Series tip: Scandal

I've been watching Scandal a year or two ago and I've picked it up again. It was a while ago since I've watched the series and just started watching one episode again. And of course, like always with a good TV series, I couldn't stop! Reason enough to talk about Scandal today. 

Scandal is a political drama/ thriller series, created by Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is also known as the showrunner, creator, head writer and executive producer of Grey's Anatomy. She's also the executive producer of How to Get Away With Murder.  

To tell you more about the story: Olivia Pope Communications Director for the president of the United States. But after the elections, she starts her own crisis management firm: OPA (Olivia Pope & Associates).  Scandal follows her new firm and her ties to the White House. 

My opinion

I'm addicted for the second time! I really love the series. It's really a drama/ thriller, which I like. I like the combination of the assignments Olivia gets, the political aspect of the White House and politics surrounding it and the drama and in their personal lives ;). 


There are a lot of characters. But they all have so many sides. And we get to see all those sides. The political struggles, their loyalties, the drama, fear & doubts. We get to know them all. Olivia Pope is a great, strong character. And her associates, who call themselves 'gladiators in suits', are an interesting group of people. Different personalities, but smart and on top of everything. 


There are so many reasons to watch Scandal. Watch it for the political intrigues. Or the personal drama all the character go through. Watch it to see love stories and struggles. Watch it for the assignments Olivia gets and the impossible fixes they need to do. 

The actors

The cast is incredible! I didn't know many of the actors and actresses yet. Some of them I already knew. And there's a bit of overlap with Grey's Anatomy. Some of the main cast are: 

  • Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
  • Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins
  • Guillermo Díaz as Huck
  • Tony Goldwyn as Fitzgerald Grant
  • Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan
  • Joe Morton as Rowan Pope
  • Scott Foley as Jake Ballard


And way more! Some familiar faces I saw from Grey's Anatomy are Kate Burton plays the role of Sally Langston in Scandal: She was vice president and now hosts the talkshow 'The Liberty Report'. In Grey's Anatomy, you might know her as Ellis Grey, Meredith's mom! Scott Foley, who plays Jake in Scandal, is also a familiar face. In Grey's Anatomy he played Henry (He had a relationship with Teddy). 


Next one is Jeff Perry. In Scandal, we see Jeff as Fitz's chief of staff: Cyrus Beene. Grey's Anatomy fans know him as Thatcher Grey, Meredith's father! There are more, but I won't spoil it all ;). Let me know in the comments if you know a few as well! 

How many seasons?

7 up until now! 


Imdb: 7,8

Carola: 8

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