Heroes Made in Asia 2022!

Whoop whoop! We went to Heroes Made in Asia spring 2022. And we had such a great time! Of course we want to share our experience with you, so we will give you an overview of all the things we did that weekend. Enjoy! 

Japanese tea ceremony

At Heroes Made in Asia, you can join a various amount of workshops. Last year, we followed a Japanese lesson. This year we wanted to do a couple of workshops and one of these was to attend a Japanase tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was organized by the same people who also did the Japanese lesson last year (as well as this year). We were really excited about that, because we really enjoyed how they organized that lesson. We were happy to see them and speak again. The Japanese tea ceremony was wonderful. It was very peaceful and we learned a lot. Are you going to Heroes Made in Asia later this year? If this workshop is available again, we definitely recommend it. 

Jason Paige

Jason Paige was one of the guests at Heroes Made in Asia. Jason is well known for singing the first theme song for "Pokémon". We were excited to see him at Heroes Made in Asia and we attended his panels on both days. He was very (!) energetic and his panels were an absolute joy to attend. He sang a lot, interacted with everyone in the audience and he was very enthusiastic. After his panels , Jason gave a mini concert and sang a mix of old songs and some new songs he made with Dutch DJ Aino. These two panels were definitely among  the most entertaining ones, we have seen at a comic con. After the panel on Sunday, we also went to get an autograph! 




Taiko drum

On Sunday, we attended a performance of Taiko Drum by Ikezuki. I hadn't seen anything like this before and I definitely have to say I was impressed. It was a spectacular show! It was very energetic and a joy to watch.


We already loved the food at Heroes Made in Asia last year and we were definitely looking forward to the food this year as well. And we were not disappointed. There was a lot of choice and it all tasted great! As you can see, we had a lot of fun and found some great food. I really enjoy having a bubble tea (which I learned about for the first time at the previous edition of Heroes Made in Asia) and the cheese corn dog was a huge success too. 

House of Wax

We also saw House of Wax again at Heroes Made in Asia. They presented a journey through Asian history and it was really wonderful to walk around and see this!

Kendo lesson

Like we mentioned, we wanted to attend a few workshops during Heroes Made in Asia. This year we wanted to do something completely different (for us), so we decided to do a Kendo lesson. We did this on Saturday and it was definitely a great experience! I have to admit that we were definitely no natural talents. We were really afraid to hurt someone, so we were very (too) careful. We did have a lot of fun though...


The lesson was really well prepared and I liked all the information that was given and to learn more about Kendo. If you are into learning more about Kendo, and want to experience some moves yourself, make sure to keep an eye on the program for next edition! We loved it but we did have sore muscles haha...

Traveling to Japan

Another workshop we attended, was a presentation about traveling to Japan. We both would like to travel to Japan, so we were very curious about what we would learn at the presentation. And it was a lot! We really enjoyed it and learned some really important things about traveling to Japan. I'm certain it will help us with our journey! 

And much more!

And there was much more to do at Heroes Made in Asia! There was a lot of merch, and we bought some great things. Like a pikachu hat, a Nintendo Switch game, some food and more! We also had a lot fun fun playing games, making pictures and meeting people. We had an incredible weekend and we can't wait for a next edition! See you there?

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