperate face of Ben Lefevre, Becky's father. While looking at his face full of desperation, I was desperately trying to remember where I recognized him from.  Finally I remembered: he plays president Fitzgerald Grant in the TV series Scandal! Not long after that, I recognized someone else! Nancy Lefevre is being played by Uma Thurman. Wel, that makes a great start of a series if you ask me! 


I really like Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha as well. I didn't know her before this series. she made a big impression on me. I love how she portrays Sasha here. I also enjoy seeing Marcus LaVoi as Big Frank Yazzie. Other roles are for: 


  • Nicholas Galitzine (as Elliot Lefevre) 
  • Kyanna Simone Simpson (as Yvonne) 
  • Griffin Powell-Arcand (as TJ Locklear) 
  • Lili Kay (as Penelope Fowler) 
  • Sarah Mezzanotte (as Marnie) 
  • And Lilliya Scarlett Reid (as Becky Lefevre) 

How many seasons?

The first season is now on Netflix! 


Imdb: 6,8


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